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Finding Out The Best Kitchen Armoire for Your House

If you’re looking for a perfect kitchen armoire, you have come to the right place. Well, most kitchens need a lot of storage space especially the one in a large house. This cupboard will come in handy. Armoire is a type of cupboard that’s mostly used for keeping the clothes. Inside of this furniture, you can find a lot of space to store your things, such as hangers, drawers, shelves, and so on.

This elegant furniture might be a great element as a storage container in the kitchen. You can keep the supplies, tools, and stuff out of sight. Armoire is storage furniture that offers a vintage vibe and old-fashioned charm. For those of you who are looking for an antique element for your kitchen, this one is the choice.

1. Elegant Kitchen Pantries Armoire

Elegant Kitchen Pantries Armoire

Check out this elegant brown cabinet that’s gonna make perfect use for your kitchen’s pantry. This furniture offers you with some antique, traditional, and European style. It’s got various shelves size to accommodate a lot of your kitchen stuff. You can even add other types of storages like baskets, trays, and holders to make it more organized.

For more well-organized storage space, you can put a name tag to every container inside the armoire. There’s a nice twist in this furniture. As you can see, the way it opens is supprising. It’s something you don’t see often on an armoire.

2. Metal Kitchen Armoire

Kitchen Armoire

Unlike many other kitchen armoires, this furniture has its charm. Firstly, It offers a modern vibe to your kitchen. Secondly, The sturdy material elevates the value of this storage, most importantly, This armoire is designed by Lisaasmith. The sleek white color that’s combined with the wooden top has succeed to deliver quality furniture.

On top of the armoire is designed to be available as an open shelf. There is four-door featured in this cabinet. Each space should be filled with different stuff.

3. European Armoire as Freestanding Cabinet

Kitchen Armoire

This freestanding cabinet would be a nice addition to your kitchen. It adds another focal point inside the kitchen. Besides being useful as a storage cabinet, this vintage kitchen armoire also adds a visual attraction. You can choose whether you want to repaint it or leave it natural and aged.

4. Kitchen Pantry from Antique Armoire

turn wardrobe into pantry

An antique furniture form your old farmhouse might be a treasure for today’s generation. There’s nothing wrong with repurposing it into something great for your house. Having such antique armoire in a kitchen would be very useful. You can transform it to be a stunning functional kitchen pantry. There’s a great amount of space in this cabinet and there’s a couple of drawers right at the bottom. You can use them to store little supplies.

5. Simple Kitchen Armoire Painted in Blue

Kitchen Armoire

A dark blue color on this armoire has a rustic charm on the application. Moreover, It’s like painting a black cabinet with a blue-colored paint. However, it creates a fantastic appearance to the entire cabinet. It’s like an armoire that comes from the past. The inside is simple. It only contains shelves to fill your supplies. The bottom part of this cabinet is available for larger-sized items.

6. Shabby Chic Kitchen Armoire

This vintage dresser would make astonishing furniture for your kitchen. It features open glass doors. It’s quite supportive in the kitchen. You can see what’s inside right before you open it. So, when you don’t see the item you’re looking for, no need to open the armoire. You can also choose to display some of your glassware that has a unique design. However, There’s a drawer at the very bottom part of the furniture. You can fill it with extra supplies to keep it out of sight.

7. Navy Athenian Black Armoire

Sleek dark furniture in the middle of the kitchen could be the best option for your house. Well, a kitchen armoire with darker shades can be out of place. However, you may already have a spot ready for the furniture. As you can see, this kitchen is already in white and navy blue.

The wall itself is divide into two parts that each have different colors. While the upper one connected to the ceiling with a bright white color, the lower one gets a bold color like navy blue. As you can see, the designer has painted the armoire well. It blends perfectly in between the dark and bright colors.

8. Oak Armoire with Rose Pattern

A fantastic choice of furniture for the kitchen should be interesting both for men and women. The wallpaper has a beautiful rose image, which is installed as a background of inner space. The wallpaper concept uses French toilet fabric. Make sure you get the right fabric with matching colors. You could turn old furniture into something unique. You can use this method of transformation for your next renovation project. If you have open storage like this, consider giving it a wallpaper. The furniture will be less boring.

9. The Heartland Armoire

A classic style of furniture that impresses a lot of people will create a casual feel and look. The unique cottage style in this cupboard is so fascinating. The wooden surface of the kitchen armoire has a distressed finish. This type of appearance may work well with the beach, mountains, or industrial style of a house.

10. Rustic Armoire with Natural Appeal

It’s a kitchen armoire turned into a pantry that made for supplies storage. You don’t need to apply a paint or stain, merely leave it natural. This armoire got a likable rustic charm that will complete your farmhouse kitchen. Its vintage design is enough to attract attention. It consists of three shelves on the upper cabinet. There’s one space on the lower part that you can also fill with more stuff.

There is a lot of furniture that you can add to your cooking space to make it complete. A kitchen armoire is one of the elements that could be both functional and appealing.

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