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Best Long Desks Recommendation for The Working Space

If you are still at sea on choosing the ideal table, long desks deserve your attention. In a narrow room, it conveys a more spacious and compact impression. We sum up many best long desks ideas that help you to present a neat and comfortable workspace in your house. Let’s explore them.

1. So Many Storage to Keep Things

computer desk

You have a lot of things and you want to keep them all. That’s okay. Not every person can adapt to the minimalist life. What you need to do is picking the right storage to keep them all and be organized. The long desks model as you can see above is perfect for the homeowners who have a lot of stuff but avoid a messy condition.

It features a drawer where you can put all your stuff inside and keep the table surface clean. The table also comes with a leg that is functioned as a rack. Your book collection will be a great option to keep in there.

2. Floating Desk

Floating Desk

A floating desk design is desirable. If you are longing for a perfect inspiration, you might see the picture above. You don’t require a lot of material to start making your floating desk. Prepare for only a wooden board and elbows to support the table, and the elegant floating desk is ready to use in your workspace.

Make a more awesome accent with some wall hangings near the desk. A flower vase can be a feminine accent to put on the table. A rustic or industrial chair is a perfect companion to this modern-classic floating desk.

3. Love the Old School Of Long Desks

Love the Old School Of long desks

Nothing wrong with remembering the good old days at school and applying it to your workspace.

The school table usually comes in the concept of long desks. And you know what? It can give a rustic sensation at your house. As you can see above the table look classic. It features recessed storage, which permits you to keep much stuff in a secret place. Access the storage by opening the tabletop, storing some items in it, then closing it again. Voila, say goodbye to a chaotic table surface.

4. To Pull Up the Stool

work table and chair

Limited space remains to be a big problem when you intend to spruce up your room. Some people often hesitate to pick long desks just because they feel that the thing can make the room feel stuffy and narrower.

However, there is always a solution to limited space trouble. Design a table with a broad cavity at the bottom. Pull in the chair when you’ve done work. Pull it out again when you want to start working on your desk. This idea can make your workspace look more presentable and pleasing,

5. Keep Things on File On Long Desks

karlby ikea hack desk

Do you work with documents and want to arrange them neatly in a work desk? Opt long desks with drawers. This drawer functions as a storage area. However, if you want to save more budget, you can create open shelves on the right and left side, and adjust its position.

You can also turn some unused boxes from cartons into DIY open shelves to keep the file. That is more affordable and artsy. If you must separate some documents according to their categories, pick a table that features many drawers at the bottom. It makes documents easy to find.

6. Futuristic Double Duty

long desks Duty

This long desk allows you to put a lot of things and suits them who tend to do multi-tasks at once.

In the open shelves on the right and top side of the table, you can place the most needed items. While o the right part of the cabinet function as a storage for other stuff you rarely use. This long desk idea also suits the PC. The push drawers are the place for the keyboard and place the monitor on the right side of the table. The table is so spacious that you can sit there all day long and do all the work.

7. DIY Tiny Table Long Desks

table made of copper pipe

A tiny table is always appealing, and it is an easy DIY piece! It doesn’t require too much material and you can easily find the equipment needed at the hardware store. The main material for making this long table is a copper pipe. As the framework, cut the pipe according to the table size, then stick them to each other. For the table boards, we can use a wooden plank. Make sure you choose a board with a straight surface to keep the desk in balance.

8. Artsy Crafty Counter

Artsy Crafty Counter

A crafty counter at home is a comfortable place to work, as long as you select the right furniture.

First thing first, add a sawhorse table in your workspace. This model will best be suited for you who adores the rustic style. You can easily find the materials to make this table in the online stores.

The most important material is scrap pieces of wood, solid pieces of plywood, or fence slats that will function as tabletop and sawhorse brackets for the table legs Sawhorse brackets usually come in various colors, such as red, black, or silver. Make sure that the sawhorse bracket you opt matches the color of the tabletop.

9. A Wedding Day for Long Desks Idea

In a garden wedding party, you are going to spot a long table with a white surface and rustic theme. That kind of table creates a classic impression and that awesome thing you pull to the room is so good to see. If your room comes in a neutral or white shade, this long table for the wedding day might be a great furniture piece.

Consider putting some tiny chairs as the companions. Feel a relaxing sensation at home with these long desks. You might use the table as the place to keep some home decorations, or simply as your workplace. Those long desks will give a significant change to your room. Pick the model you love and see how it can bring an energetic vibe to the workspace.

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