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Low Platform Bed Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Many people are increasingly interested in low platform bed today. Its simple-robust block design makes this bed model suitable for any interior, especially for small rooms.

Even though the style is simple and looks classic, this bed will inevitably never go out of date. You receive many advantages from this kind of foundation; one to be sure is its economical price.

Unlike the traditional bed model, the low platform bed or cabin bed has shorter legs.

Besides, when a regular bed still requires you to buy a box spring to support the mattress, this flat platform bed does not. Merely put your mattress on it and you can sleep tightly over the night.

Amazingly, this mattress can also act as storage that can accommodate your belongings in your bedroom neatly.

There is no need to take up a lot of space; keep all your possession under this mattress to prevent a messy look. Now, you can enjoy how comfortable it is to have a spacious room.

Instead of buying it and paying much cost for the sake of the brand, it would be better to manufacture it yourself at home while spending the weekend.

Below are five smart and thrifty low platform bed DIY for the best set you will ever have.

1. Shipping Pallets Never Go Wrong In Creating an Aesthetics Cabin Bed

To manufacture this cabin bed, you need several shipping pallets to prepare. Set some pallets horizontally on the floor as the base frame of your mattress.

Then take other pallets and make a set of low platform bed with headboard. Position them vertically against the wall then nail it.

If you prefer the rustic vibes that naturally come out from the pallets, leave it. However, if you want a more modern style, stain your new low bed with the color that matches your interior decoration.

As the finale touch, put your fairy LED light underneath and see how it glows aesthetically!

2. Minimalist Low Platform Bed with Storage

Look! What is beneath the low platform bed? Of course, a room that helps you with storing all the books you have.

The combination of the bed with shelves will save the space well. You will no longer feel stuffy with lots of belongings in your narrow room. 

An alternative step that you can choose apart from circularly arranging the shelves, you can also arrange the shelves that only face on one side.

3. Create a Modern Vibe in Your Room by Applying These Designs

Are you still curious about the other styles of arranging your small bedroom?

Okay, above you have a rustic and minimalist DIY of a low platform bed, now is the time to give you more ideas with modern concepts.

There will be two designs that will not disappoint you. These two beds both give a modern impression that is fashionable and fun by carrying out different themes.

Let us look!

· Try This Popular Mid-Century Modern Model

The sleek model of the low platform bed will look so fashionable in a room that carries a modern theme. To create a frame similar to that, you only need to combine oak as the base of your mattress.

Then give a metal leg shaped like a hair clip underside, to accentuate its mid-century effect.

Ensure to leave a few inches on the edge of the bed to reinforce the character of mid-century modern furniture.

Voila! Now you have a low platform bed that will bring you to enjoy the beauty of the past wrapped in a modern concept.

· Alternatively, Floating Platform Bed Also a Brilliant Idea to Build-Up

When looking at this bed design, you might think it will be challenging to make it because it seems floating.

However, it is not, you just need to make the bed frame, as usual, and then, instead of the legs, you make the base smaller in size compared to the bed frame.

That way, your bed looks like it is floating when viewed from a distance.

As an additional suggestion, construct your bed frame a few inches longer than your mattress. You can use this small space as a nightstand for small items right under your feet.

Again, you can use your low platform bed as mini storage. Keep small items like chargers or earphones in that space, so that your dressing table is no longer cluttered.

Moreover, it will make it easier for you to find it without having to rummage through your drawer’s contents.

4. Kids-Friendly Design That Prevent Your Children from Falling

For those of you who have children at home, the large furniture sometimes makes you anxious and afraid as well, as if at any time your children will fall from there. Nevertheless, do not worry.

From now on, you will get another advantage of arranging a low platform bed in your room. With its low profile design, your children will be safe from falling.

You have to go through two sets of steps in manufacturing this kind of low platform bed wood.

The first set is the steps for making the headboard, and the second set is the steps for building the bed frame.

Make sure that you cut the wood to the correct measurements so that no wood is wasted.

After the headboard and frame are complete, all you have to do is attach those using nails or screws.

With a simple design, you do not need to spend a lot of effort cutting wood in detail. However, if you like to give them a small touch of accent, accuracy is the most important thing.

As all the DIY suggests in general, paint or stain is the final step to give the furniture a more attractive appearance.

From all the designs above, have you found the one that best suits your wants and needs? Immediately spare your weekend from going outside.

Take your time this weekend to construct your comfortable and functional low platform bed.

That way, you will sleep soundly at night, and the day after, you will feel great for your new room arrangement. Good luck!

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