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Choosing Decorative & Unique Patio Umbrella Lights for the Garden

One of the best ways to enjoy your garden in the daylight or at night is by installing patio umbrella lights. They can shield you through the sun and brighten the area in the evening. 

Other than that, patio umbrella lights can also be a good decoration for the gardens. Hanging them around will make the place look pretty and trendy. 

However, sometimes people get confused about which type of lighting to use. They want something bright not expensive or cost too much. 

If you are interested in this idea and looking for the best umbrella lights, here is some recommendation:

1. Rechargeable Patio Umbrella Lights

If you don’t want to use too much electricity, then use rechargeable patio umbrella lights such as Totobay. 

This disc light clip consists of 28 LEDs that can last for 54 hours on a single charge. Therefore, use the lamp to hang out in the garden for 7 hours per day for one week. 

If you think that 28 LED lights are too bright, then change the setting to a lower brightness. 

One of the great things about this rechargeable patio umbrella lights is you don’t any cable to turn it on. Therefore, your garden can still look good with too many cables. 

If you are looking for an affordable option, then this is surely one of the best choices. 

2. Umbrella String Lights

Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your garden using umbrella string lights like Yescom 40 LED. 

The Yescom 40 LED is powered by solar, however, some can be charged by using a USB.

As for the design, it is made like a string, so you can hang it around the umbrella from top to bottom or the other way around. 

Like other patio lights, this fits in a nine-foot umbrella perfectly. However, if you need a bigger size, the larger version of Yescom is available. 

3. Candle Umbrella Lantern

One of the best umbrella lights to make a romantic scene in your garden is the Sunkly Lantern LED. There are many excuses for why everybody just loves this product. 

First, the design itself is just great to create a relaxing outdoor scene. Whether you turn the lantern on or off, it will still look good. 

However, when you turn the lanterns on, you will get a soft yellow light. To make them look like an apparent candle, change the settings so they flicker. 

The next great thing about the candle lantern is they are easy to install anywhere in the garden. You can choose between hanging them on the umbrella or the trees.

Despite the great design, Sunkly lanterns only come in packs of two. If you plan to decorate your whole garden with this lantern, then you’ll have to buy a lot. 

For portable use, you’ll need to charge it for around 5 hours. This will only last around 7 hours, so you’ll have to recharge it every day. 

4. Colorful Patio Umbrella Lights

If you’re planning to have a garden party, use Texsen Multi-Colored Patio Lights. This product is also completed with a Bluetooth speaker that can help rock the atmosphere. 

To make the party fun, turn on the lights and the Bluetooth speaker at the same time. The lamps will change colors every time the music changes.

You can connect almost anything to the speaker from your Apple Music, Spotify, or smartphone. 

If you want to halt the lamps from changing colors, you can turn off the setting. However, what makes this lamp unique and fun is the colorful lights. 

The only minus part of the thing about Texsen is it doesn’t last long, especially if you turn both the changing color and Bluetooth. It can run for only 3-4 hours, so prepare to recharge it regularly. 

5. Blue Star Group Bella LED Lights

To create a cute atmosphere inside your garden, install Blue Star Group Bella LED lights. The shapes are small just like the ones you usually hang on the Christmas tree.

Overall, the design is simple and cute which makes it lovable and suitable to hang around your garden. For this product, you can prefer between the six or eight rib version.

The only unfavorable thing about this light is you must plug it in power to turn it on. Therefore, you’ll have to put and tidy up the cables, so they don’t ruin the look. 

Things to Consider When Buying Patio Umbrella Lights

After knowing what the best products, you should also know what to consider when buying one. Here is a simple guide to help choose the right patio umbrella lights:

1. Light Source

Patio Umbrella lights have a different kind of sources. Normally, there are three kinds available in the market, solar, mains, and battery. 

From the three types, it is best to choose between the battery and electric umbrella lights. With this option, use it as a portable lamp or plug it in when the battery runs out. 

2. Light Styles & Design

What makes patio umbrellas loveable is they come in different styles. Whether you like the simple or traditional design it is all available. 

The most common style that people use in their garden is a strand, disc, string, and lantern designs. 

Overall patio umbrella lights are very recommended to use to create a different atmosphere in the garden. 

Not only that, most of them have guidance on how to install it, so you’ll have no problem installing it. You can put these patio umbrella lights almost anywhere from the fence to the trees. 

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However, those who live in cold weather should pay extra attention to the lights. If they are not protected for outdoor use, then it can get broken easily.

If you want to use them in the cold seasons, make sure to buy patio umbrella lights that are waterproof. Also, build a tough cover to protect the lamps from the weather. 

If you must pick between all the types above, then the best patio umbrella lights to buy is the candle lantern. This is not only easy to install, but also gives a pretty and warm atmosphere into the garden.  

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