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17 DIY Ladder Plant Stand Ideas You Will Adore

Greenery can bring life and a pop of color to any space. If your room is fairly limited, you should display them on a ladder plant stand. Including a ladder plant holder in the home is a life-changing option.

You don’t need to place potted greenery on a standard shelving or window ledge anymore. Ladder planter helps optimize your vertical space. It also allows you to do container gardening both indoors and outdoors.

For those of who you love DIY projects, luck is yours. We have compiled different ladder plant holder designs to let your little creativity flow.

1. Ladder Plant Stand DIY

As you see, this handmade plant stand leans nicely against the blue wall. It houses several potted greenery without taking up too much space. The angled top ends of ladder legs provide extra stability.

Meanwhile, dark maroon-painted planter boxes add a lovely contrast to the plant holder.

2. Blonde Wood Ladder Plant Stand

This DIY A-frame ladder plant stand is constructed out of leftover cedar wood pieces. It instantly lends the garden an unfinished look.

The lower level can hold up to two large-sized pots. Meanwhile, the upper ones are designed for medium containers.

3. Vintage Ladder Plant Holder

Do not throw out your old ladder! Transform it into a cool plant stand instead. It gives any outdoor space vintage appeal in a flash.

Be sure you grow your plants in terra cotta pots since they will amp up the rustic charm. Then, arrange them on the ladder steps.

4. Branch Plant Stand

Grab tree branches from your yard. Next, turn them into a unique ladder plant holder. Secure hooks for metal buckets to it.

You can place a branch plant stand in the garden, patio, or entryway. It offers a touch of nature and saves some precious space at once.

5. Leaning Ladder Plant Stand

This plant holder freshens up the front door. It is made out of unpainted pieces of wood. The steps themselves hold plants, books, and decorations.

Moreover, the plant stand is not just chic but simple and inexpensive too. String lights that wrap around it produce a whimsical style.

6. Wall-Mounted Ladder Plant Holder

It is time to make use of your old ladder. That piece lets you incorporate a lot of plants into a tiny space. Hang the ladder planter on the wall vertically or horizontally. Secure pots to it and you have an unusual container garden.

7. Ladder with Planter Boxes

The spare lumber is holding this ladder. It features support beams and four tiers. The pastel green planter boxes spice up this plant stand. Since they are removable, you can swap herbs in and out easily.

8. DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

The thing that we love about ladder plant stand is it offers to plant flexibility. You can squeeze more plants into the short square footage.

In this example, the A-frame ladder houses pots and decorative items. It is such a perfect addition to the outdoor garden.

9. Step Ladder Patio Garden

If you are running out of space for your greenery, no worries. Convert a worn-out step ladder into an eccentric plant stand.

The step ladder lets you build a vertical garden in your patio with ease. To create visual interest, use flea market finds as plant containers.

10. Drawer Plant Holders

Combine an unused ladder and shabby drawers to form an unpretentious plant stand. You can locate it in a patio, garden, or balcony.

Here, the drawers serve as planter boxes. They sit delightfully on the steps of the ladder.

11. Tiered Plant Holder

Here is another A-frame ladder plant stand. To build it, you need an old ladder as well as a few planks of cedarwood. First of all, paint your time-worn ladder pure white.

That way, it will pair perfectly with the blonde wood. Add a wood plank to each tier. Lastly, display your terra cotta pots on the tiered ladder plant holder.


  • Tiered plant stand can accommodate more greenery than leaning planter.
  • The design is really attractive.
  • Perfect for a low-budget gardener.


  • Requires a little more elbow grease.
  • It is not so great for a tiny garden due to its fairly large size.

12. Ladder Vegetable Stand

You love to cook and garden, so why not build a ladder planter? It is sturdy enough to hold your vegetable planters.

Place the ladder plant stand in a sunny spot. Be sure it is not far from your culinary space. That way, fresh ingredients will always be within arm’s reach.

13. Vertical Herb Garden

Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean you can’t grow herbs. Take advantage of the vertical space with the ladder plant holder.

Paint the steps black and white. Then, fix containers on them. Lastly, fill the planters with potting soil and herbs.

14. Bookcase Ladder Plant Holder

Unlike the previous ideas, this one uses a metal ladder and a few raw wood planks. It accommodates books, ornamental pieces, and houseplants.

The white wall provides a nice backdrop for the plant stand. You definitely wouldn’t mind spending your time building it.

15. Repurposed Ladder

If you are not into a leaning plant holder, give this A-frame ladder planter a try. It creates extra gardening space in no time.

For a brand new look, apply a fresh coat of light blue paint to the plant stand. Use the wooden planks to house planter boxes, pots, and books.

16. Ladder Plant Trellis

Bring your old step ladder to the new life by turning it into a plant trellis. For a rustic flair, leave it unpainted. Add some ropes to the ladder trellis.

They provide additional support for your climbing plants. Rose bush looks especially gorgeous in this plant stand.

17. Flower Tower

This wooden step ladder plant stand makes for a striking flower garden. It allows trailing flowering plants to stand out, too.

Moreover, this flower tower is functional. If there is an old ladder in your home, it doesn’t cost you anything for certain.

Our ladder plant stand ideas prove that you can transform trash into treasure with just a bit of effort. Let’s get your DIY project started!

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