Magnetic Weather Stripping and the Tricks to Install in the Right Way

Magnetic weather stripping lately has become an important item in modern housing life. The reason, it can protect residents from discomfort due to the door draft.

What is Door Draft and Why Should You Prevent It?

Magnetic Weather Stripping

The door draft is a gap between the door and the floor, which is common in almost every house. It allows various disturbances to enter the house.  Rainwater, wind, dirt, even insects can easily pass through it. Besides, the gap will also divert the airflow. 

The draft door makes the performance of the heating and cooling system to be less effective. As a result, it will be forced to work harder and cost more energy. As external interference may cause various diseases, it will certainly make you uncomfortable. 

Meanwhile, the heavy performance of the cooling and heating system will swell your bill. Therefore, for the sake of goodness, many people are starting to install weather stripping. However, you need something powerful to prevent the entry of uninvited guests.

The Use of Magnetic Weather Stripping


Door draft has become a classic problems existed since a long time ago. Each generation certainly has its way to deal with it.

There are many ways to close the gap between the doors. Since ancient times, people have used a variety of materials and weather stripping designs.

However, lately, people prefer to use magnetic ones because it is easier and more effective at driving out everything from the outside. If installed properly, it will ensure that a door is completely closed without any gaps.

Installing Magnetic Weather Stripping in the Right Way


Apart from its very important role in housing life, weather stripping can be considered a simple action. Even so, you also should not take it lightly. 

The best benefits of weather stripping can only be felt if this item is installed correctly. So, please follow these correct steps below to avoid mistakes.

1. Measuring and Preparing the Area

Choosing the Weather Stripping

First, prepare the area where the weather stripping will be installed. Measure correctly, how wide is the door draft. 

To find out is by measuring the distance between the door and the jamb. Besides, you also need to measure the width. Take measurements more than once so you can get accurate results. The measurement results will certainly be a guideline when preparing materials. 

The wide of the door draft shows you the thickness of the weather stripping, while the jamb measurement reveals the width ones.

After everything is ready, clean the area that will be given magnetic weather stripping. Maybe it sounds trivial, but this step should not be ignored.

Dirty areas will result in an imperfect installation of weather stripping. It might not cling tightly or even leave tiny space for something to enter. 

2. Choosing the Weather Stripping


Choosing material is something that should be done carefully. You have to pay attention to various things, ranging from materials, sizes, and so forth. Any mistakes will lead to suboptimal performance.

Magnetic weather stripping for wood doors maybe differs from metal or steel ones. If they do not suit each other, the results will not be optimal either. 

Let me take an example of Stanley’s metal door products. It is intended that Stanley door weather stripping magnetically fix the door draft problems. Somehow, people say that it does not fit at all while others argue that it needs special tricks.

Meanwhile, in case you need the weather stripping for metal exterior doors, just visit There are some good reviews and useful advice for you to follow.

Pemko magnetic weather stripping will be best suited for metal doors. Meanwhile, Frost King magnetic door seal is widely chosen because of its resistance at low temperatures. 

Therefore, it is best fitted with something like a refrigerator. If you do not have any idea what to choose, then find an expert to consult. 

Some product will show their best when used in the right place. Just visit home depot magnetic weather stripping to get more information.

Besides, any recommendation of magnetic weather stripping Lowe’s give is also useful to those who find housing information. 

Remember that all products have their characteristic you should put into consideration. There is one more thing. When buying weather stripping, try to prepare 10 percent extra, just in case. No one knows what errors might occur during installation later. You can also save it for emergencies, right?

3. Cutting and Tacking

Magnetic weather stripping for wood doors

When everything is ready, now is the time for action. First, cut the weather stripping into three pieces, two for the side and one for the top.

If your weather stripping has adhesive, open the seal and then stick it around the doorjamb. Do not install it directly on the door.

Even though you already have adhesive, do not forget to strengthen it. Use staples or nails so that your weatherstripping is stronger and does not come off easily because of overtime usage.

4. Adding Magnetic Door Sweep to Make It Perfect

Stanley door weather stripping magnetically

When everything is perfectly installed, the next step is to strengthen your work. Do it by installing a magnetic door sweep at the bottom of the door. 

This item is usually described as a metal band that has an airtight rubber strip. Meanwhile, it has a protruding downward section.

The function of the sweep is to close the air that enters through the door draft. The rubber is very flexible when swiping against the floor. Therefore, you can still open and close the door easily and lightly.

Usually, this door sweep has the same standard size everywhere. However, if it does not fit your door, you can cut it with a saw to adjust the size.

Now, the magnetic weather stripping has been installed perfectly on your door. If done correctly, there will be no more interference coming to your house.

The installation process itself will not take much time. On average, it can be finished in approximately one hour. However, the benefits that you will get will be extraordinary.

Magnetic weather stripping that you install will banish dust, dirt, wind, and other disturbances. You can even save up to 20 percent of energy because the cooling and heating system can work optimally.

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