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19 Stunning Old Picture Frames for Your Home Decor

Once you have any old picture frames that are broken or are no longer used, please do not throw them away. However, you can use it as decorative items for your home walls.

This article invites you to do a cost-saving and practical weekend old picture frames DIY by yourself. Then, your dream of having attractive and multifunctional home decor will immediately come true.

Therefore, thinking of turning it into something worthwhile, below are nineteen stunning old picture frames ideas you can try.

1. Bulletin Board from Old Picture Frames

Bulletin Board from Old Picture Frames

A bulletin board is an essential item in the home office series. Hence, attach reminder notes, photographs, or a piece of motivational quotes that will spur your enthusiasm for work on this object.

Further, with its simple black design, your working spot will look even tidier. Combined with paper wraps or patterned fabrics, now, you have an eye-catching bulletin board.

2. Framed Coastal Wall Art

Framed Coastal Wall Art

If you have a coastal home interior design or like beach-themed wall knick-knacks, upcycling your old picture frames into decorative elements like the picture above is an exciting idea.

In addition, you only need to rough paint your frame in sea blue, attach a textured cloth with sand color, then place the shells, corals, and starfish in it. And voila! You now have new wall decor!

3. Old Picture Frames for Chalk Board

Old Picture Frames for Chalk Board

Lately, the framed chalkboard has become a trend of home decor. Some use it as a medium for writing favorite quotes, signs, or reminder notes.

Further, with this old rectangular picture frame model, use it to write your daily menu every week. Then, put this item near your refrigerator in the kitchen or the dining room.

4. Black Wooden Frame & Vinyl Decal

Black Wooden Frame & Vinyl Decal

You may look for a second-hand picture frame for sale at your nearest thrift store. Sometimes, the conditions of the items are still good enough to be reused.

Thereupon, when you have got it, consider repainting the frame in black or whatever color suits your fancy. Then, attach the vinyl wall decals to the glass’s surface.

Moreover, the vinyl decals can be in the form of your family tree with quotes or other shaped stickers that match your decor.

5. Table Tray from Old Picture Frames

 Table Tray from Old Picture Frames

Repurposing old picture frames into a table tray for your centerpieces seems to be a perfect choice. It is easy since you do not need to pay a fortune.

Furthermore, attach the frame with several rectangular wooden planks. Then, install two used cupboards’ or drawers’ handles on both sides.

Last, paint this table tray with a color that matches your room decor.

6. Antique Wood Picture Frames for Ceiling Medallion

Antique Wood Picture Frames for Ceiling Medallion

The next idea comes with large vintage picture frames as the decorative elements for your light fixtures. After installing it on the ceiling, paint it in a color that matches the interior design.

Additionally, pink is suitable for you who like feminine nuances, blue for a coastal vibe, or gold if you want to highlight the elegant and classic side.

7. Modern Framed Mirror

Modern Framed Mirror

Do you want something modern? Consider transforming your old picture frames into mirrors.

Then, place the mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, or your entrance. Thus, your house will not be out of date!

8. Jewelry Holder from Old Picture Frames

Jewelry Holder from Old Picture Frames

Seeing your necklaces and earrings strewn in a drawer is the most frustrating thing. Therefore, you need to create a jewelry holder from the old picture frames that you have.

Thus, by installing a wire hanger inside, you now have a storage display that makes it easier for you to find the jewelry you want.

9. Desktop Organizer

Desktop Organizer

Do you have a narrow home office desk? Thereupon, having a stationery box will certainly further reduce your work spots.

Besides, you would better make hanging wall storage from old picture frames combined with several pieces of cloth.

In addition, you merely need to glue the fabrics to the base of your frame, and everything is resolved! Now, put your pencils, pens, rulers, and even some of your cards neatly there.

10. Glowing Photo Luminaires

Glowing Photo Luminaires

Are you looking for other old picture frames worth money? Then, these photo luminaires are the best choices.

Besides using it as your decorative items, you can utilize this DIY work from four frames as a wedding, birthday, or your best friend’s other best moment gift.

11. Framed Towel Hook

Framed Towel Hook

Apart from living rooms and bedrooms, factually, you can also use your old photo frames for decorative wall hooks in your bathroom.

A rectangular frame will make your bathroom look modern and straightforward. Otherwise, the circle with carving will make your toilet filled with a timeless vintage vibe.

12. Succulents in Pink Frame

Succulents in Pink Frame

Who said that succulents could only be grown in pots? Reusing your old frame as a planting medium will also add to the aesthetic impression of your garden.

13. Mini Greenhouse

Old Picture Frame Mini Green House

This mini greenhouse is made of six old photo frames of the same size. After nailing, you can paint the surface as you like.

Besides making it easier for you to maintain your plants, this terrarium can also function as a decorative ornament in your home.

14. Hurricane Lantern

Hurricane Lantern

Instead of buying new lanterns for your candles, it is a good idea to make your own from a used frame that you have at home.

Further, it only takes four rectangular frames, and you finally have a case for your centerpieces. Easy, right?

15. Large Vintage Picture Frames with Platters

Large Vintage Picture Frames with Platters

You can get another home decor by displaying your platters in empty large picture frames like the one above. It does not take a lot of effort to do it!

16. Front Porch Seasonal Wreath

Front Porch Seasonal Wreath

Porch wreaths are certainly a stunning item to invite the guests. Apart from being circular, you can also create them rectangular by utilizing your old photo frames.

Further, you can also customize flowers or other elements inside with the characteristics of each season.

17. Wall Storage Display for Sewing and Crafting Stuff

Wall Storage Display for Sewing and Crafting Stuff

You do not need to pay a fortune for beautiful racks. Therefore, to make it stunning, decorate your shelves with additional rustic picture frames as above.

Furthermore, the combination of white and carvings makes your sewing storage look even more charming.

18. Rustic Shadow Boxes

rustic coastal shadow boxes from old picture frame

Other rural and coastal vibrations come with the idea of a shadow box from old picture frames.

This shadow box contains lots of dried branches, starfish, corals, shells, and white sand. For sure, your vacation will be even more impressive.

19. Wall Planter Garden Art

Wall Planter Garden Art

Last, having a framed hanging planter is a creative idea to do for everyone. Succulents that grow on this medium will simultaneously provide the highest level of beauty to your walls.

To conclude, those are the best 19 old picture frames you can do. Consider preparing the weekend to create your DIY project right away!

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