Building Simple Plywood Desk with Minimum Budget

Talking about the DIY plywood desk seems like an impossible idea for some people.

Ordinary people will immediately think that this will require heavy equipment combined with the skills of a professional furniture maker. It is a more simple way than you think

How to Make a Simple Plywood Desk


Reporting from the Bob Villa page, a woman named Sarah developed a plywood desk idea by using unused items in the warehouse.

Some wood scraps turn out to be stunning masterpieces that we could not love more.

The manufacturing process is not too hard as long as you have adequate equipment. Moreover, you also do not need to pay a lot of money.

Overall, Sarah only spent about $53 on a plywood desk with drawers. Are you interested in the idea? Here are some steps to take.

1. Plywood Desk Plans


Everything has to start with planning. You need to decide the table design to make and what features to put. The most important thing is to take measurements carefully.

In addition to determining the size, you also have to adjust to the conditions of the room.

Take measurements more than once for accurate results. Do not let your furniture take too much space, or even useless because it is too small. In the end, all will depend on the number of materials available.

2. Preparing the Materials


The use of materials is tentative and depends on each individual. However, because we are currently discussing the project by Sarah, the preparation is following the instructions. Here are some of them:

  • Plywood pieces
  • Hairpin legs
  • Glue for attaching wood
  • Handles for drawers
  • Paint or other finishing things

In this project, Sarah did not use nails and hammer, but the glue. Do not use the nail on the jointed plywood as it can damage the glued woods.

3. Laminating the Plywood


When the materials are ready, Sarah began to combine the plywood scraps into one large piece with the help of glue. This technique is usually known as lamination, but here we are doing it simply.

After combined, the pieces turn out to be a tabletop.

4. Polishing


Once combined, the plywood surface may still be in rough condition. Holes are still there so that the appearance looks less comfortable to see. Hence, all you need to do is a little polishing.

Sarah did sanding 24 hours after the glue was allowed to stick in the tabletop joining process. However, you can use other methods to smooth or cover the holes that appear in the plywood collection.

5. Cutting the Pieces


If the wood surface is smooth enough, then it is time to start building the plywood desk. First, you have to cut the ingredients according to your plans and needs.

Prepare sections for tabletops, legs, skirts, and drawers. Do it carefully so that nothing goes wrong.

6. Assembling


When all the parts are ready, then you have to assemble them all. To combine them into a single unit, it will require more glue.

Since the desk is in the form of laminated plywood, you should not use nails, as they will damage the lamination.

Install the skirts, legs, and drawers properly according to the plan made. Now, you have the table you want. Recheck every detail to avoid mistakes. Do not forget to attach the handle to the drawers.

7. Finishing


After everything is in place, it is time to decorate. You can use various kinds of finishing materials, from spray paint, varnish, or vinyl coating. Now, your modern plywood desk is ready to use.

The manufacturing steps above are not standard. Do not hesitate to improve your plywood desk ideas according to your tastes and needs. Besides that, you also improvise with charming designs.

In the next section, we will discuss some inspirational table models to steal.

Plywood Desk Design You Can Choose


Sometimes furniture is not just a matter of function. We have to include various elements, for example, aesthetics, space efficiency, and various other factors.

Therefore, before making your plywood desk, you can find as many references as possible to get the best design.

1. Plywood Office Desk


An office desk must meet several standards, including the availability of ideal storage and a shape that supports work comfort.

The size does not have to be very broad but must be adequate for doing office work. It should have a minimalist model and be easy to move.

2. Plywood Desk with Drawers


Sarah’s project discussed above is an example of a plywood desk equipped with drawers. You can choose the location and number of drawers as you wish.

If you need more storage space, then you need several drawers at once.

3. Modern Plywood Desk


A modern desk usually has a minimalist design with some compact storage space. The goal is to save space as much as possible. You can also apply this concept to the furniture that you will make later.

4. Make Them Float


You can even design a floating desk for your room. However, you may need to go through a slightly complicated way because you have to install a wall-mounted installation system on your work.

To make it sturdier, you also need to add wooden blocks for the affixed part to the wall. Meanwhile, the plywood used as a desktop can be affixed with wood glue. The rest you can design according to taste.

5. Simple is Humble


Sometimes something simple is a lot more fun. You do not have to add anything to the plywood desk you made. Turn it into a desktop, and add four legs.

Even though it is simple, you can use this design for various purposes.

6. Laminated Plywood Desktop


Furniture does not have to be expensive. Sometimes you can make it yourself using the unused materials. However, you also need to consider the strength of the materials.

Therefore, a laminated plywood desktop can be an option.

This type of table uses a surface made of several layers of plywood. Manufacturers usually use machines to make laminates, but you can use the method Sarah did above to build a heavy-duty desktop.

Making a plywood desk is not an impossible thing to do. With simple materials and techniques as described above, you can create extraordinary handmade furniture.

Do not forget to do various improvisations according to your tastes and needs.

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