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Best Pottery Barn Lighting Ideas for the Terrace

In addition to illuminating the way, pottery barn lighting can also make the home facade looks more beautiful. It delivers a forceful statement.

Hence, you can use a variety of pottery barn lighting ideas that are simple but deliver a substantial impact on your home.

1. Marine Vibes, Pottery Barn Lighting Outdoor


Have you ever seen the oil lamps brought by sailors in the past? These oil lamps are ordinarily made of brass, which is polished by silver with a filament bulb on the inside.

However, this pottery barn lighting can provide beauty not only in the sea but also to your terrace.

The dim yellow produced by the filaments provides a classic impression and is splendid enough for attracting attention in your modern home.

There are various colors available for this pottery barn lighting outdoor style, but of course, the most preferred color is glittering silver.

2. Cube Pottery Barn Lighting


To present a sleek appearance in your house terrace, this cube pottery barn lighting is a perfect pick. It has a modern and compact design. The simple style makes it suit any home’s themes.

The lamp only requires a 75-watt bulb. Hence, it does not take up too much house electricity.

You can pick either the white or the black color. For a more durable-look that does not require too much cleaning, choose the dark shade.

3. Pottery Barn Lighting with Motion Sensor


This outdoor lantern is magic. It conveys a sense of security at home, especially with the 150-degree motion sensor.

This motion sensor can give you a warning when someone stops by your house. It can turn on automatically.

The material is solid steel construction and it is bright with a 100-watt bulb. It is more expensive compared to other pottery lights but it is worth it.

4. Pottery Barn Chandelier


Imagine a candle and its ability to be a unique accent on your porch. Instead of installing a real flammable candle, you can try using a candle model pottery light.

The light is produced from the 80-watt bulb filament that lies on the inside of the glass. From afar, it looks like a candle. A classic bronze frame then supports the pottery barn. It brings you back to the past.

5. A Smart Lamp


Yes, this gleaming light can detect when to turn on and off based on the time. In the morning, it will be turned off because there is light from the sun.

Meanwhile, it will light up when the sun goes down. Using an 18-watt bulb the light is dim but it costs low. Besides, its shape is ergonomic, complex, and modern, so it is suitable for modern housings.

If you want a magic lamp, which is also electricity-efficient this is the ideal choice for you.

6. Back to Early 20th Century


Dating back to the early 20th century, this lamp features a 100-watt yellow light and a dark bronze frame.

At night these lights give a classic impression to your home, it makes it look like an old house with a unique touch.

Of course, you do not need another decoration on your terrace. Besides being eclectic, this lamp is also sturdy. It can withstand extreme winter and heavy rain.

Do not worry about the fading color. It will not happen to this pottery light.

7. Antique Storage Light


Do you remember the lamp model that used to be hung in the barn or hay storage? That is what you will get from this antique lamp. The material of this lamp seems fragile with a not-so-bright flame.

Nevertheless, it gives a different accent to your home without having heavy renovations.

It enhances the classic and old school feel of your patio. Add greenery to balance the look and you get a magnificent house.

8. Pottery Barn Light Ideas Hybrid


Some pottery barn light ideas are extraordinary, and you deserve knowing one of them. Well, it is not too much to say that his hybrid lamp is very smart.

During the daytime, it will turn off automatically and turn on at night with slow battery power so this lamp will not drain electrical energy in your home.

The lamp can also provide extra light in certain conditions like cloudy thanks to smart sensors. What is in the lamp is a bit expensive, above 100 dollars, but this lamp is very durable

9. Round Bulb


This lamp features the round bulb that looks simple and minimalist. Yellowish white color makes the terrace bright and cheerful.

Unlike the shape of the bulb, the frame itself features the classic shape of bronze. The combination between the past and the future creates a subtle look.

10. How to Maintain the Lifespan of Outdoor Pottery Barn Light


You can do several things to care for a pottery barn light so that it is durable and not easily damaged.

The pottery barn light is outside the room so that it is vulnerable to the hot sun, the wind, the dust, and the storm.

If you do not pay attention to these aspects then you must always buy the new one in a short period, which is a money-waste.

  • It can be easily damaged and broken. Some of these classic treatments can extend the lifespan of a pottery barn light.
  • Always clean the light every day, especially after it rains.
  • During the day, turn off the pottery barn light to save electrical energy.
  • Wipe the lampshade regularly to get rid of dust.
  • Replace the bulb when the light is faint.
  • Do not install the pottery light too low so that it is out of reach of children.
  • Install the canopy so that the lights are unexposed to heat and rain.

Having a pottery light in front of the house is the best choice to redecorate the house without having to carry out heavy renovations. Buy pottery barn light with the design that suits your house well.

Do not forget to pay attention to the maintenance module on the packaging so that it is more durable and has an extended lifespan.

Pottery barn lighting is not only lighting. It is also a statement, so pick the right one, which you enjoy, and maintain it well.

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