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Oversized Mirror Ideas: 7 Ways to Make A Small Room Look Spacious

Leaving a room almost empty to make it look wider is a big mistake. It won’t appear bigger, although there are fewer items in the space. On the other hand, an oversized mirror works wonders here.

A large mirror reflects light and openness, so it is a great way to open up space. This trick will never fail to make your room feel bigger.

The full-length mirror can transform any room into bright and airy, no matter how dark and small it is. This statement piece can add a chic factor to bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and entryways.

The following ideas are several ways to decorate any parts of the home with mirrors. Various shapes take them from functional to decorative. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which one of these seven rooms is the prettiest of all?”

1. Double Oversized Mirror Wall

Although some experts recommend using an oversized mirror outside the bathroom, this is a good idea to try. Make sure that it will not reflect the toilet.

A pair of mirrors can beautifully fill a large empty wall. They can reflect the light to brighten this all-white bathroom. These show-stopping pieces utilize the power of shine to transform the space.

The two large mirrors are hanging above the bathroom sink cabinet and the dresser. They double up abundance and a good look.

2. Antique Tri-Fold Mirrors

This three-sectioned mirror can give an extra boost to your decor. It creates an antique design and a classic effect.

Dark brown wooden backings protect from surface damages when it is in a freestanding position. Whereas, the three mirrors are framed with glass plating.

The tri-fold vanity mirrors allow you to position the side panels to any angle as needed. They will give a 360-degree view.

When it comes to cutting your hair or applying makeup, the three-way mirror becomes the real lifesaver.

It is a real showpiece that visually brightens and enlarges the space. Moreover, the groomed mirror provides incredible functional benefits for years to come.

3. Decorative Round Wall Mirror

A large round mirror with various frame options brings this circular piece from functional to decorative. It is the best starting point to get your room in shape.

Bring an extra touch of dimension to a blank or patterned wall with this mirror. It comes with pearl and silver frames that look so eye-catching.

While setting against floral wallpaper, the round-shaped mirror enhances the aesthetic look in this room. The sparkling frames blend well with the wall to instantly round out your space.

4. Minimalist Floor Mirror

An oversized mirror with a large frame can stand alone. The casual lean offers an unexpected lux effect by reflecting the glass chandelier on the ceiling.

Opt for a frame color with a bold tone to contrast with the wall. For example, this silver frame brings a bright shade of gray to contrast with the white wall.

It also matches the soft gray beddings, curtains, and chairs. The pairing of chalky white and light gray in this bedroom will create a peaceful vibe.

Furthermore, the subway silver floor mirror is perfect for adding space and light. The smooth frame offers a minimalist modern style. Its full body size is great to lean for dressing.

Different from the traditional way of attachment, floor mirrors can let you see from head to toe in the best light. Lean it on the wall next to the bed to get a great reflection.

This rectangular-shaped oversized mirror features a silver finish. The sleek design makes it ideal for smaller nooks too. Leaning against a white wall will give a lovely look.

Instead of being a leaner mirror, you can also hang it on the wall. Mount this statement piece vertically or horizontally to suit your need.

5. Textured Oversized Mirror

When it comes to function and fashion, an oversized mirror with additional textures will be a great choice to suit any home design.

Instead of hanging multiple mirrors on the wall, choose a full-sized mirror will add an eye-catching aspect. An idea to make it appear like a window will look fabulous.

Mirrors with a decorative overlay imitate a pattern of a window or garden lattice. The white metal structures that cover the surface become a subtle visual trick.

This textured mirror makes space appear connected to the outdoors. By leaning a windowpane-style mirror opposite the table and sofas will accentuate your windowless area.

For an instant brighter view, place a large pot of houseplants at the side of that oversized mirror floor. It is useful in a limited living room.

6. Mirror with Invisible Frame

Make your oversized mirror seamless as an alternative way to add beautiful depth on a blank white wall. It can be a part of the existing furniture.

This frameless mirror enhances what has already mounted on the wall. It is hanging above a floating gray cabinet sink and pairing perfectly with the black shelves.

Furthermore, the mirror blends well with the white wall. This setup makes a narrow area feel more expansive.

7. Full-Length Foyer Mirrors

If you’re looking for a unique-looking oversized mirror, these custom mirror ideas will fit for your particular room. It is a creative way to give a personalized touch to any space.

Mirrors, whether hanging or leaning on the wall, have double-duty. They do not only provide reflections but also beautify your home.

Consider the shapes and frames while opting for customized mirrors, from rustic wood to modern-inspired metal. Also, mix and match them to get an eclectic look.

For instance, this rectangular-shaped oversized mirror with black shiny metal frames becomes a focal point in the foyer. Those perfectly reflect your home’s decor style.

The giant mirrors come with elegant carved details to give the best illusion of more space. They also add visual height for rooms with low ceilings.

Moreover, these large mirrors can welcome the guests with an attractive piece in your hallway. Also, while heading out the door, use them to take a last-minute glance.

Finally, this article has presented some ideas with oversized mirrors, from the simplest to the most innovative uses. Any space can be fun to decorate with them.

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