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16 Ideas of Metal Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to bring something modern, sleek, and glossy into your cooking area, metal kitchen cabinets should be the right one to pick.

It is no secret that most homeowners don’t make metal and stainless steel as their main material. However, they may make a good choice for your kitchen.

Metal cabinets provide something affordable and easy to care for. Although they often come in white, there are some painted options as well.

Besides, these cabinets are very easy to clean despite their sterile and a bit cold appearance. You will only need to scrub them with a damp washcloth for a better look.

Getting interested in adding metal kitchen cabinets into your kitchen? The following is a list of fresh ideas to get you inspired.

1. Modern Flair

This modern-looking kitchen looks perfect with its unique arrangement and glossy appearance. The style it brings a vibe of popular cooking shows.

One of the most interesting points about this kitchen will be its wall-mounted metal cabinets that come with glass doors, offering a piece of an additional decorative element.

2. Dark Shades Kitchen Cabinets

No one could deny the beauty of this kitchen. How sleek and elegant the lines are will make everyone want to capture a moment to remember.

Thanks to the wide windows, these black metal kitchen cabinets will stay shining and won’t make the space feels dull.

3. Sweet Oak Floors

While space is filled with the unusual charm of metal kitchen cabinets, the subtly patterned floors make space look more appealing.

4. Metal Framed Glass Door

There is something dramatic about this metal framed cabinet. Its glass door makes it even more perfect by allowing you to see what is inside each compartment.

The cabinet is used to display a collection of glassware, adding contemporary flair into space with its open and airy mood.

5. Ample Storage

This kitchen doesn’t look huge, but it has plenty of storage and space for cooking as well as preparing some meals.

If you love to cook, it should be a nice space to get in touch with your recipe books. The dark metal kitchen cabinets and glossy stainless steel countertops make this room just right.

6. Metal and Wood Combination

Metal and wooden cabinets are combined perfectly in this kitchen. If you take a look closer to the cooking area, some parts of the backsplash are in glossy stainless steel.

Any family that enjoys cooking together at the weekend will like to have this roomy kitchen along with its spacious worktop.

7. Stainless Steel Worktop

For those who love to cook while entertaining a guest or two, this kitchen will become their favorite space at home.

With a functional kitchen island that doubles as a bar counter, you can easily serve some drinks to the guest while waiting for their meals.

8. Classy Metal Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to represent a cooking area that seems classy and cool, incorporating kitchen cabinets should make a nice bet.

This kitchen provides an excellent example with its clean and sleek metal cabinets.

To complete the idea, the backsplash, kitchen appliances, and fixtures are in stainless steel, offering a hint of modern style.

9. Contrasted Backsplash

Look at how the earthy backsplash works seamlessly in this kitchen. Although it may contrast a little, the whole appearance seems perfectly right.

Thanks to the skylight, this kitchen cabinets appear glossy and shiny. These elements also helped to keep everything feels bright and airy.

10. Pleasing Cooking Area

Do you want to have a modern kitchen that seems warm and cozy? This idea must be attractive enough.

Incorporated with a light wooden countertop, the metal cabinet doesn’t seem so cold anymore. Furthermore, this kitchen is becoming more pleasing and convenient as well.

Besides, these metal kitchen cabinets are also very easy to clean.

11. Tiny Kitchen

With their neutral color and shiny appearance, metal kitchen cabinets can work in a small space too.

For a twist, you can combine metal cabinets and some wall-mounted wooden storage units as shown in this picture.

Don’t forget to add enough light to avoid making the tiny kitchen feel cramped.

12. Gray Setting

These stainless steel kitchen cabinets are especially perfect for a small kitchen or a coffee bar in the basement.

Personalize the look by adding some colorful accessories that can enliven the gray setting. For instance, you can put a basket of fruits or a pot of indoor plants on the countertop.

13. Cozy Home Kitchen

This kitchen shows perfectly how a range of metal cabinets can work in home space too aside from commercial use.

With plenty of metal kitchen cabinets, this space still feels comfortable and welcoming thanks to the natural stone flooring.

If you want to pair modern metal cabinets in a rustic setting, don’t look further than this sample. Its pale beige walls emphasize the theme even more.

14. Gorgeous Details

Mounted against white subway tiled walls, these metal kitchen cabinets look gorgeous thanks to the details.

The combination of metal frames and glass panels allow the metal cabinets to display its dark-colored inside.

While the drawers of the lower cabinets are in a dark wood, the countertops and handles are stainless steel. Meanwhile, the spacious island is made of the same material as well.

15. Urban Feel

Metal cabinets, stainless steel accessories, sleek white countertops, and dark wooden floorboards blend seamlessly to provide an urban feel in this modern kitchen.

To complete the look, a vase of pale green flowers and greeneries is placed on the island for a splash of color.

16. Industrial Style

This industrial cooking area is just super stunning. The clean space and airy feel make it comfortable for every cooker.

In addition to the closed cabinets, metal open shelves are hanging above the countertop, displaying a selection of chinaware and accessories.

To conclude, metal cabinets are still a good option if you prefer something resistant to both corrosion and stains.

Since these cabinets have been available in a wide range of styles and colors, the appearance aspect is not a matter anymore. Some of them are now dressed up with inset glass panels and more.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate and opt for metal kitchen cabinets. Use the above examples as your inspiration!

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