16 Kids Shower Curtains to Let Them Have Some Fun

Some attractive kids shower curtains would make the children love to take a bath. This bathroom element provides a personal space for them.

Thus, you can search for the one that features some cartoon characters, superheroes, cute animals, or some other things that attract your children.

A shower curtain with fun designs or patterns can give a pop of color and make the bathroom more alive.

So,  let’s take a look at these 16 attractive shower curtains that your children would fall in love with.

1. Sea Life Shower Curtain For Kids


The creatures under the sea have always been interesting for the children. Besides, they can learn how animals look like.

Further, having it in vibrant color would make a great addition to make the bathroom more fun and colorful.

The polyester fabric material is perfect for the wet condition since it’s resistant to mold, soap scum, and mildew.

Moreover, the children would have a good time having a shower every day for years.

2. Dinosaur Sketch Kids Shower Curtains


If your kids are fans of dinosaurs, they will love having this in their shower room. Therefore, it is a perfect theme pattern for boys bathroom.

The black and white colors make them perfect for any style. However, the image of dinosaurs tend to be scary for some kids.

Thus, ensure that your children like the theme of the kids shower curtains before getting it installed.

3. Cute Frogs on Kids Shower Curtains

Cute Frogs on Kids Shower Curtains

The specific animal character like frogs would be a great choice to consider. Then, the image of this creature should be cartoonish and cute.

4. Star Wars Logo Shower Curtains


Having the kids shower curtain design with a logo of your son’s favorite movie could also attract him.

Moreover, the graphic itself should look fun and impressive. It has to be something that makes the person feel that they are in the galaxy far far away.

Above all, this star ways themed shower curtain is also perfect for an adult bathroom.

5. World Map Curtain

World Map Curtain

A colorful world map can make a perfect element for any neutral bathroom. So, let it be the one that pops the color in your white space.

Besides being a nice charming decoration for the shower room, this world map curtain can be something that helps the kids learn geography. In addition, it will be fun and educational.

6. Colorful Dogs Pattern


Kiddos will go crazy about this colorful kids shower curtain because they love dogs. So, it looks fantastic. There are a bunch of cute animals printed on the fabric.

Additionally, the colors are so attractive. They give some patterns to fill up the bathroom.

7. A Shower Curtain Full of Ducks


Where is the first little duck? Huh Huh! That is the nursery rhymes that your kids enjoy all the time.

Hence, bringing the ducks not only as a partner in the bathtub but also on the curtain would be a perfect treat for the children. 

Moreover, the shiny yellow color of the ducks printed over white fabric would be a fun element for both girls and boys. It is because rubber ducks are just like the icon of a bathroom.

8. Outer Space Curtain for Bathroom


As another outer space theme for a curtain, this pattern is quite different from the Star Wars. Thus, children would think that this is one of the best shower curtains they have ever had.

Also, it will help them to learn about things in outer space. They will know about the plants, the sun, moon, stars, and all the stuff in the galaxy.

Indeed, this theme is certainly not a fantasy in a movie, yet this one is the real deal.

9. Fishy Curtain for Shower Area


The bathroom is a space where you use a lot of water. Thus, that element relates to sea creatures. Well, how abut filling it with lots of fish?

Accordingly, they’re not just ordinary ones. Those are a bunch of colorful and unique schools of fish.

In addition, the image pattern gives the neutral bathroom, not only the pops of colors but also life. The graphic of real fishes offers a perfect print that makes it look like ones.

10. Finding Nemo Curtain


It’s another kids shower curtain design that uses a fish theme, but this one is a new thing. Indeed, the movie Finding Nemo is popular among children.

Thereupon, the little ones would love to have a company like Nemo and Dory while taking a bath.

11. Minion Mischief Patterned Fabric


Who does not like minions? They are cute, funny, and so adorable. So, the kiddos can enjoy bathing time with these yellow friends.

12. Big Rubber Duck on Kids Shower Curtains


If the previous duck curtain images are too small for your kids, get them the big one. This item has large cute ducks that really put a smile on their face.

Furthermore, the big yellow animal can make a good companion for your little ones while taking a bath.

13. Nautical Theme Kids Shower Curtains


Get the kids ready for nautical adventures with this curtain. All the elements of the theme are coloring the neutral tone in the bathing space.

Then, the pattern design is very whimsical to decorate the space. Also, the older kids would think that this pattern is pretty chic.

14. Simple Blue Whale Image


For a simple nautical theme, you may go with this one for the kids. Indeed, it is perfect for the boy bathroom.

Also, the image of a blue whale on the curtain is cool enough to make the children splashing around in the bathroom.

15. SpiderMan Picture Curtain


Superheroes are great ideas to be the theme of the kids shower curtains. The little ones may have their favorite character like Spiderman.

Since the kids love this superhero, they will be very proud to have a Spiderman beside them when taking a bath.

16. Colorful Owl Curtain for Kids Bathroom

Take a look at those cute owls. The entire curtain design provides a lot of colors to the bathroom space.

Likewise, this type of element would quickly turn the room upside down in a proper way. It is pretty simple to use just any colors for the curtain.


The Ideas of having the kids shower curtains is great to encourage them to clean their bodies. Indeed, they will have a fun time taking a bath with those adorable designs above.

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