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Create a Relieving Nuance with Narrow Bathroom Cabinet

Sprucing up the lavatory is a daunting task, moreover if you have to deal with the limited space. The narrow bathroom cabinet comes as a quick fix to create a spacious sensation and airy atmosphere. We gather some best examples of high-functioning narrow bathroom cabinet that don’t require too much space and are appealing enough as a decorative piece.

A High Place

Think out of the box, and you will know that there are still some places left on your lavatory. Aim high to reach some forgotten places and take advantage of it, for example, the space above the door. Over there, we might store some tiny items rarely used such as toilet paper and soap stocks, or cleaning liquid. What you need to install is a plank functioned as an open shelve. This hack will give you much space in the bathroom, which is quite relieving.

Thin Storage

Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoo are important toiletries most people are going to use daily. The question remained: how can we store that stock and keep the bathroom tidy at the same time? You can consider a waterproof drawer to store the equipment. Build that storage in the corner of the bathroom to keep them within reach when we take a bath.

An Elegant Touch

Glass is the key to an effortlessly luxurious atmosphere. You can put it at the top of your renovation list. Opt for door glass. The presence of this material in the bathroom will give you a more exotic and charming ambiance. Present this glass charm to the bathroom cabinetry. It can be functioned as a storage as well as decorative pieces. Creating relieving environs in your bathroom is not so challenging: it requires only a small touch.

Double Functions

Double-functions furniture is a perfect match for a minimalist bathroom. You might create an open store using a vintage chair. It can be a place to sit and to hang the towel. A concealed cabinet is also a good option. The cabinet front door is a picture frame or paintings, which doubles both as a decoration and storage.

The idea gives a concise impression on your bathroom and you can save more space and money as well. Think about double function furniture ideas and you do not need to buy a lot of unnecessary furniture. How nice it is to live a minimalist life.

The DIY Narrow Bathroom Cabinet with Drawer

A narrow bathroom cabinet with drawer is a smart option. There, You can also store some simple toiletries and make-up kits. The right place to put the drawer is near the bathroom glass, which also creates a lavish atmosphere. If you love the DIY project, you can also make the drawer by yourself. Find the unused planks or boxes, stick it in the bathroom, and pick the shade that you love. The drawer will help you to be more organized and make your bathroom look more orderly.

Elegant Crystal

Elegant Crystal

Sparkling glass as the shower door and storage is a shortcut to the indulgent impression. Regarding this idea, we suggest you opt for the crystal tempered glass that triples as a decoration, protection, as well as storage in the shower room. There is a triangle glass surface where you can put your simple toiletries like soap, conditioner, and shampoo.

If you have kids at home, this crystal tempered glass is the best pick so that it won’t easily be broken and harm other people. The crystal clear tempered glass is also known as an element to create an airy and spacious feel. Having a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot go lavish, is it?

Narrow Bathroom Cabinet with Tiers

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A minimalist house requires a bit of creativity so that you can keep things organized without making it look stuffy. As shown above, the idea of a portable narrow bathroom cabinet of 3 until 5-tiers is brilliant. It doesn’t take up much space while you can still keep many things. The vertical concept gives a taller impression at home and presents the minimalist design you love to have
While the vertical shelves in 3-5 tiers are a perfect preference for minimalist bathroom designs. You can opt for neutral or pastel shade for the cabinet then, you’ll have heaven at home.

Get the Wheels

Get the Wheels

A wheeled narrow bathroom cabinet is a good accent in a limited space. It is portable, so when you change your mind on the home decor, just move it to the new position. Some multi-level racks feature wheels, and it becomes the right choice to keep many things ranging from cosmetics, clean towels, toothbrushes, until tiny pieces like pins. Picking wheeled furniture will let your bathroom have a flexible layout and arrangement.

The Door as Storage For Narrow Bathroom Cabinet

The Door as Storage For Narrow Bathroom Cabinet

The door can have doubles function: as an entry to the bathroom and the storage as well. And that is a smart hack to save more spaces. Utilizes the back door as a place to store your favorite toiletries. You can also pick a hook rack to stick on the bathroom entrance. It creates such a compact look. You can get various kinds of hook rack at any hardware store. Whenever you have enough time at home and crave for a DIY project, this is a good thing to start your first do-it-yourself experience.

Borrow from Your Entryway

Borrow from Your Entryway

At the entryway, we often install a hook rack to hang a wet robe, wet towel, or our pairs of shoes.

You can also apply this concept to the bathroom. Stick a hook rack near the door, make it storage for the towels and outfit. Just like the hook rack in the door, this concept is easy to use and budget-friendly.

If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, this concept is a good idea to use in other rooms besides the lavatory.

Rattan Narrow Bathroom Cabinet

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Rattan is a light material and environmentally-friendly process. In case you look for a simple narrow cabinet, this rattan bathroom cabinet is a wise option. The rattan narrow bathroom cabinet enhances a vintage theme and is also movable. Even if there is only limited space left, you can still create an enjoyable shower room with some smart hacks with a narrow bathroom cabinet.

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