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29 Clever Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas & Other Rooms

Kitchen corner storage can be the best solution for those of you who have a small cooking space.

Besides being able to adequately accommodate all your cooking utensils, now you don’t need to be confused anymore to take advantage of every corner of your house by having kitchen corner storage like this.

Below are twenty-nine kitchen corner storage ideas that can help you to redecorate your cooking space. Moreover, there will be additional inspiring interior designs you can apply in other rooms in your home.

1. Corner Kitchen Drawers

In general, the shape of the drawer is a box. However, nowadays, many furniture companies make kitchen sets with angular shapes.

The goal is to avoid wasted space in your kitchen. Besides, with a drawer like this, you will get a storage area with slots to prevent your tools from mixing.

2. Easy to Reach Wine Racks

The second kitchen corner storage idea comes with a shelf for your liquor. With a slightly tall and compact form also its aesthetics design, you can put it either in your dining room or even in your living room as well.

3. Spot the Oven in the Corner

Suppose you have space problems, which there is no longer a right spot to install your electric oven. Then, you can consider putting it in the nook of your kitchen.

That way, you can more freely bake your favorite bread every week without thinking about the messy kitchen conditions.

4. Lazy Susan Cabinet

Lazy Susan Cabinet

Lazy Susans are the perfect kitchen corner cabinet solutions that you can have. Its easy-to-rotate shape can help you quickly reach the cooking spices you need in a hurry.

5. Kitchen Corner Cabinet Storage for Tableware

Apart from spices, your tableware also needs a suitable storage area. Place all plates and cups in a corner glass cabinet.

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With an organized arrangement, this cabinet will also be a nice place to look at and make it easier for you to find whatever you need.

6. Coffee Corner

Suppose you have a dream to own a coffee spot in your house. However, you can’t make it happen due to space issues.

It’s a good idea to start seeing contractors and asking them to install corner bars. Moreover, you can also set up floating shelves to store all your coffee mugs.

7. Bin Beneath the Cabinet

Consider putting your trash bin inside your corner cabinet. Apart from being easy to reach, it both can save your kitchen space and prevent it from a messy look.

8. Corner Storage Cabinet with Pull up Drawers

The next corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas introduce you to this multi-functional item. By installing a high door shelf with pull-out drawers, you can quickly get your cooking utensils and spices in the same area.

9. Corner Pantry

Apart from the kitchen set, you can also apply curve models to your built-in pantry. Right at the corner, you can set up lazy susan racks that can give the room a flexible appearance.

10. Kitchen Corner Storage for Utensils

Sometimes it is not enough to store cooking utensils in just one place. Instead of placing it on top of the cabinet, which will allow it to get dust from the roof, it would help if you use the corner of your cabinet to store all these items.

11. Corner Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is one of the many kitchen corner storage ideas that you can follow at home.

Apart from being a place for you to enjoy bread and coffee in the morning, you can also use the space beneath the bench to store all your other necessities.

So multifunctional, isn’t it?

12. Wall Cabinet with Doors


One of many kitchen corner cabinet ideas that may inspire you is to install these white floating shelves with vertical doors. The bright color that is combined with marble materials will make your cooking space look cleaner.

13. Kitchen Counter Top

The next kitchen corner storage design comes with driftwood shelves that can neatly display your bowls, cups and mugs. The bright and natural color combined with the cream and gray walls will make your cooking space look more elegant.

14. Modern Curved Cabinet

Want a minimalist and modern kitchen corner storage style? Consider choosing a built-in pantry with curving doors like above.

Trust me, since that time; your kitchen will be everyone’s dream!

15. Floating Pantry Shelves

Last but not least, on the kitchen corner storage design that fits your home perfectly. These floating open kitchen shelves will help you find everything you need in one way.

16. Entryway Storage

Besides being useful for your cooking area, you can also apply this kitchen corner storage idea to your entryway.

Organizing your entrance with a corner bench equipped with hangers and other storage racks will make your hallway cleaner and tidier than before.

17. Wooden Shelves for Plants

Another exciting idea comes with a wooden corner shelf where you can place your decorative plants. Wow, it’s fantastic!

18. Shower Items Floating Shelves

This floating shelf for the shower items is also a way to save space in your home. As it has a feminine color, it will be suitable to be placed in your private bathroom.

19. Bathroom Bench

Didn’t think that the built-in shower bench could be installed in the corner of your bathroom? Try to go to your nearest hardware or check it on your favorite market place.

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Maybe you can get it at an affordable price.

20. Corner Storage Bench

Another place you may need to provide a storage bench is in the corner of your dining room. Don’t leave this area empty, especially if it’s near a window.

Of course, you don’t want to waste the comfort of reading a book on this spot, do you?

21. Shelves by the Door

Providing corner mounted floating shelves near your entrance will certainly be very helpful. You can use this space for key storage or other decorative items.

22. Kid Stuffed Animals Cage

Having kids at home will certainly make you even more frustrated if they don’t return and tidy up all the dolls after playing with them. Therefore, this corner animal cage will help you in dealing with all the mess.

23. Mini Dolls Hammock

You can also build up a corner shelf from a hammock to store your child’s mini-dolls as an alternative option.

24. Living Room Storage from Old Door

Who says your old door is useless? To make it useful again, you can consider doing DIY and turning it into a corner display rack for your living room.

25. Corner Cube Shelves

Apart from being space-saving because it is attached to the wall, the cube shelves also give an aesthetic impression to all rooms in your home.

26. Book Storage from Wooden Pallets

Again, do recycle. You can repurpose either your wine racks or pallets into a corner bookcase set. Indeed, this is a brilliant idea to save both space and costs.

27. Baby’s Room Shelves

It has been said that the kitchen corner storage idea is also suitable for other rooms, including your baby’s bedroom. The combination of white and purple makes this area looks cute.

28. Home Office

Want an office area that is large enough but doesn’t take up much space in your home? This corner desk model can inspire you to manifest it immediately.

29. 3D Decorative Racks

To arrange your books is not always using parallel planes like cubes. As another option, you can use these 3D corner shelves model for both storage and a piece of aesthetic display furniture that will attract everyone’s attention.

That’s all about kitchen corner storage ideas and also additional inspirative designs recommendation for your other room. Are you ready to start redecorating?

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