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14 Living Room Lamps to Touch up Your Parlor

Living room lamps come in many forms and uses. According to its usability, parlor fixtures are divided into ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Generally, ambient lighting is used to illuminate larger spaces and strengthen the mood in a sitting room. That way, it will be more stunning and inviting.

The most crucial among other living room lamps, namely task lighting, functions to illuminate narrower spots, such as working, reading, and sewing spaces.

Meanwhile, the accent fixture is perfect for enhancing a particular room decor and highlighting a focal point in your parlor. So, the decorative ornaments beneath become more attractive to the eyes.

After knowing all its uses, now is the time for you to choose the proper living room lamps for your gathering spot. 

It would be best if you can ensure that these light fixtures are both eye-catching and versatile at the same time.

Moreover, here are 14 multifunctional living room lamps models that are perfectly pleasing for your parlor.

1. Sky LED Torchiere Living Room Lamps

Sky LED Torchiere Living Room Lamps

The modern design of your parlor will be imperfect if it is not equipped with this sky torchiere. Besides its simple model, this floor lamp offers you comprehensive lighting throughout your entire space.

Even so, this lighting only requires a small amount of wattage because it uses mini led bulbs.

2. Modern Living Room Floor Lamps with Shelves

Modern Living Room Floor Lamps with Shelves

By adopting the Japanese lantern design, this floor fixture offers a comfortable ambient for your sitting room. 

Besides, it provides extra storage that functions to store your books and other decorative ornaments.

Apart from coming in black, this floor lamp also has a bright brown version. Additionally, both are suitable for every interior design.

3. Spot Out Your Wall Décor with Holmo Living Room Lamps

Spot Out Your Wall Décor with Holmo Living Room Lamps

It is one of the many living room lamps IKEA that you should have at home.

Likewise, with its cylindrical column design, this lamp provides a fantastic ambient and accent to your room decor. Another advantage of this fixture is the easy movement to whichever angle you want.

4. Table Attached Living Room Lamps

Table Attached Living Room Lamps

Maybe you are confused about whether this is a table fixture or a floor lamp due to its unique design. However, it is not a big deal; instead, you could say this lighting is a combination of the two.

Further, one best point of this furniture is that you can get the perfect lighting and extra space at the same time when deciding to own this light fixture. 

In addition, you might simultaneously use shelves and empty tables to display your knick-knacks neatly without worrying about running out of space.

5. Eclipse Modern Floor Living Room Lamps

Eclipse Modern Floor Living Room Lamps

One of the many living room lamps for modern homes is this eclipse tall floor fixture.

Apart from its straightforward design of modern and classic combo, this light fixture is dimmable. Moreover, it also has adjustable rings that made you quickly set the lighting according to your needs.

6. Living Room Lamps with Natural Dried Twigs

Living Room Lamps with Natural Dried Twigs

How about adding a little natural touch to your home? Therefore, it will make your living room come alive.

With its unique design, it turns out that this light fixture is made of dried natural twigs. Further, if you decide to buy it one day, rest assured, it will be the best item you will ever have in your life.

7. 3-in-1 Tall Living Room Lamps

3-in-1 Tall Living Room Lamps

Why is it called 3-in-1, whereas there are only two lights?

Well, it is because this floor torchiere can simultaneously provide you with the ambient, task, and accent lighting. A perfect combo, right?

Hence, the light that leads to the ceiling will provide comfortable lighting for your entire room. At the same time, the gooseneck one is adjustable according to your needs.

In addition, it will help you in reading tasks or as a perfect illumination for your wall decor.

8. Modern Gooseneck Floor Task Lighting

Modern Gooseneck Floor Task Lighting

The new-look of floor task lighting makes it easier for you to direct the lamp to all the areas you want. 

Its flexible gooseneck is suitable for the workspace. Also, this lamp works great for your living room, reading area, and sewing spot in your home.

9. Three Trees Ambient Lighting

Three Trees Ambient Lighting

If one ambient lighting is not enough to provide full illumination in your sitting room, then choose three.

Without reducing a lot of space, this three tree-style lamp comes with a slender yet sturdy trunk. 

Wherefore, with just one light fixture, you can now instantly get a triple amount of warmth without consuming many wattages.

10. Renewed Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Renewed Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Bringing back the classic 80s vibe to your living room is not difficult. Thus, put this pharmacy lamp on the spot you want, and all is done!

Further, with some updates to its adjustable swing arm, this item will manage to become the best attention-grabber that many homeowners dream of.

11. Mid-Century Tripod Light Fixture

Mid-Century Tripod Light Fixture

Do not ever hesitate to consider a mid-century tripod floor lamp to support the beauty of your modern decor. Indeed, this lighting fixture model will suit all types of home decor.

12. Minimalist Wall Scone

Minimalist Wall Scone

Aside from your living room ceiling lamps, it would be best if you also install this wall sconce as the accent lighting for your ornaments. 

Otherwise, with its minimalistic design, combined with a square linen shade, you will get the best finish illumination of your décor.

13. Handcrafted Rustic Living Room Lamps

Handcrafted Rustic Living Room Lamps

If you want to add a casual impression to your living room, placing this rustic ceramic table lamp is the right choice. 

Besides, this fixture can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and guests with its handcrafted design and a bell-shaped linen lampshade.

14. Floral Floor Sculpture

Floral Floor Sculpture

A super combo of glass petals and iron leaves will never fail to impress your family and guests. 

Therefore, the presence of a natural element that looks sweet, classic, and elegant, like this floor lamp, will make your living room even more outstanding and far from being outdated.

In conclusion, those are 14 living room lamps to upgrade your sitting space. Once you find your favorite, considering purchasing it as soon as possible would be better!

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