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14 Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas for the Holiday Vibes

Ahoy, matey! It is time to sail. But you are not trip to away across the sea. You will just carve out nautical bathroom decor ideas to bring in holiday vibes to the space.

1. Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Nautical décor is all about bringing in coastal vibes to the space. Therefore, the ubiquitous elements will entail white and blue hues, rope, and marine life.

This bathroom makes a great focal point by wrapping rope around the mirror. To highlight it, you can install three sconces above it.

Built-in shelves resembling the shape of a mini canoe incorporate ample storage space for knick-knacks and grooming essentials.

2. Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor

A wall decor plays a significant role in becoming the center of attention. For this excuse, it has to be standout.

It does not mean that the wall decor is supposed to be pricey, though. Making it yourself can help you get the best one that suits your need without draining your cash.

This wall decor is stunning with those beads, shells, and debris. More importantly, you can make it yourself with glass, frame, glue and a lot of small accessories.

3. Nautical Bathroom Tile

When stepping into this shower chamber, you will be amazed with the dramatic bathroom nautical decor.

The staggered finish creates an epic backdrop. It also adds texture that resembles the natural landscaping of marine life along with the seahorses, tortoises, starfishes, crabs, and shells.

Besides, the texture remove the risk of getting harm due to the slippery floor.

4. Let’s Sail

Have you ever dreamed to sail across the sea and adore the glittering stars in the night sky? Well, you can make it true by applying this nautical bathroom decor.

As a good rule of thumb, nautical bathroom decor features white and blue hues. Therefore, navy mosaic tiles and vanity embellish the space nicely. A navy anchor hangs beautifully on the crisp white wall.

The most impressive and breathtaking view is the mural ceiling that resembles the exquisite night sky with sparkling stars. It would be a spectacular landscaping when you are lying in your bathtub.

5. DIY Rope Shelves

Nautical rope will be your go-to material if you want to carve out a coastal-themed bathroom.

Besides, nautical rope is quite versatile. You can make use of it as a glass frame, towel paper holder, or shelves.

Making shelves from nautical rope is just a piece of cake. First, you need to cut the board, and drill four holes in each piece. Do not forget to sand and stain them.

Thread the rope through the boards. Secure each piece with wooden dowel. Screw a hook into the wall to hang the shelves.

6. Coastal Charm

A coastal-themed bathroom might look serene depending on how you decorate it. The first thing you have to consider is the color schemes.

It is obvious that nautical bathroom decor entails white and blue color schemes. But the hues that you choose determine the nuance immensely.

If you are looking for tranquility, opt for off-white and subdued blue hues as the color base. Spruce up the space by displaying a starfish, a fish, and a shell on the shelves.

7. Creative Mirror Frame and Towel Holder

This bathroom look chic with crisp white and mint as the color base. To accentuate the nautical theme, you can wrap rope around the mirror, and tie knots on both sides.

Another way to use nautical rope creatively is by using it as a towel holder in place of hooks.

To make it, screw eye hooks to the headboard. After that, thread the rope through them. Tie knots to secure it. Finally, you can hang your towels.

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8. Add a Splash of Coral

Another color that typically decorates a nautical-themed bathroom is coral because you will be likely to find it in marine life. Although it is common in coastal-themed decor, it does not mean you can go overboard. A few splashes of coral would be enough.

This bathroom features a few pops of coral in the wooden rack and towel. They round out the vibes nicely.

9. Rustic Nautical Bathroom Decor

Nautical bathroom decor is not always about creating a modern look. In fact, it can be rustic if you pick the right accessories.

For a little bit of rustic touch, try applying earthy tones like beige for the wall. You can make a rack from reclaimed wood, and whitewash it to accentuate the style.

Display a rustic picture or put some mason jars on the rack. Install a dowel underneath to hang towels or decorative curtains.

10. Classic Nautical Wall Art

11. Take a Bath by the Beach

You will feel like lingering in the bathtub for a bit longer if you take a bath by the beach. Imagine the beautiful scenery and the relaxing voice of the waves. It is amazing!

To make it tangible, you do not need to go to the beach to experience this kind of feel because you can bring it right in your bathroom. All you need to do is just painting your bathroom turquoise and hang a large picture of a beach next to the bathtub.

12. Nautical Bathroom Decor for Tiny Space

Do you have a small bathroom and no know what to do with it? It is easy. Just decorate it with nautical theme.

The premiere thing you have to need to do is painting it navy blue. It would be better if you use the one that can result in a glossy finish. Attach some white floating shelves to host toilet papers and some accessories, such as starfish, fish, seashell, and coral.

13. Nautical Bathroom Decor for Kids

Your little boy is going to love this nautical bathroom decor. The sleek white ceramic tiles reflect the light well, making it seem airier.

You can also find some blue tiles that resemble a few small boats. A white anchor is ready to hold your kid’s towel. The mirror is the most spectacular thing since it looks like a steering wheel.

14. Nautical Mason-Jar Containers

Mason jars are the treasure for a DIY addict. You can make various kinds of things with them including storage system. But you are going to apply coastal theme at this time.

You just need to get some mason jars, and paint them white and navy blue. You can also add rope to amp them up and enhance the rustic look.

Nautical bathroom decor is always worth the try. It can bring in the positive vibes and conjure up the holiday on a beach or add sea.

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