Easy LED Marquee Letters Tutorial

Want to make your marquee letters at home? Well, this one would be a great tutorial to try for your next project. A statement piece like a marquee letter sign on the wall is a great addition that would give a huge change to the scene. Some people need time and patience to hunt the right one for their interior.

If you don’t want to waste your time looking for the one that you like, you can just make the marquee letter sign that matches your style on your own. You can find so many inspirations to make the marquee letters you want. You can make the sign from chipboard 3D letters that are available at the craft store.

However, that stuff is great but it’s fairly small. You can make something larger and more awesome than that. This easy tutorial will allow you to make marque letters with 18-inches big. Follow these steps and have fun.

Materials to Prepare

  • a piece of 2×4 plywood
  • 4 pieces of 5,5 x 4 inches MDF with 1/8 thick
  • wood glue
  • wrapping paper
  • hot glue
  • strand of globe string lights
  • poster board
  • spray adhesive
  • smooth-finish paint roller
  • paint
  • jigsaw
  • staple gun
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • miter saw
  • picture wire
  • pen or pencil
  • eye hooks or screws
  • tape measure
  • the paddle drill bit (¾ and ½ inch)
    Steps by Steps Making Marquee Letters

1. Choose Font and Letter


The very first time you have to do is to decide the letter and font you want to make. At this point, you have 2 options. You can choose to hand-drawing the font design freely. So, it would become the creation of your own. There’s nothing out there that would have the same design. On the other hand, you can just trace a printed font design that you can find on your computer. Make sure you print the image out at its full size.

Then, transfer the letter into the plywood. For those who choose to trace a font design image, you have to make sure that the size matches the plywood.

2. Cut the Plywood into a Letter

diy plywood letter lamp

After that, you can begin to cut the plywood into a letter you’ve drawn or traced. Do it slowly and steadily to make the cut more precise. For a font or letter with a hole in the center, you can use a ½ inch bit to make the starting point for the sawing. In this case, you’re forming a “d”. So, you’re gonna need it.

3. Holes Drilling

Holes Drilling

Before you start drilling holes with the ¾ inch paddle drill bit on the plywood, you have to put something underneath it. It will elevate the letter off the ground. Make sure the items you’re using are stable enough for the surface. It will keep the drill bit away from the base. Then, you can begin to measure and mark the exact spots for the light bulb. You should begin marking the spot in the center. That’s the area where you will place the light sockets.

4. Sandpaper to Smooth

Sandpaper to Smooth

To make the cut surface smooth, use sandpaper. It will get rid of any marks on the surface. The plywood would be as clean as new. Don’t be too heavily while rubbing the sandpaper. Just take it easy to avoid erasing the wood grain.

5. Paint the MDF Pieces

hot air balloon marquee letters

Now, it’s the MDF pieces’ time. Lay them all side by side. After that, you can begin painting one side of the material using a roller. The roller you use should be the one that’s designed to make a smooth finish. Don’t leave any brush marks. Make sure it’s neat and clean. Let them dry.

6. Measure the Plywood and Mark the MDFs

tape measure marquee letters

The next step is all about measurement. You can continue by elevating the plywood off the ground with some items. Then, measure it from the ground to the middle of the wood’s thickness. During this measurement, you have to make sure that the letter is facing down, not facing up. After that, you can continue with the MDFs. On the unpainted side of the MDFs, you can mark the distance based on the measurement before. This one is the step to make a line for staple or seam. These marks would avoid the staples being shown on the displayed side of the letter sign.

7. Attaching the MDF Frame Marquee Letters

Attaching the MDF Frame marquee letters

The MDF would be used as a frame for the letter plywood. To begin, you cut the board for length in places. You can use a tape measure and a jigsaw. Then, begin to staple along the seam you’ve marked. Instead of the MDFs, you can use the poster board for the hole in the center. A poster board comes in handy because it is easier to bend. The marquee letter will be looking 3D from the front and the backside.

8. Apply Wood Glue to Marquee Letters

marquee letters

After that, you can begin to apply a line of wood glue along the staple line. Before that, you should flip it over, the backside facing up. Don’t get too close to the very corners to avoid the glue leaking to the front. That displayed side has to be perfectly clean.

9. Cover with Wrapping Paper Marquee Letters

marquee letters Paper

While waiting for the glue to dry, you can cut wrapping paper similar to the sign’s dimensions. Then, secure the paper to the MDF frame by using spray adhesive. Besides covering it with the paper, you can also add some other things like ribbon, paint, washi tape, or leather.

10. Finishing Marquee Letters

marquee letters Done

After all of those, there are only two things you need to add to your sign. The first one is the string of lights and the second item is the eyehooks. Fill all the holes with the light bulbs or string you already prepared. Make sure all the cluttery cables are hidden behind it. The eyehooks on the backside allow you to hand the sign of marquee letters to any wall surface you want.

Now, you can make your very own sign of marquee letters. If you want it more than just a letter, you can make more then one piece and form a word or name. It’s up to you.

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