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Simple & Useful Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Coming up with laundry room storage ideas is one of the best ways to keep the room neat and tidy. Having dirty clothes inside is enough to make it look messy, so make sure to put the others in their place.

However, one of the main problems people usually face is the small size of their laundry room. They do not have enough space to add extra storage, therefore, they become unorganized.

Whereas, the key to a clean laundry room is to utilize every space there is. Even the walls can be used as storage with some brilliant ideas.

So, prepare to make the place neat and tidy with some simple and clever ways.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas 2020

 Use your unused things in the house to make extra storage for the laundry room. Rather than throwing them away, recycle it and use it to place small equipment.

 Alternatively, you can also make some hanging shelves where you will not need extra space. Therefore, you can keep things on the shelves rather than on the floor.

 For more detail, here are some great DIY laundry room storage ideas that you can make for your place. These are simple, cheap, and easy to build, here they are.

· Unused Jars/ Food Container

 Put your clips, brushes, and other equipment in a place so your laundry room will look neat. However, rather than buying a new place using the unused things in your house.

One of the many objects that you can recycle is jars or food containers.

 So, do not throw away your jars, instead of clean them up and dry them in the sun. When they do not smell anymore, and then start using them as a container.

Put your laundry equipment inside based on the use or type.

 You can do the same for the soaps or chemicals you use for washing the clothes. Do not forget to write the descriptions on the jar so you take out the right one.

If the place cannot contain it all, then put the other bag in storage. Then refill it when you run out of it.

· Laundry Room Storage Shelves Ideas

 Divide your wall into three areas by making laundry room storage shelves ideas. You do not need to buy a new one because you can make one on your own.

 The first thing you need is a flat shape wood with the same sizes. Then you will also need a corner or L shape hook wire to hang on the wall. Once you have installed this, you can put the logs upon it.

 However, because they are not that strong make sure not to put too many things above it. It is better to store your clips, soap, and perfume rather than clothes.

· Laundry Room Storage Cabinet Ideas

 Whether your room is small or big, it is important to have a cabinet. With this storage, you can separate the clothes that you are working on and untouched ones.

Therefore, they are not all mixed up making it messier and make additional work for you.

 One of the laundry room storage cabinet ideas that you can make is sliding baskets. So, buy storage that can slide when pull or push them.

Then in each row, put a plastic basket inside to put your clothes in. Do not forget to add some remarks on the outside part.

 If you do not have enough space for this kind of storage, then make one on the wall or the floor. Hanging the cabinets on the wall will not make your moving area smaller.

However, make sure to install it strongly so that it does not fall apart.

 You can also put the cabinet below and make it a table too. So, for the bottom part put in baskets for messy clothes that need to be folded. As for the top, add a cover on it as a place to iron.

· Hanging Racks on Doors

One of the simplest laundry room storage ideas by using the back door. Just simply attach or hang some racks on to it and divide it into few places.

You can then use it to store small clothing like socks, napkin, or masks.

 If you need a bigger space, then you can make hanging poles behind the door. This can be a place to hang your neat and iron clothes, so they are not messed up anymore.

· Dirty Laundry Storage Ideas

Put all your dirty clothes in one place in the room. Make sure you have a container to put them in. This simple yet important place is a key to make the laundry area look cleaner and neater.

You can make your own dirty laundry storage ideas using a PVC pipe. All you need to do is assemble them all to make a rectangle or square shape. Then cover each side with the fabric to close the open parts.

· Hanging Ladder

If you have limited space to dry or hang your neat clothes, then why not make a hanging ladder. You can make these unique but functional laundry room storage ideas.

So, rather than throwing away your old ladders, why do you not cut it in small pieces and make it a hanger? You can put this up in the laundry room and add some wires on it.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about where you will put the clothes.

Alternatively, if you do not have a ladder, one of the laundry room storage ideas you can make is hanging wire. Hang a long one from one side to another.

As simple as that, you get a place to hang your wet or neat dress.

 The most important thing when coming up with laundry room storage ideas to maximize all the space you have. Whether it is between the machines or behind the door, use it all.

Also, rather than buying new things, use the ones you have at home, such as jars, wire, and wood. Use it all to make different and unique laundry room storage ideas.

Well, whether your place is big or small, with these laundry room storage ideas, your cleaning area will always look neat and clean.

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