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15 DIY Remodeling Projects on a Budget

While dwelling in a house, you might encounter some problems or get bored with your interior units. That is when you should do remodeling projects.

Also, these jobs are useful for the sake of a new appearance inside your living space. If you do not know where to start, look at these 15 DIY budget-friendly remodeling projects below.

1. Chalkboard Fridges DIY


Remodeling something does not have to be grand and costs a pocketful of money. Hence, you can start by chalkboard-ing your fridge for $25–$40.

Furthermore, the only supplies you need to gather are chalk pen, chalkboard paint, foam roller, painter’s tape, rope, and super glue.

2. DIY Concrete Countertop


Labeling this DIY project as home renovation maybe sounds like an overstatement. However, a countertop is still your house element, a significant one to be exact, so let it be.

Therefore, to have a concrete countertop on a budget, you should prepare some materials.

The supplies include a concrete sealer (the food-safe one), drywall knife, feather finish, hand orbit sander, paint roller, paintbrush, painter’s tape, putty knife, and sandpaper.

After all, use some disposable containers to mix the concrete.

3. Modern 4-Panel Sliding Barn Door


Turning the doors into the sliding barn ones belongs to house interior renovation ideas you can adopt. Remodeling one piece only costs you around $50, a lot cheaper than buying a new door.

So, if you are interested, the tools required are barn door hardware, cordless drill, drilling bit set, metric self-lock tape measure, a stud finder, 2 and 4 feet level.

Once done, you will get some doors that fit your contemporary space.

4. Painting the Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Floor


Instead of retiling the entire floor, painting the flooring is way less costly. With this method, you can have limitless pattern options within your budget.

Indeed, the supplies you need are detail paint brushes, a dust mask, floor paint, orbital sander, paint sprayer, painter’s tape, primer, safety glasses, and stencil kit.

Moreover, the flooring in the picture used floor paint in pure ultra white and space black colors. Home remodeling services could come in handy if you do not want to bother yourself with the job.

5. Easy Remodeling Projects: DIY Ceiling Fan Upgrade


Do not forget to look up. Your ceiling fans might need some work done. Thus, spray paint is the best idea, but how do you do it?

First, turn your breaker off anytime you are dealing with units with an electric current. After that, remove all the fan spare parts, like blades, bulbs, and light shades.

Then, clean all of the parts. You will need some help for this stage as dust is sure piling up. Later, tape off the area where you want them to remain unpainted.

Do the painting afterward and let it sit for at least a whole day before putting them all back.

6. Remodeling Projects by Painting a Faucet


For some people, they rather need renovation ideas for old homes, especially if the houses they dwell in are the buildings from the 1990s when brass was the color of the era.

Hence, in this project, you will use oil-based paint. Precaution, the material is so hard to clean off, so beware as not to get it in your hands.

Furthermore, here are the steps to brass faucet remodeling projects. Firstly, tape off areas where you want them to remain unpainted.

Then, start painting. Prepare some q-tips as well to tint nooks and cranny, if there is any. Finally, let it sit.

7. Large Mirror to Open the Room up


If you have a problem with limited space, do not hastily resize the room. Besides the high cost you have to spend, the result might not meet your expectation as well.

Thus, before doing grand, try to do some easier remodeling projects like installing a large mirror first. Set the item facing the room windows or anywhere on the same line where natural light hits it.

8. Replacing the Old Vanity Handles


Replacing vanity handles is another low-cost home remodeling ideas. Wherefore, execute this idea when you want a big difference.

Moreover, the time needed to do this project is not even one hour.

9. Simple Remodeling Projects – Putting in a New Shower Head


Depart from the same idea as the previous point, replacing only the showerhead could make a big change in the entire bathroom.

You only need to pay attention to style and design. So, choose one that best suits the concept.

10. Remodeling Projects with an Elegant Mouthwash Bottle


This design is another simple and cheap idea of remodeling projects to have a new nuance inside your washroom. With an unused olive oil bottle, you could get a different vessel for your mouthwash.

11. Ladder Shelf Bathroom Rack DIY


It is often confusing to store the old ladder. Thus, rather than have it standing idly somewhere, you can utilize it as a shelf for your bathroom.

Also, by doing remodeling projects like this one, you have a unique washroom rack that serves you with more storage without taking up any more space.

Alternatively, you could purchase the pre-made one for less than $50.

12. Plank Wall DIY for Remodeling Projects


Spend some time to find several sheets of wood planks to make more room for storage. However, it is not a laborious job.

Then, you only need to do three processes of cutting, finishing, and nailing up, and that is that.

13. Faux Butcher Block Countertop


There is no need to have the real butcher block if you could faux it. This unit is a lot cheaper – only cost you about $56 – and way simpler in material supplies.

Hence, by utilizing wooden planks stained attractively, a gorgeous countertop could be yours, too.

14. Remodeling Projects with Glass Cabinets


To install glass cabinets like this one, the supplies you have to gather are jigsaw, Plexiglas, sealant, and trim molding.

Once installed, it could help you in finding dishes and utensils more easily. Not to mention, glass material creates the effect of openness in your cooking zone.

15. Adding a New Backsplash


Adding a new kitchen backsplash costs you around $20–$50 only. With that budget range, you have three options of breadboard, pegboard, and stencil.

However, each of these options has pros and cons of its own. Choose wisely according to your preference and your space dimension.

There, you have all 15 remodeling projects to make your home like new. Execute the required ones first, and then do the rest in your free time. Remember to pay attention to safety, dear readers!

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