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15 Best Molding Ideas for an Unforgettable Home Design

Being creative with molding ideas will help to make the most of your home decor. While wood and plaster are popular for classic molding types, you can now find one made of other materials.

Reclaimed wood and foam become another good choice when it comes to molding materials.

Creating a light and dark pattern on a plain surface is one of the decorative functions of molding. Besides, it can make a particular part of your home a visual highlight. Besides, many decorators prefer molding since it makes an effortless transition between dissimilar surfaces and materials too.

Exceptional Molding Ideas for an Unforgettable Home Decor

There is an endless variety of profiles available in molding. You can discover them in both convex and concave configurations. Some molding profiles assemble into corners while others set boldly from wall surfaces.

For a smooth transition, decorators tend to wrap them around corners. For more unique profiles, you can attempt to blend different moldings as well. By combining different profiles in your molding ideas, you are on the way to make any part of the home more stand out.

Floors, walls, ceilings, doors, entryways, and staircases are among the most common parts that receive this decoration since all of them look more beautiful with moldings.

You can opt for a classic look with trimmed windows, paneled walls, and built-up baseboards. For a more contemporary vibe, go with clean transitions and straight lines.

Check out the basic ideas below and make them even more unique by simply modifying the profile or painting it in a different color.

1. Modern Windows with Classic Modification

Adding trim is a perfect solution to transform a dull, old window into something better and fresh.  With several wood panels, it is easy to trim your window by treating the pieces as a frame. Be creative with the patterns and colors as you paint them.

2. Quick Wall Trim Ideas

If you are looking for a great way to overhaul the look of your walls without any difficulty, go with panel molding. You can add a square-patterned panel molding for a nice and sleek touch to your walls.

3. Easy Closet Door Makeover

Several small frames and a little bit of paint can be enough to transform your boring closet into a more elegant one without too much effort.

All you have to set screwing the frames onto the door of your closet, one below another. Then, don’t forget to color them for a good and more attractive look.

4. Create Classic Wainscotting

Make your home elegant and classy by applying one of these wall trim ideas. They can transform boring surfaces into something more regal. For a more complete look, go with multiple trim choices or layer the moldings.

5. Give Your Cabinets New Shoes

Swap your unattractive kitchen cabinet legs with store-bought wooden ones for a fresh, updated look. Paint the wooden legs in the color of your cabinet and screw them on for a uniform look. This way, these the molding ideas will appear like a part of the piece naturally.

6. Upgraded Cabinet Ends

It is no secret that cabinet ends tend to appear less appealing, particularly when they aren’t against a wall. You may deal with this issue by applying wooden trims on the cabinet ends. Then, revamp the look with a fresh coat of paint that suits the rest of the piece.

7. Beautiful Switch Covers

Add style to your boring light switches by going with this one of molding ideas. Simply frame the pieces to transform them into a work of art.

To prevent your switches from failing the uniformity of the room, consider painting them to fit the rest of the décor better.

8. Add Interest in Your Fireplace

You can also use a panel above your fireplace to make it look better while adding a bit of height.  Make sure to paint the panel the identical color as your fireplace so that it will not appear out of place.

9. Apply Solid Bases for Smooth Transitions

Some molding ideas may result in messy ends if you don’t do it right. Having a solid base can help to create a smoother transition.

Doing so will make the vertical and horizontal moldings meet in a better way as well, offering a more structured appearance for the ends.

10. Make Your Slab Door More Memorable

Frames can do a lot to your home. They are even capable to transform a usual smooth slab door into something more excellent by giving it more depth.

Simply stick the frames onto your door with industrial tape and finish them with paint.

11. Beautifully Decorated Closet Handles

Hardworking closet handles deserve a beautiful decoration. You can go with the pastel trends to give these pieces a chic look.

Start with putting a round pattern around your closet handles for an outstanding statement. After that, paint a favorite pastel color over it to finish.

12. Updated Exterior Door Presentation

Your home exterior is something you should take into account too when it comes to molding ideas. By employing a little paint and molding, a simple wooden door can transform into a modern, well-designed one.

13. A Bit of Bling for Staircases

Bling can make everything look perfect, especially when applied to staircases. For a cheap way to give a bit of bling, you can opt for pattern moldings and place them at the side of the stairs. This will result in a classier, sophisticated look on your staircases.

14. Curvy Highlight on Plain Cabinet Bases

This one of molding ideas works best in a home with a plain square cabinet. Try upgrading the look using curvy panels for a pop of style.  Besides, utilizing curved legs make a good choice to prop your cabinet so that you own space on the curvy bottom panel.

15. Classic Staircase Post

Give your staircases an update by taking advantage of wooden panels. You can simply put the panel on the current frame to make the job easier.

To sum up, molding ideas can do wonder at any pace. From walls to staircase posts to exterior doors, they can help to update the look of your home without much effort.

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