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Building a DIY Pegboard Shelves, A Simple Way to Organize Everything

Pegboard shelves seem like a good idea to organize your belongings. With cheap materials and easy techniques, you can turn the cluttered items into tidier and well-saved ones.

Plus, this idea can also beautify your room instantly. How could a simple board change your room appearance?

What is a Pegboard Shelving Unit?

As the name suggests, we can know that this feature is a storage container mounted on a pegboard. The board is usually a plane with holes at a certain distance. Generally, this object is put on the wall and used for various purposes.

Not just decoration, these dots can be filled with sticks to hang various objects, such as keys or tools. But what’s more impressive, this board can even be used to build beautiful pegboard shelves that will make your room more compact and good looking.

The use of pegboard itself has recently become increasingly popular because it can provide many benefits at once. Instead of having to make holes in the wall for hangers, this board looks much more artistic and comfortable view.

Apart from that, there is a lot of storage space that you can take advantage of this thing. Besides, you can even design the appearance so that it looks like it has aesthetic value without decreasing its function.

The Components of Pegboard Shelves

This furniture is quite simple and easy to design yourself. However, to create a pegboard shelf, there are several components that you need to prepare. The materials will not be hard to find, maybe even already around you. Here are some of them:

The Pegboard

Most people choose pegboard because of its flexibility in terms of storage. You can make use of the holes in the surface artistically without causing much damage to the walls. It is easy to get because of the wide-spread available in various stores.

For your DIY project, you can use the IKEA pegboard at an affordable price. But if you are reluctant to waste money to buy a board with holes, you can even make your own using the materials you have in your house.

The Pegboard Shelf Brackets

Besides the plank as the first materials, you also prepare the brackets to place your items later. The best you can choose is wood because it is proven to be heavy-duty to support everything.

However, others are still allowed as long as it meets the requirements of furniture.

The Pegboard Hooks

To put brackets on a pegboard, of course, you also need some hooks. Several designs are available to use, but for this project, it is better that you use them in the form of sticks. This option is considered the strongest for supporting the shelf boards used.

Apart from using sticks, some people also use regular hooks to attach brackets. When using this type, you generally have to use at least four drawers, each of which is attached to a different hole. This method can be an option because it will give the impression of floating shelves.

The Pegboard Accessories

After everything is ready, you also shouldn’t forget to prepare trinkets. Because there are many holes available, you will be free enough to install various decorations. Don’t forget to put beautiful colors to make them more attractive.

Those are some of the main components that you must prepare to make pegboard shelves. Again, you don’t have to buy everything at the store, but you can take advantage of the existing ingredients. For those who cannot wait to make it, let’s follow the next steps.

The Best Materials to Choose

There are lots of materials that you can use to create this storage feature. But for various reasons, a wood pegboard shelf is usually the first choice.

Apart from being easy to obtain and process, its strength is sufficient to support many objects.

Besides, a wooden pegboard shelf is usually easier to decorate so that it can be an attractive decoration choice for your room. With a little touch of colorful paint, you can get IKEA-style furniture in no time.

However, you can also choose other materials to make pegboard shelves. For example, you want to create a classy feel with transparent materials.

For this idea, you can use lightweight material, for example, fiberglass. Glass is possible for this project, but its use was considered too risky.

Designing the Pegboard Shelves

To get maximum results, of course, you need to prepare a design first. If there is no picture, then try to find references by browsing.

You can see a wide selection of pegboard shelves IKEA shown on its website to find inspiration and steal one of the best pictures for your project.

Starting a Pegboard Shelves DIY

After preparing everything, it’s time for us to start the pegboard shelves project.

To make it easier, we assume you will use a ready-made perforated board. Mount it on the wall according to the instructions and begin by following these steps:

Prepare the Cantilever

Each pegboard has a different design for attaching the hooks. To make your shelf stronger, you can use sticks made of wood.

For this design, usually, the board is thicker and compact. Install the cantilevers in the desired holes, according to the plan you prepare.

Install the Pegboard Shelf Brackets

If the cantilevers are firmly attached, all you have to do is install the brackets according to the design. Generally, one board needs at least two sticks as cantilevers.

You can also use a ready-made shelf design that can be hung directly on the board.

Don’t Forget the Pegboard Accessories

After installing the pegboard shelves, it’s time to decorate them beautifully. You can give color with attractive paint. Besides, also add various decorations that can attract attention. Now, you can use it to place items.


Pegboard is indeed a very versatile object to help make storage easier. Even without decorating it with anything, the perforated boards still give the storage system a distinct feel. No wonder that many people start to add them as their daily preference.

Making pegboard shelves is easy and economical than having to attach storage directly to the wall. If bored, you can remodel and replace them instantly. One more thing, this stuff will not give significant damage to your wall.

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