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14 Ways to Incorporate Red Brick Wall to Your Home Interior

Do you want to add color, texture, and a rustic flair into your home interior? If so, an exposed red brick wall can make a perfect choice.

You can achieve the look by getting rid of the plaster from the wall and exposed the underlying brickwork. This idea offers an inexpensive and brilliant solution for updating the look of any room.

1. Industrial and Rustic Touch

This high-ceiling dining area is filled with an industrial flair thanks to the classic black fan and chairs.

Not to mention the use of dark brick on the walls that provide such a perfect background for the rest of the furniture and decorations.

A big wooden-framed mirror helps to reflect the light and makes this dimly-lit room appears more open and spacious.

2. Multicolored Red Brick Wall

Instead of the usual monochromatic red brick wall, this dining area showcases a multicolored one that matches the wooden pieces.

The exposed brick wall lends a drama in its harmonizing hues of brown, gray, red, and white. Furthermore, it also serves a perfect backdrop for the white cabinets and chairs as well as the gray floors.

3. High Contrast Beauty

This bathroom proves that rustic and modern design elements can blend and create an elegant room that feels homey at the same time.

While most of the walls, ceilings, and other components are painted in white, the brick wall gives an unexpected accent in this bathroom.

Moreover, the concrete floors and dark gray cabinets wrap up the look in perfect harmony.

4. Beam Ceilings

Neat-hewn exposed beams and dark hardwood floors make this living room perfectly elegant.

Completing these rustic design elements is the dark multicolored brick that presents a dramatic vibe against the white pallet ceilings and walls.

Overall, this inviting living room will become a cozy and intimate corner for spending your leisure time.

5. Whitewashed Brick Wall

It’s no secret that brick is popular for its ruddy complexion. However, this earthy material also comes in other shades and can be painted to suit any palette.

This dreamy bedroom makes a great example with its whitewashed brick wall. Completed the warm, soothing feeling are some shades of dark gray that come in the form of a furry rug, pillows, cushions, and bedding.

Indeed, you will probably get the most of your sleep while staying in this cozy bedroom.

6. Crafty Accent Wall

Rather than being an overwhelming feature of the kitchen, this red brick wall becomes a sweet accent. Thanks to the rest of the walls that are painted in white, the brick becomes a fun focal point for the whole space.

Moreover, the chalkboard backsplash also makes a remarkable appearance in this kitchen. You can draw beautiful lettering on it or simply use the board to write down your today’s menu.

7. Eye-Catching Brick Pillar

Spotless white ceilings and walls as well as the subtle gray couch bring a modern sensibility to this cozy living room. However, in the middle of this contemporary space, you will find a rustic surprise.

A single pillar in this living room has exposed brick design that introduces both colors and visual interest.

8. Harmonious Brick Backsplash

A bold material like bricks doesn’t need to be notable all the time. You can look at this harmonious kitchen as an example.

Its gently weathered brick backsplash mingles perfectly with the wooden floating shelves and pale blue cabinets. Meanwhile, the dark hardwood floors offer a restrained statement in this small kitchen.

9. Modern White Cabinetry

To display the everlasting beauty of your kitchen, hanging cabinetry on a brick wall should be a perfect method.

In this kitchen, a set of modern white cabinetry is installed against an exposed brick wall background to attain a gorgeous color scheme.

The black chinaware rack also hints a playful mixture of materials in this kitchen. Not to mention the framed bright picture next to it that adds a bit of color to space.

10. Brick Arch Ceilings

Bring the idea of a red brick wall interior to the next level by extending it to your ceiling. The exposed brick ceiling of this open space area has perfectly introduced a unique touch and extra depth.

Complemented by modern furniture and pristine white color scheme, this room makes a great spot for a large family gathering.

11. Fascinating Awkward Corner

You can introduce the beauty of the red brick wall texture even to an awkward corner in your home. This idea shows a perfect illustration.

Thanks to the richly-colored exposed brick structure, this awkward-shaped wall looks very unique and pleasing.

The use of various wooden elements in this room helps the accent brick wall to blend seamlessly with the whole interior design.

12. Room Transition

With its distinct character, a brick wall can become an elegant solution for those who want to introduce a transition from one space to another.

In this warm home, a neat red brick wall is installed between a modern rustic room and a more contemporary space.

The earthy color palette applied in this living room prevents the brick wall to out of tune with the entire setting.

13. Rustic Radiance

red brick wall

Extend the rustic radiance of your home exterior inside the home by incorporating a red brick wall in your kitchen. You can pair the brick wall with a glossy exhaust hood and modern black cabinetry.

Then, to keep the room feel open, swap your upper cabinets with floating wooden shelves. Meanwhile, to hang pans and pot, you can install several black-painted rails and hooks.

14. Nostalgic Touch

red brick wall

A red brick wall tile always nice to complement a small bathroom as well. Thanks to the accent brick wall and earthy-colored floor, walking into this tiny bathroom will feel like traveling through time.

It is because the exposed brick wall can give you a hint of a historical home from the past.

On the other hand, the modern appliances and clean color scheme of this bathroom keep everything looks brilliant.

In conclusion, adding a red brick wall can be the best solution to update the look of any space in your home. It will lend you such dramatic, rustic flair without too much effort.

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