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10 Modern House Numbers Inspiration to Adorn Your Home

Having modern house numbers is a clever idea to adorn your front home in a simple and budget-friendly way. It will transform the boring sign into an impressive decoration.

The house number is a traditional idea to help visitors to find a house easily. Nevertheless, the design does not have to stay out-of-date.

You can do a bunch of creative ideas with house numbers. They are the simplest way to improve the home’s curb appeal without costing you much.

Keep on reading this article to find out modern house numbers inspirations to enchant your outdoor view.

1. DIY Modern House Numbers Planter

Do not settle for a regular address sign when you can make fabulous modern house numbers with double duty.

This planter design is an awesome idea that you can re-create at home.

It requires three similar size jars that are painted in different colors−white, and blue. Next, using a waterproof marker, the house numbers are written outside the planters.

The last, fill the planter with soil and flower then hang them on the wall to embellish the house exterior.

As the paint colors contrast the wall, these double-duty planters will instantly grab people’s attention. The house numbers can be seen easily as well.

2. Modern House Numbers with Light

Looking for an address after dark can be difficult without light, so it will be very kind of you to help people find it by using this modern house numbers with light.

The black steel numbers are attached to the planter with integrated LED lights. As a result, your address can be easily visible even when the sun goes down.

This also will bring a gorgeous glow and illuminate the entire front of your door.

These pots have several kinds that you may opt for. They can be with cord or solar power, one color or more, and with or without remote control.

 3. Modern House Numbers on Fence

If the fence is hiding your home from people’s eyes, you should not place the house numbers inside. Instead, attach them on the fence like this.

The floating house numbers keep everything simple and capture attention immediately. Moreover, the contemporary black finishing is against the wooden fence color.

Besides, the perfect position makes it easier for a delivery driver or passersby to spot the address.

4. A Mailbox with House Numbers

Did you ever receive a mail that is for the neighbors? The mail carrier must have been mistaken for your house with theirs.

Do not let the mistake continue. Otherwise, you will receive a bunch of mails that is not yours. So, install the house number in a visible place for the postal worker ─ on the mailbox.

Arranged vertically right underneath the mailbox, these modern house numbers can help people to identify your home.

Not to mention the brick mailbox design with an arched top that delivers style and keeps your curb appear appealing.

5. Custom Modern House Number

Make your house numbers visible easily by keeping it simple.

Here, a piece of scrap wood is transformed into a modern house numbers plaque without any other additional element to make the address pop.

The modern silver floating house numbers marry the old rustic scrap wood perfectly. This makes them look better in pairs than being attached to the wall directly.

6. Inside a Frame

House numbers do not always have to be mounted directly on the wall. Instead, you can put them in a single picture frame like this to display your address differently.

The combination of gold frame, black cardstock, and white house numbers just match the door’s colors that create an elegant look.

The glass door makes the house sign impossible to be nailed, so a piece of white ribbon is used to hold it instead, making a cute and equally photogenic display.

This is great, easy, and quick to create a charming, feminine display to a house. It will make the porch more inviting.

7. The Eternity of Wooden House Number

Wood is versatile and eternal that you can combine it with any materials and textures.

In this design, some pieces of pallet wood with different lengths are joined together to create a modern house numbers plaque.

The uneven dark and light colors match the gold house numbers perfectly, creating a great combination of rustic and modern design.

Suspending this kind of house number by the rope makes a playful addition to the porch as well as making the address pop, compared to installing them directly on the wall.

8. Modern House Numbers Vertical

If you are into simplicity or simply have no clue where to install the house numbers, just follow this idea.

Here, huge brushed aluminum numbers are installed with vertical alignment directly on a contemporary design post.

The color combinations are easy on the eyes and this surely makes your address visible even from distance.

9. Lush Modern House Number DIY

Doesn’t this lush address sign look stunning on the porch? It is as if the numbers were resting on the grass.

You can re-create yours by firstly gluing grass to a box frame. Opt for the artificial kind for easier maintenance.

Next, screw the house numbers a little bit shorter than the grass so that they will look nestled into it when being hung.

The last, hang this luxurious modern house numbers at the front porch at eye level to enhance any other green accents nearby.

10. Style Your Garage

House number design plays an important role in making a home appear inviting, so make the best first impression by styling your garage with this address sign.

Instead of numbers, consider spelling the address out in letters like in this picture to make your house stand out and different from neighbors.

However, the font is important in giving an impression to whoever sees it. The script style in this garage, for instance, gives an elegant look. So make sure to choose wisely.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and I believe the front porch, where the house numbers are, is equivalent to that.

So, if you can stand out the house numbers from all others, forget about being custom. It is always nice to make people stop in front of your house and adore its beauty.

However, all of these ideas are best to apply to contemporary house design. Nevertheless, some still match other styles too. The choice is on you.

Those are modern house numbers Inspirations I have got for you. Now it is your time to decide which of those will match your porch and impress your visitors.

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