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Outdoor Shower Fixtures in A Nutshell

Outdoor shower fixtures can give another accent to gardens or pool areas. It can provide a comfortable place to wash after swimming or playing outside.

Besides its functionality, it makes your surrounding looks more artistic too.

Outdoor shower fixtures are one of those things that look strange in the beginning. But when you see it in somebody else’s house, you will want one too.

You want to build your outdoor shower in your backyard or pool. Or maybe when you just got back from a rental where you saw this thing and you get some inspiration to make one.

So here are the guides for you to have outdoor shower fixture ideas. You will understand more about its types, design, installation, privacy enclosure, and many more.

The Types of Outdoor Shower Fixtures Ideas

So, there are two most common outdoor shower fixture types. The first one is wall mounts and the second one is standalone.

Wall-mounts are permanent. Meanwhile, standalone is mobile and attach to flexible hosing. You have two available choices.

So, the first thing you need to know is the type of outdoor shower you’re going to have. Will it be permanent or portable?

A Garden Hose Shower

The simplest way to have an outdoor shower faucet is to connect it to a garden hose directly. Shower lovers can use a showerhead and tubbing and add some decorations.

You can but a shower package types available in a home depot. You should choose a showerhead that doesn’t only durable, but also has great materials.

Some best materials usually are from brass or stainless steel that has good resistance.

Single Hose Showers

It will be quite challenging if you want to choose one of these types of an outdoor shower. The reason is that it only uses cold water.

This usually portable and needs to be attached to a tiny platform to drain the water. If you are looking for a cheaper choice, this type of outdoor shower is the best one.

The price ranges from $50 to $2000. It depends on the material and style.

Tower Showers

One of the most popular outdoor shower fixtures ideas is a tower shower or pedestal. You need to attach it to an outdoor plumbing line.

The advantage is you can put it anywhere in your garden or around the pool area. Even though the mobility is lower than a single-hose shower, it provides both cold and hot water.

You need to install an anti-scald valve if the shower has a single, mixed control of temperature.

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Shower

An outdoor plumbing supply is the right unit to attach the wall-mounted outdoor shower fixtures. Sometimes it is hooked up to the house too.

The plumbing is cheaper and less exposed. This type also provides good possibilities for platforms and enclosures of the outdoor shower.

Meanwhile, the price is not quite far from the pedestal units.

As homeowners, you can choose the type your outdoor shower fixtures will be. But it’s better to be enclosed plumbing, has built-in drains, and it’s fully tiled.

You need to prepare at least $400 for the plumbing costs of a shower. But you will not regret spending that much money because it includes casting the concrete and tiling the shower.

It covers the installation finish as well. So, make sure your budget is enough.

Details of Design and Installation

One of the prettiest exteriors of a house is an outdoor shower. You can decorate these outdoor shower fixtures with bottles of your favorite shampoo and soap or stone dowels.

The dowels can work as racks for your towels. To make the project successful, the plumbers, the fence guys, and the masons need to work together.

If you have more budget, you can hire a professional designer to know the deadline, budget, and the needs to make a perfect outdoor shower.

Installation of outdoor shower fixtures is the main focus to nail the project. If the drainage or the pitch is not installed properly, there will be some issues happen.

Some of the most familiar issues that occur when there is improper installation are buckled tiles, cracked shower, and bad drainage.

It is strongly recommended to work with an expert installer for any concrete or tile job.

Enclosure of Privacy

If you are looking for some privacy due to a small yard fence you have, you can build an enclosure for your outdoor shower fixtures. It is quite an easy job.

You can use the same building materials and techniques to build an enclosure like a fence or a deck. But if you are worried about any of them, you can simply buy a shower enclosure.

The price starts from $500 to $2000. There are some options including a customized one with caps and white stain, unstained board enclosure, and the basic one.

Usually, enclosures have soap dishes, towel racks, and benches. You can even find a separate changing area.

Drainage and Upkeep

One job for you is to protect the lines from cold weather or harm if your shower is portable. A permanent shower needs fixtures that are frost-proof in cold winter.

The prices may be expensive but it will have great durability during winter. The pipes will be blown out if there is no frost-proofing. And this sounds bad.

A bed of stone or the ground is the common drainage for outdoor shower fixtures. The advantage is that it will be fewer taxing compares to an indoor shower.

However, it may violate the local codes. In some districts, building codes include an outdoor shower.

Some even need a system of drainage to protect the quality of water and groundwater. So, check your building codes is there is any.

The Necessity of a Plumber

The necessity of a plumber when you want to have outdoor shower fixtures depend on the complicatedness of the project. You can simply but a hose-fed shower to cut your budget.

But if you want something more durable and permanent, and you want to make build a more complex outdoor shower, we strongly suggest you hire an expert.

There are some installment processes you need to understand related to plumbing. There are building an enclosure, having altered siding, and adding a surface to make the shower stand.

Instead of hiring a plumber to help you build outdoor shower fixtures, you need to call a contractor.

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