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10 Best Pallet Wall Decor Ideas to Make Your Day

Pallet wall decor is one of the many ways to beautify a room. With a little touch of magic, you can change the atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary.

Most people choose wooden pallets as their home wall decor. However, you can always replace them with other materials, such as synthetic material, cardboard, or alloy.

The many uses of wood as a pallet wall decor are also not without reason. Among other things, this material is easy to form and has high aesthetic value.

Durability, affordable prices, and availability of materials are also supporting factors for why wooden pallets are in great demand. Here are some pallet wall decor ideas that can inspire you:

1. How to Keep the Memories

How to Keep the Memories

One pallet wall decor for your home is as a photo frame. With a little creativity, you can make these knick-knacks a place to remember memories.

Some people cut the palette and put it back together as a pretty frame. However, some people stick their sweetest photos on their surface.

Apart from displaying the best memories, this wall decor palette also makes the room even sweeter. You will enjoy extraordinary aesthetic value with the presence of this item in your room.

To make your room even cuter, display some pallet wall pictures. Of course, each item has a different design. You can even make your own by using unused items at home.

2. Pallet Wall Decor Plants

Pallet Wall Decor Plants

As mentioned above, many pallet wall ideas can be a choice for decorating your home. One way is to place some plants on the surface.

Some hanging plants in the corner of the house will certainly provide a beautiful atmosphere. This decoration will be even more perfect with a beautifully designed wooden pallet as a display stand.

To get this view, you can do a pallet wall decor DIY. Think of the best design for placing your favorite plants and make your home an extraordinary place.

3. Outdoor Pallet Wall Decor

Outdoor Pallet Wall Decor

Who says pallet wall decor can only be indoors? You can even get amazing views by placing these crafts outside your house.

There are many alternative decorations, for example, making it a plant display place. Besides, you can also make it a craft. In this case, let’s your creativity speak.

You can use this pallet as a signboard, sign, or just a decoration to accompany your outdoor activities. Another choice is to make it as a lamp display.

4. When It Comes to Art…

When It Comes to Art…

Creativity is indeed one of the keys to decorating space. Carefulness, sense, and a strong taste are needed to present universal beauty in a room.

However, beauty in art is a relative thing. What you assume ideal is not certainly the same in the eyes of other people. Therefore, all the things to do is focus on your heart.

It also applies to pallet wall art ideas. If you want to make your home comfortable, then you need to place the objects that you think are best.

But, don’t put too much effort into following trends. Instead, display unique and beautiful pallet wall decor according to your taste. If necessary, do a DIY to produce crafts that satisfy you.

5. The Signs

The Signs

The other way to apply pallet wall decor is to use them as the signs. You can write various interesting words to display. Here are a few that you can choose.

· Wise Words

Wise Words

The best displays are those that have benefits. If you use a pallet wall decor with wise words, who knows many people are inspired to solve problems well.

· Love Letters

Love Letters

The displayed pallets in your house can also be sweet words for anyone who reads. By doing so, you will spread your love to many people.

· Something Inspiring

Something Inspiring

Apart from wise words, another thing that is suitable for decoration is something inspiring, for example, a portrait of a famous figure. Thus, anyone who sees will try to do better.

· Information


Another use of pallet wall decor is to convey something informative. For example, you show the location of the toilet or write a rule for something.

6. A Way to Say Hello

A Way to Say Hello

Some people use pallet wall decor as a way of welcoming guests. They use a particular design containing a greeting to anyone who enters the area.

This type of pallet is usually easy to find at stores that sell accessories. However, if you want a design that is second to none, you can make it yourself at home.

7. Say It with Symbol

Say It with Symbol

The pallets can also be turned into something that can show identity. You can change the shape into a symbol, word, name, and so on.

This method is relatively easy to convey identity. Instead of using metal or plastic that is not easy to form, wood is much more flexible.

8. What Time is it?

What Time is It

You can also turn a pallet into something useful, such as a wall clock. You need to shape it as you wish and then add a movement.

Apart from having utility value, this decoration also has high aesthetic value. These kinds of clocks would be suitable to be placed in a house with a farmhouse or rustic theme.

9. Luminous Pallet Wall Decor

Luminous Pallet Wall Decor

Another recommendation that can also be an option is to make it a lamp display. You can design it according to the type of light and the location to place it.

One example is a light sleeper. You can attach the pallet with dim lights near the bed to accompany your sleep. You can do DIY pallet wall decor ideas for this purpose.

10. Decide Your Shape

Decide Your Shape

Ultimately, what you want to display as decor depends on your tastes and desires. If you love DIY, then you can turn those palettes into fancy accessories.

If you are bored with the same design, then try to turn it into something extraordinary. Some have succeeded in turning used wooden plates into paintings, sculptures, and so on.

You will have no trouble creating various crafts from wood because it is not too hard. If you have difficulties, contact the nearest craftsman to help you.

Those are some pallet wall decor ideas to embellish your room. Apart from that, there are many other designs you can adopt. Don’t forget to make multiple references before choosing them as accessories.

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