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12 Advantageous Project from a Piece of Wood

If you are a woodworker, you must have a lot of pieces of wood left from the previous projects. Some might have been sitting there for months waiting to be used.

However, some of those scrap woods are not actually useful, but somehow it’s hard to convince yourself to toss them away, isn’t it?

Well, know you have reasons to keep unused woods because there are millions of ideas made out of a piece of wood like written below.

1. Rotten Walkway

If you have a pile of scrap wood, some might have been aged and no longer suitable for any furniture project. Nevertheless, it is never too old for a walkway.

Start with collecting the old boards then cut the same length. Next, dig a shallow hole for every piece of wood and simply fit them in their position.

Lastly, spread colorful pebbles around. This is to prevent the boards from moving when someone is stepping onto them as well as making your walkway prettier.

2. Burn Countertop

You are going to either make a new cabinet or renew the old one, rustic countertop is always a cool design ever. Besides, this is the chance to repurpose the scrap wood.

Begin with grabbing a piece of plywood and cut into the size of the countertop. Attach some thin wood directly onto it using wood glue or nails.

Next, smooth the surface with sandpaper. Lastly, give some burning effect if you would like to or simply stain it. For better finishing, pour epoxy resin to add a glass-like look.

3. Raised Food Table for Dog

When did the last time you get a food table for your dog? Is it a few years ago when they were still a cute little puppy?

Since they are getting bigger and taller day by day, it is probably no longer comfortable to use the table you bought for them years ago. So consider making a new one.

You only need to take a piece of wood board that is large enough to fit the bowls. Next, using a jigsaw, make two holes where the water and food containers can rest.

Cut four pieces of wood for the table legs then attach them onto the board with nails. The last sand it to smooth the surface then paint it as you like.

4. Bike Box

If you are fond of riding, wouldn’t it be nice to have storage on the bike? There are many baskets available in the market, but you can get one for free from DIY projects.

Besides you can add personal touch and design to it based on your creativity. The basket will be made by assembling some pieces of wood into a box.

The box is then stained and secured to the bike with a belt or a rope. As a result, you will get a charming, old-school look bike.

5. Vintage Wooden Wall

Repurposing is a clever idea to decrease the amount of wooden throwaway. They keep exploding in each project, and you find it hard to store them.

Thus, one of the many ways you can do is to make a wooden wall. In this project, you will need a lot of boards to cover an entire wall.

From the short to the long piece of wood, feel free to use them all.

Woods with different kinds, lengths, widths, colors, and sizes are directly attached using constructing adhesive to create this vintage wall.

It is pretty cool to create a focal point at home which will impress your guests.

6. House Sign

Do you still have some small pieces of wood? Don’t let them waste because with those, you can make this lovely house sign to decorate your porch as well.

Firstly, cut the pieces in random width. Using wood glue, join them together horizontally until you get the right length to fit the numbers. Finally, put the sleek numerals over.

7. Bird House

If you enjoy spending the time with bird-watching, consider adding this birdhouse in the list of your wood project.

Basic birdhouse like this is relatively easy to construct. Choose the kind of wood which will last for a few seasons, like cedar. Next, assemble the board into a box shape.

After attaching them with glue and screws, paint the birdhouse nicely and finish it by adding some shallow roof plants like succulent on the top of it.

8. Coat Rack

Take your coat rack to the new level by hanging it on the wall instead of using free standing big branches.

So, first of all, go outside and cut some branches at the same length from nearby trees. Choose some which are quite sturdy. Next, screw them onto the board and paint them.

Hang the construction on the wall and there you go with a branches coat rack for wall. It is not only easy and cheap but also helps you to reduce the pile of wood.

9. Tools Organizer

Do you often struggle to find the tools you have used? Then this wooden toolbox organizer will help you to store them well.

It is made of scrap woods which are screwed together. The bottom tray offers a place to keep long and weight tools such as a hammer, wrench, and chisel.

Meanwhile, there is a scrap wood upright with some small slots where you can embed small thin tools like screwdrivers. Not to forget the holder so it can be easily brought.

10. Chopping Board from a Piece of Wood

Who says you can’t do anything with one piece of wood?

If you are not a woodworker and have no idea what to do with it, just simply turn it into a chopping board. Any hardwood will work.

The best of this idea is you don’t have to work hard to create practical stuff. However, before placing it in the kitchen, remember to smooth the surface by sanding it.

11. Perfect Measurement

Help your family to recognize the proportion of each measuring cup by labeling them carefully on a piece of wood.

These labels are made of thin woods which are cut shorter than the width of the kitchen cabinet door. It is painted in white so others can read the writing easily.

Write the label of each measurement cup then screw it onto the cabinet door. Don’t forget to secure the hook so that you can hang the cups.

12. Awesome Wooden Bookends

Give your mini library style with these wooden bookends. They look awesome and you don’t need special skills to make it.

Create it by simply joining two pieces of wood boards together with glue or screw. Add elephant toy over each bookend, coat them with paint, and there you go.

When you place them with books, it will look as if the elephants worked together pulling the books in order not to make a mess.

Hopefully, this short list of 12 advantageous pieces of wood would inspire you not to toss away wood leftover in your house.

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