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DIY Lampshades with Simple Makeover Ideas

DIY lampshades are alternatives that many people look for when they could not find lampshades at the store that represent their characters or styles.

The difference between DIY lampshades and store-bought ones is that you can create shade with everything you got in mind.

You can design any of your favorite characters or abstract things to look just like what you desire.

It is unlike a bought-store one that you have to improvise to have a shade that fits you well.

When you need the right amount of lights in your room, you can increase it by having some more lamps or remove some of them to decrease it.

DIY lampshades can also be a clever way to reduce unnecessary lighting that blinds you. You may also notice that it makes the lamp looks better, don’t you?

1. Floral Pattern Lampshade

Fabric or paper is considered as affordable materials that can turn the dull and unfashionable lampshades to become stunning ones.

DIY lampshades’ designs are limited only by your creativity. There are tons of inspiring ideas you can decorate them with.

A simple yet unique lampshade can be formed from an A4 piece of paper, wooden beads, some string, and double-sided tape.

This idea is a breeze. All you have to do is fold it into a cone shape. Of course, you are allowed to fold them with lots of shapes you can think of.

However, if you are looking for a straightforward way of DIY lampshades, this trick will do. It does not consume so much time and money either.

If you are into a floral pattern, this picture can be a good example to start your DIY project with. Choose what materials you are going to use as in fabric, for instance.

Stick it with some adhesive that can strongly hold the cover. Then, trim the rest so that it looks simpler while folding the remaining into the lampshade.

A DIY lampshade stand will pretty much influence the overall look of your lampshade. That is why it is important to matchmaking the lampshade with its stand for sure.

At least, you can create or make a lampstand that would not lessen the beauty of the lampshade itself.

2. DIY Lampshades with Stunning Stand

Painting a lampshade can give a sensational touch and finish. It is one of the many easiest ways of how to DIY lampshades.

Several pieces of equipment, such as a paintbrush or spray paint, can be used to create a beautiful painting or pattern on it.

Other tools or materials that are also possible to use would be tape, stencils, or sponge. It depends on how creative you can be.

If you know how to utilize them, they can help you draw whatever visualization you have in your mind.

Isn’t this hand-painted lampshade amazing? I believe you would agree with me. Yes, this lovely one is such wonderful DIY lampshades you should get inspired by.

It simply means that you match the leg and the cover so that you will have a stunning lampshade and be proud of it.

The lampshade has a lovely drawing on it. It features mountains with trees and the blue sky as the background.

It looks much more natural with a tree stand that reaches to the top, and you can see its peak above the lampshade.

Are you looking for a DIY lampshade makeover idea? If so, you might want to consider trying these wonderful notions.

When you think that changing a lampshade with a new one will cost you a fortune, these tricks can help you avoid spending money on something you should not have to.

You can make good use of paint tape, for example. Remove your old lampshade. Then, apply a V pattern to create a chevron lampshade.

You can start by creating a line from which you are going to tape the pattern. Firstly, stick the tape from the bottom to the top.

After that, you can begin to paint the lamp with a stencil paintbrush. Once it dries, remove the tape. There you have your chevron lampshade.

3. Stunningly Calm Lampshade

This fabric lampshade has a calm look, and it would be nice to have it in your room. The color is not too bright or too dim, either.

This would be perfect for you who love simple things, as the Australian Flora fabric lampshade presents it.

You should follow several steps from this DIY lampshade project. Take it easy! They are not difficult to do.

It would be a fun thing to do in your free time, and it can be a good way to deal with the situation where going somewhere is forbidden as the pandemic is happening.

For this project, you will need:

  • ‘Jocelyn Proust’ Australian Flora Collection Decorator Fabric
  • Adhesive spray
  • Fabric glue
  • Large sheet of paper
  • Pegs
  • Pencil/pen/ruler
  • Plain lampshade
  • Scissors

4. Splendid DIY Lampshades with Ribbon

A ribbon is a simple material for lots of purposes. It may look trivial if you have no idea how to use it wisely.

To some people, especially DIYers, a ribbon can be used to create beautiful crafts and to embellish furniture, as well.

In this project, you will need a 12-meter ribbon along with glue for this lampshade. Just in case you need more, get a ribbon that is longer than the example showed.

Who knows you might run out of ribbon in the middle of doing it, right?

Let us start by rolling out of the ribbon first. You can use Pink Navy and Cream Stripe Ribbon or any color that works.

Then, glue the end of the ribbon in the lampshade. Wait until it gets dry. After that, begin to thread the ribbon until the shade is fully covered.

Since it needs patience, you should consider applying it slowly, or else, you will make a mess, and the result will not be that pretty.

Next, cut the reaming ribbon when you finish covering the entire shade and then glue it. The finished look is just wonderful. There, you have your lampshade.

You can decorate it with plenty of accessories, such as feathers, buttons, or brooches. This lampshade idea, however, is adorned with pompom.

Apply glue around the base of the shade. Then, stick the pompom. Alternatively, you can add a zigzag ribbon to create a different pattern that you like best.

Some people may end up changing their lampshades by purchasing a new one at the store.

However, you cannot beat the feeling of seeing your DIY lampshades in your room than buying a new one, can you?

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