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12+ Mug Tree Ideas That You Can Make at Home

Creating a mug tree at the corner of the home will make a great alternative to stacking these awkwardly-shaped cups in your cabinet.

If you have collected a selection of mugs or coffee cups, consider displaying them uniquely. Follow these 12 DIY mug display Ideas and get ready to wow your guests!

Industrial Mug Tree

Do you want to bring an industrial flair in your space? If so, opt for a cup tree that is made of metal. Indeed, it is pretty easy to find some metal products on the market.

However, repurposing some unused metal items in the house will be a great idea too. For instance, you can employ the top of a used coat holder to create a useful tree for your mug collections.

Multipurpose Wooden Holder

If you plan to display no more than ten mugs, this idea will be perfect.
While providing enough space to showcase your mug collection, this farmhouse mug tree also comes with room for towels.

Complete the look by painting the wood in distressed blue shades. Then, you can also add a simple artwork on it for a more personalized touch.

Modern Shelf Mug Tree Design

Those who have a lot of mugs will love this idea for sure. This mug shelf tree is capable to display all your collections at once.

To create this mug holder, start by cutting some shelves in several different lengths. Then, put them together to create a triangle ladder shelf.

Sweet Message Board Mug Tree Design

Are you looking for an idea to create a vintage mug holder? If so, this sweet message board must attract your attention. You will need some scrap woods to create this cup holder.

For more vintage flair, simply stain the timber instead of painting it. For the message, use white paint and write down anything you like.

Don’t forget to install some hooks as well and hang the mug tree around your coffee station.

Simple Hook Organizer

If you don’t have much time for a complicated woodworking project, go for this simple design. Get a piece of scrap wood and install several hooks on it.

Hang it on the wall to put your colorful mug collections on view. Aside from scrap wood, you can also use an old pallet for a more timeless look.

DIY Scrap Wood Mug Tree Holder

This is another mug holder that uses scrap wood as its main material. Simply add several hooks on it and you will have a place to put your collections.

To make it more perfect, grab another piece of wood, and paint an interesting message on it. After that, place the memo board on top of the trees.

Pegboard Mug Holder

You can organize your mugs as easy as hanging some pegboards in the kitchen. It is no secret that pegboard has become a popular material to arrange even the most cluttered space in the house.

Simply install several hooks on the pegboard and put your beautiful mugs on display.

Easy Tabletop Mug Tree Wood

When it comes to a tabletop cup tree, this idea is on the go. You can easily assemble the holder in your home. All you need to have are some pieces of wood.

Find several free plans on the internet to get started more effortlessly. To finish, you can paint or stain the cup holder based on the kitchen’s style.

Repurposed Towel Bars

If you want to have a clutter-free mug tree, this idea must be of interest. In addition to space for hanging a selection of coffee cups, it has enough room for hanging some other things too.

Moreover, the idea is pretty unique since you will repurpose unused towel rails or bars instead of other materials. Simply add hooks to the bars for hanging your mugs.

In case you wish to have one or two storage baskets, just get another bar and install it under the mug tree.

Instant Wall Hooks

It is safe to say that this DIY mug holder is among the easiest ones on the list. You just need enough hooks to display your collection.

This idea makes a great choice, especially if you have some open wall space in the kitchen. While keeping your mugs organized, it will also be a fascinating decoration.

Just make sure the hooks are strong enough to hold the weight of your mugs. Consider searching for some tips to patch holes and install hooks in drywall to avoid any silly mistake when doing the project.

Open Display Shelves

This design is calling for those who have a huge collection of mugs in their house. With adequate shelves, you can indeed put many cups on display.

The open shelving look allows your kitchen to keep its airy and spacious feel. Besides, the colorful mugs display on the shelves can offer a beautiful pop of color in the room.

Hooks under the Shelves

If you have some open shelving unit in the kitchen, adding hooks under it will provide a suitable space for hanging your mugs too. Simply install several hooks under the shelf or cabinet to set your mug collections aside.

Unique Pallet Mug Holder

Are you looking for an exceptional DIY mug tree that is easy and affordable? This idea will make the most of it. Start by flattening some old metal spoons and make them as hooks.

Then, the beautiful effect of this mug holder is achieved by staining the surfaces carefully. You can also personalize this mug holder in many other different ways.

For instance, it must be great to use colorful paint or write some fun messages.

Reclaimed Wood Holder

This reclaimed wood holder will be perfect to display your favorite mugs. Besides, it will make a great choice for those who have a small open space on the wall.

With two pieces of reclaimed wood, you have enough material to create a useful holder for organizing the mugs. Next, finish it with painting the pieces in a light gray shade.

Then, you can stencil them for a boost of visual. All in all, incorporating a mug tree around the house will be a great choice. It can organize your cup collections while adding such visual interest.

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