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Outdoor Firewood Rack DIY Ideas That Catch Your Eye

Some ideas for an outdoor firewood rack will be so helpful for you to prepare for the cold winter season. For houses that have a fireplace or a wood stove, this thing is useful to keep the supply.

People burn a lot of firewood to keep the house nice and cozy. Sometimes, they also have a fireplace in the backyard and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is right.

So, these outdoor firewood rack ideas are going to be something that catches your attention. Even better, you can build DIY storage using inexpensive materials.

1. Wooden Storage Shed


The concept is shed storage with an open rack for wood. Then, this structure features two types of spaces to keep the firewood.

Furthermore, the roof would provide some protection to the wood supply to keep it dry and ready for burning.

When the rainy season hits, all the supplies need to be inside the closed storage space. This one is a stand-alone outdoor firewood rack with cover that’s not attached to any building.

2. Tall Rack Attached To A Patio


It’s a simple add-on you can have besides the patio. Indeed, the semi-outdoor area of the house doesn’t have the space to keep the firewood supply.

Then, place them all in a quite protective space just right next to the patio. The structure is attached to the house wall.

3. Outdoor Firewood Rack DIY


The idea of this rack is so simple. It requires some cinder blocks as the basis. Then, form a good structure to hold the firewood stacks. After that, you need to copy the concept of the formation.

Hence, it won’t spend much time to make the rack. You don’t even need to use some tools and equipment to do it. Just find the right logs and other materials for a quality result.

4. Moveable Cart for Outdoor Firewood Rack


A moveable rack is a favorite product for a more practical option. This portable element would be useful for your outdoor space. So, whenever you need the firewood, you can move it.

Place it right next to the fireplace in the backyard of the house. After that, you can move it again to a space that won’t disturb the visual appeal.

5. Curved Outdoor Firewood Rack with Rustic Charm


This one is a tricky DIY project you may want to take, although it may need some advanced woodworking skills to make.

However, there’s still a chance to build yourself by following some guides with help from other people. The reclaimed wood goes in contrast with the painted one that becomes a perfect mix.

6. Firewood Under the Bench


Having the firewood supplies right next to the outdoor fireplace is just so perfect. You don’t need to carry them again whenever you need to burn it.

Also, this concept offers easy access to make the fire face and keep it on. As you can see, this space is useful for the fireplace.

Moreover, the circular pavement and the curved bench are just a great combination of materials. They become a fantastic spot in the backyard.

7. Outdoor Rack for Firewood for Kindling


This simple wooden rack has two spaces for different sizes of firewood. As you could see, the top part is for the kindling.

Then, look at the size of this structure, the rack comes from a small-sized firewood supply. The DIY project to make this outdoor firewood holder rack would be easy and quick.

However, the measurement should be precise.

8. Log Storage Shed for Firewood


This shed storage has a different design from the first idea. This log rack is bigger and more open. The entire side of the structure is in the pergola style.

Well, these outdoor wood storage racks would effectively store a lot of firewood supply for months. However, it’s not protective enough. Adding an actual roof could be the solution to that.

9. Small Metal Firewood Holder


This one is more like a holder than a rack. Indeed, the small size and its design are quite ideal for keeping the firewood. However, it won’t be enough to store for the whole month.

If you rarely burn the fireplace, this is probably a great idea to do. The metal material that it has is durable and easy to move when empty.

10. Small but Functional Firewood Rack


It’s another small option for the outdoor firewood rack. Also, this structure would be great for decoration. Just place it right beside the garden pots near the house.

The simple design without some cinder blocks is quite impressive. But, it can’t accommodate a lot of firewood supply.

11. Outdoor Firewood Rack With Roof


During a rainy season, prevent the firewood supply from being wet. So, it’s better to build the rack with a roof.

Further, the design will keep a good quality of the wood and make it ready for burning anytime you want. The key to storing the firewood is to protect the supply from getting a lot of liquid.

12. Wrought Iron Counter and Outdoor Firewood Rack


This outdoor firewood rack is quite multifunctional. Thus, it makes a good storage for the logs. The top part is perfect for a counter. By adding that iron material, it would protect the wooden surface.

Besides, this outdoor wrought iron firewood rack creates a nice looking roof for the rustic wooden storage.

13. V-Shaped Holder for Some-size Wood or Twigs


It’s another simple formation of wood and cinderblocks to build a rack. This design is probably a structure that you often see in a backyard.

That’s because the rack is easy to make and it can even be free if you already have the materials. Thus, this storage will help to keep the firewood supply neat, clean, and well-organized.

14. Concrete Blocks as Storage Space

Instead of building the wooden or metal rack from the very beginning, you can have concrete blocks stacked to create vertical storage to keep the firewood supply. It would be the easiest.

15. Galvanized Round Outdoor Firewood Rack


For a unique touch to your outdoor firewood rack, you can use a galvanized metal. It offers a distinct look and texture. Also, the round shape also gives a different vibe to store the firewood.


After taking a look at those outdoor firewood rack ideas, you can now start your own DIY project and organize all of those logs.

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