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Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas for Safe and Clean Footwear

When it comes to footwear, one is never enough. Most people have at least 2-3 pairs that they use every day. Now, to make sure they stay clean and safe, it is important to have outdoor shoe storage

Some people are diligent enough to put their shoes back in the box or their current spot. However, others are just too lazy and lay them anywhere they want.  

Therefore, outdoor shoe storage can be very useful. Other than to organize your shoes, this can be the first pit stop of your footwear.

However, most shoe storage is boring and dull. If you want to make a unique style, take a look at some ideas below.

1. Cube Organizer

Cube Organizer

A simple but very functional design of outdoor shoe storage is the cube organizer. This model is a great option for those who have many pairs of footwear because it provides a lot of room. 

Another great thing about this storage is the wide space in each cube. Therefore, one cube can fit up to two pairs of shoes. The drawback of the cube organizer is the big space it takes.

2. Floating Wood Storage

Floating Wood Storage

If you prefer keeping your floor clean from any object, then try to float wooden storage as an option. Build two to three boxes from woods and hang them on the walls.

Adjust the size according to the space and number of shoes you have. With this model, people can put their shoes on the top of the box or inside. 

3. Shoe Pyramid Storage

Shoe Pyramid Storage

The shoe pyramid storage is a great option for those who want to show off their shoe collection. Every step of the rack is open, so people can put and get their footwear easily without disturbing other pairs.

If you ever get bored using this shoe storage, then use it for other objects such as plant display, or paintings and pictures. 

4. Stair Outdoor Shoe Storage

Stair Outdoor Shoe Storage

Maximize every space in the house including the ones under your stairs. Instead of letting it empty, build a pulling rack where you can put your footwear in. 

When you need the shoes, you can just pull the racks out and get the footwear you need. Then, push it back below the stairs so that it looks like there is no storage. 

5. Plastic Shoe Organizer

Plastic Shoe Organizer

For those on a limited budget, outdoor shoe storage that can be helpful is the plastic organizer. Generally, people will put their accessories in each pocket.

However, rather than using them for accessories, keep your shoes in the organizer. You can put one pair of footwear in each pocket. 

6. Rolling Shoe Holder

Rolling Shoe Holder

DIY outdoor shoe storage that you can make is the rolling shoe holder. This is a great option for people who have limited space but keep many pairs of footwear. 

To make this DIY outdoor shoe storage, make a trolley made from wood. Furthermore, on the bottom part, add some wheels so that you can push and pull it easily. 

7. Wire Hangers on Walls

Wire Hangers on Walls

If you want to provide a neat and artistic look to the house, then use wire hangers for your outdoor shoe storage.

The concept of this model to hang foot-shaped wires on the wall. This hanger is a perfect place to put your shoes and sandals. However, if there is no footwear, the hanging wire can be a decoration to the house. 

8. PVC Outdoor Shoe Storage

PVC Outdoor Shoe Storage

For those with tons of pairs of footwear can create shoe storage from PVC. This model can provide a lot of space but with a friendly budget cost. 

To make this model, cut the pipes with the length of your shoes. Then, assemble the pipes and glue them together tightly. After that, put all the footwear inside the holes once you are done. 

9. Mesh Shoe Holder

Mesh Shoe Holder

To make sure your shoes can breathe well, then use mesh as your outdoor shoe storage. 

With this kind of storage, you do not need to worry about getting dirty because it is easy to clean. You can also use it for another purpose when you are not using the shoe holder. 

10. Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench

Outdoor Shoe Storage Bench

If you want a place to sit but also need somewhere to put your footwear, then buy an outdoor shoe storage bench. Find this product easily from both online and offline. 

Additionally, a great advantage of this model is you get a bench to sit on and shoe storage. 

11. Outdoor Shoe Storage with Family Racks

Outdoor Shoe Storage with Family Racks

Those who have many family members in the house should try this outdoor shoe storage. Make one rack for each person in the house and note down the names. 

This will not only organize the shoes but also make them easier to find. Kids just need to open their racks to get their sandals rather than messing up other places. 

12. Closet Shelves for Outdoor Shoe Storage

Closet Shelves for Outdoor Shoe Storage

If you have many heels and formal shoes, then it is best to keep them inside a closet shelf. This storage helps to keep your footwear clean from dirt and other objects outside. 

The only minus point about this kind of storage is it takes a lot of space. It is not recommended for homeowners who have limited space in the house. 

13. Outdoor Shoe Storage with Walk-in Closet

Outdoor Shoe Storage with Walk-in Closet

For women who have many pairs of shoes, then a walk-in closet is a solution that everyone will love. By using this model of storage, you can organize your footwear in innovative ways. 

One of the best ways to organize your footwear is by putting them based on their types and colors. This arrangement allows you to find a pair of heels or sandals easily.

14. Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes

A simple but helpful kind of outdoor shoe storage is the boxes with pictures. For this idea, you can use the existing or a new box. Then, print a picture of each footwear and stick on it.

This idea will help you find your shoes easier and faster. It may cost a bit expensive in the beginning but has a lot of benefits. Outdoor shoe storage is important to have especially if you keep a few pairs of footwear.

Not only will the organizer keeps everything well-organized but also protects it from outside objects such as dirt.

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