10 Best LED Shower Head Ideas to Keep You Stylish During Bath

LED shower head has recently become one of the most discussed trends. This product has created a breakthrough by adding a light feature to the water transmitter.

However, questions also arise in the minds of many people. Are LED shower heads safe? Could there be a short circuit that will endanger our lives while bathing?

In this regard, experts have stated that this item is safe. You don’t need to worry about being electrocuted because the maker has done a careful calculation about this.

Instead of worrying about unnecessary things, here is the LED shower head review that will help you understand this appliance:

1. Water Powered LED Shower Head

LED shower head has indeed succeeded in taking the decoration world by storm. The presence of colorful lights in the bathroom will help make your day.

The shower has a water-powered system. This way, the lights will turn on automatically when the water starts flowing and the appliance operates.

Almost all products have this feature. However, some also have settings that make the lights not turn on automatically.

2. Great Changing Color

The color combination is the main attraction of the LED shower head, which makes it different. All products feature a light that turns on when the water is running.

Each product offers advantages. One of them is the MagicShowerhead that has 7-color lights that will change alternately during operation.

The number of colors in the LED shower head varies depending on the product. Some have one color, but some show rainbow shades in a variety of colors.

3. Set Your Rain

Another advantage of the LED shower head is the advanced technology that allows users to adjust the water pattern. One that has this feature is the Fixed-mount DreamSpa.

This product has 5-shooting patterns, namely Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, PowerRain, and EconomyRain. Besides, you also have Water-Saving settings that will help you save on bills.

Another product that has this feature is Luminex by PowerSpa. The difference is, it has two shower heads, each of which also has a water pressure setting.

4. Temperature Controlled LED Shower Head

This product is the center of attention because of the colors that will accompany your activities in the bathroom. One of the common features of this product is the temperature-controlled system.

With this feature, the color of the lights will change according to water conditions. One example is the setting in the Ouku Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head.

When you turn on cold water, the light will turn blue. Red indicates very hot water and pink for warm temperatures.

5. Air Turbo Technology

One of the most common problems with shower use is the lack of water pressure. The small water discharge will make your bathing moments less enjoyable.

However, this problem is solved with the presence of air turbo technology. With the help of air, the system inside will maximize water pressure so you can still enjoy a nice shower.

One that has this technology is PowerSpa. This product has two showers that are both equipped with 7-color features that can change alternately.

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6. The Fan-Shaped

Among other LED shower heads, the DreamSpa AquaFan is indeed unique. The reason is, this product has a curved shape like a large fan.

Apart from having a unique shape, the technology inside supports a strong flow like heavy rain. During operation, the LED lights will light up and change according to the water temperature.

The DreamSpa AquaFan also has a temperature display between the water holes. Thus, you can find out and adjust the desired temperature while bathing.

7. The Touch of Gold

Most LED shower heads in circulation have a futuristic style that suits the younger generation. However, there is one that has a luxurious and beautiful feel, Votamuta.

This wall-mounted shower looks classy with layers of gold all over. The color of the elegant lights and clear water makes you feel luxurious like a crystal bath.

The color of the lamp will also change according to the temperature of the water. This shower is about 8 inches in diameter and will make a charming decoration for your bathroom.

8. Brightest LED Shower Head

Talking about the quality of light, of course, everyone will have a different assessment. But if you want bright colors, one recommendation is MagicShowerhead.

As stated above, this product has a 7-LED light that will make your bathing moments even more colorful. Uniquely, the color can change automatically in turn.

The color changes of this product are fast so that you will feel the nuance of a disco light. The brightness of the light will depend on water pressure.

9. Don’t Forget the Designs

The presence of light in the wet room gives a different nuance. However, you can maximize the excitement by choosing the right design and features.

One that you can try is AnGeer. When operating, the LED lights with several colors will light up simultaneously, giving the flowing water a rainbow effect.

RICHYN also has the same features, but with a softer LED color. Besides that, you can also choose products based on their shape, for example, square, round, fan-shaped, and others.

10. Large LED Shower Head

There are many things you need to consider when choosing an LED shower head. Apart from quality, features, and design, you also need to consider their suitability as needed.

Some people prefer to choose a large shower head so that they can wash the body perfectly. For this need, you can choose LightInTheBox.

This product is square with a size of up to 20 inches. The material is made of stainless steel and is equipped with several LED lights that shine alternately according to the water temperature.

As time goes by, there are always discoveries that will make life easier and more colorful. The easy home LED shower head is one of those breakthroughs that will make anyone enjoy a shower moment.

Currently, there are many products in circulation and ready to pamper you. Changing LED shower head is also not difficult. However, you must still be selective in choosing the best.

The review above certainly gives a little idea about the use of the LED shower head. If you are interested in trying, immediately find the right product reference for your home.

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