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Outdoor Sink Station in 15 Beautiful Ideas

Nowadays, the outdoor sink station is one of the most famous home’s improvements. This is one of the top lists that most families have been dreaming of.

Some family members prefer to cook and eat outdoors while feeling the breeze of the fall. A backyard or garden is a great place to not only have fun but also a place to gather.

Different from the outdoor space, the kitchen is the center as well as the “heart” of the house. a lot of things can be done in the kitchen together with friends and family.

Some people may think that their kitchen is not only a place to cook but also to read the newspaper, sip a cup of coffee, help their children with their homework, and so on.

So, what if your kitchen and outdoor space become one? You will have an amazing outdoor kitchen for doing enjoyable activities while feeling some fresh air.

Here are 15 beautiful ideas for your outdoor sink station. The basic thing in the kitchen will look more dazzling and functional to create some storage.

Enjoy choosing one of the ideas below and build it as your preference and theme you like. Are you ready to take a look at them?

1. Canopy Outdoor Sink Station Idea

Canopy is one of the features that can make your outdoor sink station idea looks more wonderful. Steal this idea and adapt to the decorative things you have.

The Mediterranean design pops out due to the wooden lattice that this outdoor sink has. An extra tip for you is to add some plants or fresh flowers on the lattice.

Some plantations can bring a natural element to your outdoor sink. Isn’t it pretty?

2. Sink Station with Extra Storage

One of the ways to make a more inviting sink is to think about the design. Take a look at this elegant outdoor sink with cabinet. It is not only elegant but also functional.

It can bring a calming vibe and give some freshness to the backyard. The color choice which is grey undoubtedly suits the design well.

The storage is also beneficial to save some kitchen stuff. Everything will look neat and pretty.

3. Unique Sink Station from Wine Barrel

Reuse your old, untouched wine barrel to turn it into an amazing outdoor sink. It looks stylish and creative for your outdoor space.

Your backyard will also have a classic touch due to the design of this sink station. Whoever cooks in this outdoor kitchen will feel joy because everything is in its place.

4. Contemporary Sink Station

For a black lover, this outdoor sink station is for you. This sink has horizontal wood slats in its design giving the elegance and modern look at once.

It is a perfect idea to have a contemporary outdoor kitchen in the middle of natural surroundings. 

5. Outrages Milk Bucket Design

Even though the design looks a little bit eccentric, the design is suitable in your outdoor kitchen. It will be great if you have a steel milk bucket at home.

Make the milk bucket a base from wooden boards. Isn’t it creative and yet look pretty?

6. Wood Sink

It is not only classic, but this wooden outdoor sink station is also gorgeous. It matches with the surrounding in the backyard.

The theme makes the design blends with nature well.

7. Decorative Chalkboard Outdoor Kitchen

The large and pretty chalkboard can be a great space to write your recipe, shopping list, menu, as well as your to-do list for the day.

While this outdoor sink station complements your note-board in a beautiful style with a combination of solid wood and pastel color. The chalkboard also gives a little bit rustic theme to it.

8. Spacious Storage of Wooden Sink Station

This is another design of an outdoor sink station made from wood. It is not only a classic outdoor kitchen but also works as a fence too!

Use this kind of style to decorate your fence. Add some bushes and flower pots to bring out the natural vibe.

9. Stony Sink Station

This amazing sink station for your backyard is a great option to make it a little bit different than the rest of your house. It is a perfect combination of stone and wood.

The natural atmosphere will certainly pop out in your property. Isn’t this design amazing?

10. Boho Theme

If you are looking for an adorable, boho sink, this is the design. It looks magical and classic at the same time.

11. Extravagant Outdoor Sink Station

The materials made of bricks bring the rustic theme for this outdoor sink station. The storage space is under the sink when you open the metal door.

12. Wood and Stone Theme

Going to the next theme is a contemporary outdoor sink station design. It blends with nature and extremely pretty with the combination of wood and stone.

It also has great storage space as one of the highlighted features.

13. Industrial theme

The design of this industrial theme outdoor kitchen uses a galvanized bucket. The shape is oval and there is a pipe to make the water runs.

You can use this creative design to catch attention. The sink is attractive and elegant.

14. Sink from an Oil Drum

It was a neglected oil drum but now it is a dazzling sink station. It looks best in your backyard.

15. Stone Sink Station

This sink station is also an astonishing stone table. It looks classic and attractive. Many plantations around it can be the perfect decoration.

It matches the house theme of the 80’s style. Do you want to try?

Having an outdoor sink station is like creating a magical island in your garden where it attracts your loved ones to gather.

You can have some sort of vacation and do a barbeque during the evening.

Before you do a project of building an outdoor sink station, make sure you know your budget, the size, the style, and also the material for nailing it.

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