How to Make a DIY Narrow Nightstand

You can do several fun activities before going to bed, and regardless, you deserve a narrow nightstand.

This stuff will help you keep things from the magazine until a remote control.

Some of the beds feature the narrow nightstand like in the hotel room. However, if you do not have it yet, you can make it through an easy DIY project.

You can use several steps to create an attractive narrow nightstand. Let us check these easy things out.

1. Cut the Plank

Prepare some wooden planks. Cut into a rectangle shape. You can use more than one plank so more stuff can be kept there.

To cut the plank, use a sharp saw. Make sure you cut it straight.

You can use an electric saw for more perfect results. However, be careful while using this equipment.

2. Smooth the Plank

After cutting the plank into some parts, sand the surface of the wood to make it smooth. However, if you are interested in the rustic concept, skip this step.

3. Paint It As You Want

You can paint the rainbow to your liking. If you want the concept of shabby chic to present in the room, use broken white or other nude shades.

However, if you want a minimalist concept, use black, ultra-white, or natural wood colors.

4. Install Narrow Nightstand Modern Next To Your Bed

Attach the plank that you have prepared with nails, making sure it sticks firmly to the wall. Now, a simple narrow nightstand modern is ready to use in your room.

5. Things You Need To Know About Narrow Nightstand Ideas

It is cool to have narrow nightstands in your room. However, you should know a few things before creating and installing it.

Narrow Nightstand Has Capacity

Each nightstand has a certain capacity. If you only have the simple one, it can only accommodate small and light things like photos, cell phones, or glasses.

Avoid placing heavy objects on a simple nightstand so that they do not break and fall.

Better to Stick It with Nails

Some people like 3M insulation for installing wall decorations or other furniture. However, for nightstands, nails are best.

You Can Have a Cabinet as a Nightstand

If you want to place multiple objects on a nightstand, consider having a cabinet instead of a plank.

You can make a small custom cabinet and place it on the left and right sides of your bed. It might handle more stuff and quite aesthetic compared to the plank.

Are you out of inspiration to make an attractive narrow nightstand? Here are some ideas you can use.

6. Traditional Nightstand

This concept only requires something simple: a dark brown cabinet with drawers and legs.

It suits rooms in pastel colors or whites and you can store many things in it.

You can make a traditional nightstand by yourself using wood and paint in the dark shade.

However, if you want something even easier, buy this classic nightstand at the online store.

7. Nightstand with Two Drawers

Save more of your stuff by making two drawers in one nightstand.

Usually, this nightstand comes with a wooden concept. However, you can make it less classic with bright colors.

This nightstand is one of the most-chosen furniture due to its affordable price and there are many models offered.

8. Old Nightstand, More Drawer

You can do something with the leftover wood. Use your intermediate skill of construction and make an old-school nightstand with three drawers.

Besides looking sturdy, this cabinet can also store all your collections.

You can put this nightstand not only inside the room but also in the family room as additional storage.

9. Tall Nightstand with Bookshelf

The book lover will fall in love with this concept. This nightstand features a drawer as well as a space to store a collection of books and magazines.

10. Metal Nightstand

Are you craving for something more industrialists? A metal nightstand will help in making this happen.

Many types of metal nightstands are sold in various furniture stores. You can choose the model according to your wishes.

A flowerpot-look metal nightstand will also give your room a natural and magical impression. It is tiny yet worth to buy.

11. A Contrast

From two-piece of the plank, you can make a nightstand with nice contrast.

Place the dark plank on top, then a lighter piece on the bottom.

You can swap the two positions. It is up to you. The contrast on these planks gives a dynamic accent to the room and it is good the IKEA way.

12. Little Floating Shelf

Instead of using a parallel position next to the bed, you can put a plank on the other side of the wall.

This concept will work best if the distance between the wall and the bed is very close.

13. Small Wooden Plank

Using a piece of wood to act as a nightstand near the bed is not only cheap but also very impressive.

You can put a small flower pot as well as other light objects on it

These wooden narrow nightstands are easy to make and do not take up too much space in your room.

14. Old Drawer

If there is a broken table in your house, you can just take the drawer.

Then make it a little bookshelf.

Place the drawer with a handle at the top so that the inside can be used as a shelf.

You can also add light bulbs to the bottom of the drawer for lighting and as an interesting accent.

15. A Nice Box

If you do not like the nightstand design that is too excessive, simply put an open shelf next to the bed.

You can decorate it with a flowerpot or other decorative piece, and even the books and magazine collections!

This narrow nightstand concept is usually made up of wood, but you can use the old shoe rack to save the budget and to create a more playful nuance.

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