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13 Laundry Room Makeover Ideas on the Cheap Budget

Say goodbye to a haphazard look! Welcome organized space! These laundry room makeover ideas will help you make it more appealing while holding the clutter at bay.

1. Basement Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Many people use their basements as storage or a laundry room because guests are unlikely to visit them. So, you might be able to put up with the mess. However, being exposed to the haphazard look for years can be somewhat stressful.

Besides, cleaning up a pile of laundry is a real chore. To alleviate the tense, refurbishing your laundry room in the basement is your greatest bet.

The ceiling of a basement tends to be exposed, so you can see the wiring clearly, which can be an eyesore. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to hide it with planks.

To add a little bit of rustic charm, you can make an accent wall with peel-and-stick Barnwood boards. It will be a dramatic backdrop for your washing machine. You may also need to make modern farmhouse cabinets to store the detergent that you use daily.

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2. DIY Small Laundry Room Makeover

Some people do not have enough space for more bedrooms, let alone a comfortable laundry room. This situation makes them put up with a small one to get the clothes cleaned.

If you happen to have a petite laundry room, do not see it as a dead-end. With the magic of organization tricks, you can make it more spacious. This tiny laundry room makeoveris worth the try.

Instead of placing the washer and dryer side by side, which gobbles up space, you can stack them up. Since you stack the washer and dryer, you have enough space for shelves that you can use to host laundry essentials, towels, and many other things.

3. Laundry Room Makeovers with Top Loading Washer

Well, putting the washer on the dryer or vice versa can save a lot of space. However, it will not work for a top-loading washer. So, the best way to make your laundry room feel less cramped is by focusing everything on one spot.

This laundry room idea shows you how to tackle minute space. You can shove the washer and dryer in the corner so that you have enough room to walk.

Invest in some wall-mounted shelves to keep detergent, bleach, and all that jazz stay organized. Suspend an old crib or ladder from the ceiling to help you hang dry your clothes while keeping the floor space free of clutter.

4. Laundry Room Makeover with White Subway Tiles

Some people say that white is your go-to color when it comes to decorating a small space. Seemingly, you can apply this idea to any laundry room despite the size.

This laundry room makeover features crisp white subway-tile walls that lend the touch of modern farmhouse style.

The sleek surface reflects natural light nicely, making space feel airier and more open. White grout is used to create a seamless look. Crisp white washer, dryer, and apron sink look more stunning because they contrast with the navy shaker cabinet.

5. Laundry Room Makeover on the Cheap

Laundry room makeover does not always entail a lot of money. If you can do it yourself, you will be competent to have a nest egg.

This laundry room looks more organized with a wall-mounted wire rack. For better access, try tilting it a little bit. By act this, you will be able to get the baskets more easily.

6. Add More Patterns

A pile of dirty clothes can put some stress on you. Do not let it become worse by staying in a blah laundry room, doing the tedious chores. Do not let the boring room turn your laundry time become a daunting task.

You can make it more interesting by adding more patterns. No need to go overboard when adding patterns. You can just install white subway tiles with gray grout and stencil the floor.

7. Farmhouse Style Laundry Room

8. Stash the Laundry Basket away

Laundry room makeover does not always entail repainting the wall or making new cabinets. You can also renew some old furniture or fixture by making it more functional.

Dirty clothes can be disgusting. Instead of let it be exposed, why don’t you just hide them away by adding baskets in your existing cabinets? For easier access, you can install slides inside the cabinets.

9. Add a Wall Art

Just because laundry room, it does not mean you do not need wall art to make it look more attractive.

In fact, you do need something that can draw the eyes so that your laundry room will not be a mundane space anymore. The wall art can be in the form of anything. You can hang a photograph, a picture, or even a rug.

10. Hang a Wallpaper

Wallpapers come in a wide array of colors and patterns, which makes them become a convenient option when it comes to refurbishing a room.

This laundry-room-makeover idea offers you foolproof results. Just pick your favorite wallpaper, and hang it on the wall. That is it! You get both colors and patterns at once.

11. Add a Lively Lift

Since it is a top-loading washer, it is impossible to put the dryer on it. Therefore, placing them side to side is your greatest bet.

It would be better if you make some space between them so that you can put shelves in it.

To make it look more irresistible, you can a wreath on the farmhouse cabinets. By doing this, you will be able to accentuate the style immensely.

12. Add Smart Hanging Rack

Limited space gets people to think out of the box. This DIY rack can be the best solution for your small laundry room.

This rack will help you hang dry the clothes without taking up a lot of space. It has two chains that hold it firmly. If you are not using it, just fold it back.

13. Tap into the Door

Do not let the door remain dormant. You can tap into it when doing a laundry room makeover. To add more storage without compromising the space, hang racks behind the door. You can use them to store the laundry essentials.

Those are some useful ideas on the laundry room makeover. They will not only make yours become more intriguing but also more functional.

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