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Laundry Room Signs for A Vintage Theme

Hanging laundry room signs is one of the easiest decorations you can use to bring a vintage theme. However, if you want the place to look more rustic, then you will need some additional touches. 

Sometimes, homeowners do not pay much attention to the laundry room. Meanwhile, this is the place where the hard job occurs every day. 

They will complete the job easily while having a comfortable room. One of the ways to achieve this condition is by giving a vintage look to your laundry space. 

So, for some inspiration, keep on reading these awesome yet budget-friendly laundry room signs and ideas.

1. Whitewashed Bricks

Whitewashed Bricks

The whitewashed bricks are a brilliant way to make your laundry room feel cozy with a vintage touch. You need to do this on one side of the walls, whereas the other can match the white color. 

On the same side of the whitewashed bricks, hang a shelf and add some laundry room signs that will make the place look prettier. 

2. Built-in Shelf

Built-in Shelf

Build-in some shelves on the top of your washing machines to create extra storage for your clothes. Then, use crate shelving for the design to create a vintage look.

3. Wooden Washer Cover

Wooden Washer Cover

Hide your washing machine and make the room look like any other room in the house with a wooden washer cover. Also, this great project provide extra space to fold and iron the clothes. 

4. Basket Storage

Basket Storage

Homeowners who have small laundry rooms should use hanging shelves to put away their clean clothes. However, to be well-organized and eye-catching, put them inside the baskets. 

Hang a small tag on each basket to help identify what is inside. Therefore, you can put things where they should be and easily find them as needed. 

5. Penny Tile Backsplash

Penny Tile Backsplash

Another way to redecorate your laundry room is by using penny tile backsplash for one side of the room. You do not need to cover all of the walls, the ones above the machine and under the shelves. 

Furthermore, with the white penny tile backsplash, the room will look more classic and clean. For a better space, use wood tiles to create a vintage place. 

6. Shiplap Wall

Shiplap Wall

The next idea that you can use is a shiplap wall. This design will not only make the room look vintage like in the countryside but also seems bigger with the white color. 

Moreover, the dark flooring creates a contrast to the all-white room. Besides, adding some greeneries will provide freshness and airiness while doing the laundry.

7. DIY Table for Laundry Room Signs

DIY Table for Laundry Room Signs

Repurpose your old fence into a small table that you can use for your laundry room. If there is enough material, create a bench and a sign to complete the design. 

8. Neutral Color Palette

Neutral Color Palette

If you cannot do much change inside the room, then try to makeover the objects by changing the hues. Vintage is known for its neutral color palette like brown, white, and cream. 

For example, changing the shelves and flooring with wood will work great. Also, you can substitute the baskets into all-white or use rotten baskets instead. 

9. Laundry Room Signs with Wallpapers

Laundry Room Signs with Wallpapers

For a quick change in the laundry room, peel and stick subway tile wallpapers instead of painting the whole place. Moreover, choose patterns such as penny tile backsplash or whitewashed bricks.

10. Farmhouse Accessories

Vintage Farmhouse Laundry Room

If you do not have much cash, then add some farmhouse accessories into your laundry room. For instance, simple objects such as jar containers, wire lighting, and barn doors can revamp the place at a different level. 

11. Vintage Laundry Room Signs

Vintage Laundry Room Signs

The 3-piece vintage laundry room signs are a perfect accessory that you can use to add a rustic accent. Apply two different sizes but with the same length, so you can put the smaller ones beneath the largest one.

12. Vinyl Decal Signs

Vinyl Decal Signs

One of the free printable laundry room signs that you can make is a vinyl decal. To make it pop out, use it against dark colors like black and brown walls. 

You can also make free printable laundry room signs for your washing machine. Therefore, you know which one is used for drying and washing. 

13. DIY Laundry Room Signs

DIY Laundry Room Signs

If you are on a limited budget, then create DIY laundry room signs from canvas or planked wood. Use bold colors such as black-white or gold-black to make the sign stand out. 

14. Functional Laundry Room Signs

Functional Laundry Room Signs

Instead of making laundry room signs, creating a hanger is a great option. Thus, you can install a metal stick on the upper part and use it to hang your clothes.  

15. Custom Wooden Signs

Custom Wooden Signs

Make your laundry room feel like it is a part of your home by having custom wooden signs on the walls. 

On this sign, add your names, cities, and when the room was established. For the writings, use certain fonts so that the signs look old and vintage.

16. Funky Laundry Room Sings

Funky Laundry Room Sings

Funky laundry room signs by using metal letters from odd objects offer a unique style. Do not worry about the different shapes, sizes, and colors because they make the design more interesting. 

17. Repurposed Wash Tub for Shelves

Repurposed Wash Tub for Shelves

Repurpose a washtub and make it useful for your laundry room. Before using it, ensure that you clean the inner and outer sides of the metal.

After that, separate the inner space by using a wooden board. Therefore, you can put different kinds of clothing on each part of the shelf. 

18. Lost-and-Found Organizer

Lost-and-Found Organizer

When doing the laundry, you often find many objects such as money, tissue, headset, etc. To prevent the stuff from getting lost again, create a lost-and-found organizer.

This will help people in the house to find their things easily without having to ask. To make this post, you need to stick a lost and found sign inside the room.

Then, hang the objects onto a hanging clip. In conclusion, hanging laundry room signs is one of the easiest ways to create a vintage theme.

However, to make it more interesting, utilize different kinds of materials and sizes for each letter.

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