How to Easily Get Rid of Stain Painted on Clothes

Whether they’re new clothes or old ones, you can’t help but get upset when you find out there are some stains on them. Splotches painted on clothes are a big deal.

It can happen when you accidentally bump on something wet such paint that lives marks on your cloth.

But it such a shame if you just throw it away as you can just remove them. Therefore, you need to find a way to eradicate them instead. They tarnish your favorite outfits and also give you a hard time to get rid of them. But you can try to maintain their quality to stay like it once was.

How to Find an Appropriate Removal Agent

Common problems you’ll face related to removing splotches or painted on clothes are that the substance you use might turn your beloved dress or t-shirt into becoming thinner or easily get torn.

In this case, you’ll need an appropriate removal agent. There are many of them and you can pick which is suitable for any type of fabric.

Let’s first identify what kind of problems you’re dealing with. And then you can move on to how to remove paint from your clothes. 

By doing so, you’ll get the right idea of what to do next. A simple test you can do is to use a white rag with alcohol, and then dab them.

If the stain stays still, perhaps it was latex paint. This kind of paint needs extra effort to remove them.

Treatments to Removing Painted on Clothes

Here are some treatments you can try to get rid of the paint on your clothes. Some fragile materials such as silk mightn’t always work well in the removal process.

So be careful. Denim and cotton, however, can stay intact by using these methods. So, you shouldn’t be worried.

1. How to Remove Latex Paint on Clothes

Step 1

When the paint isn’t dry yet, try to clean it as soon as possible. You’ll have a better chance of removing the latex painted on clothes better than compared to when it’s already dry.

The first thing you can do to avoid it spreads all over your clothes is to put a pad, paper towels, or clean rags under the paint.

Next, use a spoon or a butter knife and remove the paint while it’s still wet. After that, rinse it with water.

Letting the water run while washing it would give you a better result. Then, use a piece of clean cloth, or a paper towel to dry it up.

Sometimes you can’t easily get rid of them, but you can at least try to water them. And then, scoop them while they’re damp.

After that, turn your cloth inside out and again water it with warm water from the back.

Step 2

If you wonder what’s good for eliminating paint, then the best choice is a liquid dish detergent. Make sure that the clothing is color-safe.

How do we know the garment would be safe from that? Well, you can run a small test first. Some parts of clothes or pants don’t noticeable, right?

Firstly, wipe that part out with the detergent and rinse it. If the color wears off, then you can change it with liquid laundry detergent.

Secondly, apply a detergent on the stained area and scrub it with a clean sponge. Continue rubbing on the area as needed.

After that, move the padding underneath at times as well. Dry the surface to see the progress, and repeat as much as required. Then, wash it as usual.

Next, if the paint is stubborn as it had dried after some time, let it dry and continue to do the next step instead.

Step 3

Remove the remaining of the excess paint with a butter knife. Another suggested method is to duct tape onto the pain and peels it off. Repeat it until it’s gone or as needed.

Then, if there’s still some residue from the paint on the cloth, you can use another option.

Rub a small amount of denatured alcohol onto the stain, and scratch it with a toothbrush. Lastly, clean it with water and wash it as usual.

2. How to Eliminate Oil and Acrylic Painted on Clothes

People have their way on how to remove paint on clothes. Of course, the method won’t be the same. But the purpose is still the same.

One of the many reasons why you don’t want to toss away your stained cloth is that you can’t find the same cloth you’re wearing. You just don’t want to lose it.

Or it’s a special cloth you ever have and you just feel like cherishing it. Besides, it’s also cheaper than buying a new one. As a result, removing painted on clothes becomes the solution.

But before you start working on this, you would better be in an airy room as you’re going to be dealing with chemicals. This is important because you might get dizzy when you inhale the chemical agent released by the stain removal product.

4 Steps on Removing Stains Painted on Clothes

Here are some easy steps you can apply for removing those stains.

Step 1

First, clean up the paint with a spoon or a butter knife. Scraping it off while the paint is still wet has a better chance than when it’s dried up.

Second, try to eliminate it with the butter knife as much as possible. Flip your cloth inside out and put a piece of rag beneath the dirty spot to help in drying.

Step 2

Prepare a small container like a yogurt tub or something similar to which you’re going to pour a removal agent.

To remove the stain painted on clothes, you can drench a rag in the paint removal agent and apply to it.

After that, use a part of the clean rag as they covered in paint while once in a while move the pad for a clean blotting area.

Next, if you’re facing an obstinate stain, you may have to pour on it directly and scrub it with a toothbrush until it’s free from any marks or spots.

Step 3

Your cloth is supposed to be free from any stain by now.  To absorb the remaining removal agent, you can put a fresh dry paper towel pad behind the area.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of detergent to the stained surface or spot while gently wiping it as the last action.

Then, make sure you wash until it clean and then dry it. Now you can wear it as it looks as good as new, thanks to the removal agent. Having stain painted on clothes shouldn’t be a big concern if you know how to deal with them. You’ll love to wear your cloth again as if it’s new.

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