Making Kids Teepee as the Best Way to Show Creativity in the summer

Summer is just around the corner and doing some fun activities with the whole family is all we need. Build a backyard kids teepee can be a good idea to do for a holiday craft project.

The teepee is a portable conical tent used by North American. It made of cloth, canvas, or skin on a frame of poles.

A teepee is easy and simple to make but you should learn about the basics of construction.

The first thing to do, you should prepare the materials and tools needed for the teepee. After that, start to build your tent by following the instructions systematically.

There are many tutorials and tips on the internet if you feel suffer from your work. Just keep it simple and fun while doing it with the kids and family.

Not only outdoor, but you can also make a tent as a kid room decoration. Do you want to learn how to build your own DIY kids teepee? Here are some easy steps for everyone’s need to follow.

Materials and Tools

kids teepee

Before starting to build your own kids teepee, make sure to prepare some materials and tools as follows:

  • Five sticks with 9 inches long and two sticks with 6 inches long
  • A branch or dowel for sticks
  • The metal conduit or bamboo
  • 12’ x 15’ heavy-duty painter’s drop cloth
  • Canvas or cotton drill
  • Scissors, garden clippers, string, lightweight rope or cord, and permanent colored markers

Gets yourself to the hardware store or maybe your house basement to find the material you need for the teepee. Also, let the kids show their creative side by decorating the tent.

How to Make Kids Teepee Tent

kids teepee DIY

This DIY kids’ teepee tutorial will take the process for a few hours to complete all the steps. Make sure that you understand the basic tent construction before starting to build your own.

Then, have some materials and tools ready with you. Here are the steps to build a teepee tent for your kids, as follow:

1. Collect the Sticks

kids teepee stick

You can get wooden sticks or collect thin and sturdy branches. Cut two branches to 6″ long and five branches to 9″ long using garden clippers.

Make sure to buy the sticks in the hardware store nearby for you who did not have time to prepare it. Besides, collecting branches in the garden would be a fun activity for kids to do.

Do not forget to taper the ends of sticks by rubbing them on a piece of sandpaper or the sidewalk.

2. Wrap the Kids Teepee

kids Teepee DIY

The painter’s drop cloth can be used as a tent material. You should lay the canvas flat on the grass to make a mark find the center-top of the long end of the cloth easily.

After that, tie a marker and holding it upright at side-top of the cloth end. Before you cut it out, just stretch the string to the center point of the canvas.

Remember to get your string at 7.5’ long. If you wanted the teepee to be permanent, just wrap the cloth around it.

The next step is to hold the string at the center point and make an arc to denote the cut line by using a marker. It is because the cut size probably equates to the length of the tent.

You may need more people to do this step properly.

3. Choose Your Favorite Spot

After preparing the fabric and other materials, now it is time for you to choose the best spot for the kids teepee.

You should set the three poles as a base and start making a tripod by crossing the poles’ tips at the top.

Next, try to position the two poles between each of the bases sturdily. Add more long stick to the backside of the teepee and spread it around the ground.

4. Placing the Top-Center of the Cloth

kids teepee

In this step, you should place the top-center of the cloth near the cross poles of the teepee. Remove the last pole from the backside as an alternative if you cannot reach it up and place it properly.

Then, attach the top-center of the cloth that takes about a foot long from the top. You can also put them inside of the canvas to the poles by making a ring of duct tape for a temporary purpose.

5. Build the Teepee

To build the DIY kids teepee, you should pull the cloth sides around the poles and overlapping at the top of the front. Make sure the tent has two slits to accommodate each 9″ long stick to stand.

The cuts should also go through the overlapped cloth with slits should be about 3″ to 4″ in size. Last, weave a stick to secure the front of the teepee and into the openings.

6. Tips on How to Make the Teepee Tent Opening

kids teepee tent

It is simple and easy to make the opening. You should fold the side open and make some slits on the tent. Try to have two in your teepee to accommodate the 6″ sticks perfectly.

7. Decorate the Teepee

In the last touch, you can decorate kids teepee creatively by using markers, paint, or art stuff. Let them decorate the tent as they want and show their imagination and creativity.

You can teach the kids about the history and symbolism designs of Native Americans, which inspire the teepee.

That is all information about how to make kids teepee in simple ways you should try. Make a tent for your children is a good idea instead of buying one.

The tent can be a great place for the kids to hang out and playing around in the backyard.

As an option, you can also build a cozy and warm teepee on the kid’s room by adding pillows, blankets, books, and toys.

Just grab an old canvas and wrap it around the sticks. You can also use a rope to hold it at the top of the cloth. It is fun and simple to make it with your kids in the summer.

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