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Cheap Removable Backsplash Ideas to Beautify Your Kitchen

Placing a removable backsplash in the kitchen will solve many problems at once. You can protect parts that are easily dirty as well as enhance the appearance of the room.

As a bonus, you can also change the decorations at any time.

Then you might be wondering what the removable backsplash and how to install it. Maybe you also start calculating the budget to spend on this.

Relax; some ideas shown below will answer all your questions.

1. Contact Paper Backsplash


Contact paper can be an easy and inexpensive option when you are getting bored with the same kitchen appearance.

Instead of a plain wall, put a variety of patterns and motifs to make the cooking moment even more enjoyable.

Marble Contact Paper Backsplash


Marble motifs will give the kitchen a luxurious feel, but you do not need to install real natural stone to get a prestigious cooking sensation.

By using contact paper, you will get a luxurious removable backsplash without having to shell out a lot of money.

Subway Tile Contact Paper


Another option is to use a subway tile as decoration. It looks simple but is quite comfortable to liven up the kitchen atmosphere.

White can give a clean impression, but you can also use other colors and patterns to suit your taste.

How to Apply

It is waterproof and washable wallpaper for kitchen backsplash. You can use the adhesive part when applying to walls or countertops.

Some people also use double-sided tape and manage to provide enough adhesion for the new atmosphere in your room.

Contact Paper over Tile Backsplash


Because it has a part with adhesive, attaching contact paper to the tile is also possible.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful when applying so that the results are neat and do not cause bubbles when finishing. If you get bored later, this layer is also easy to remove.

2. Vinyl Tile Stickers


Vinyl tile-stickers backsplash is the other best option that you can use to beautify your kitchen area. These waterproof tile stickers are easy to apply.

With a very affordable price, you can provide a variety of fun nuances during cooking time.

Of course, you can choose various kinds of designs and motifs according to your tastes and needs. In general, there are several advantages to using this material as a removable backsplash:

  • The vinyl tile stickers’ kitchen is very flexible in terms of design. You can choose many choices of motifs to bring beauty to your cooking room.
  • The quality is perfect. At first glance, people will not realize that all they see is stickers.
  • It is a kind of removable backsplash Home Depot can provide, as the vinyl sticker is available is easy to get. You do not even have to pay a lot to get the best decoration.
  • It is waterproof. You do not need to worry about the layer damaged by the liquid that might hit the surface.
  • They are removable tile stickers and easy to install. In case you want to change the decoration, there will be no trouble removing it.
  • It does not leave adhesive marks or dirt when removed.
  • The price is very affordable. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get the feel of your dream kitchen.

Apart from those described above, there are still many other benefits with this vinyl sticker.

Do not forget to attach it carefully so as not to create bubbles that make your removable backsplash look less natural.

3. Smart Tiles


Using the Smart Tile is like placing a sticker. In the form of thin sheets that have an adhesive part, you can change the decor of any room in less than three hours.

The glossy surface makes you feel as if you see the real tile on the installed part. Here is the installation:

  • Measure the part where you will place the Smart Tile. Do it several times so that the results are accurate. Prepare the Smart Tile according to the results obtained.
  • This product is not thick, but also not too thin. To adjust the size and shape, you can use the cutter to cut.
  • Clean the part where the Smart Tile will be attached. Make sure there is no dust and dirt on it because it will affect the adhesion.
  • For surface cleaning, you can use a dry towel for ordinary walls. As for the surface of the tile or natural stone, you can clean it with soap or other cleaners. Do not forget to wipe it dry.
  • After everything is ready, start installing. Remove the adhesive cover that is on the back. Place the adhesive on the prepared surface.
  • Tidy up the installation. Unlike the type of sticker, Smart Tile is thick enough so that you do not have to worry about bubbles when installed.
  • Now you have a new removable backsplash. Do not forget to choose the best pattern and color for your kitchen.
  • You can check the best design by visiting the removable backsplash Lowe’s shown on the website.

4. Peel and Stick Backsplash


Apart from the methods above, the technique of peel and stick can also be an alternative to your removable backsplash.

Like the methods above, you only need to attach the high-quality adhesive that is behind it.

Even though affixed with adhesive, it is durable enough. At an affordable price, it can last for months. There are several types of tiles available, including vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and carpet tile.

Check out the temporary backsplash Amazon shown on the website for the best design.

5. Pegboard Ideas


Apart from using the adhesive thing, another thing you can try is using pegboard. You can design it not only as a removable backsplash but also as a storage space.

You can attach a tool hanger or add beautiful decoration to the surface.

6. Using Reclaimed Woods as Removable Backsplash


Another option that you can use is to use reclaimed wood to decorate your kitchen backsplash. It will create a natural feel during cooking time.

However, you need to be careful when installing it as nails used will leave marks on the wall.

Those are some removable backsplash ideas you can apply in the kitchen.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you pick the best design and color to make your room even more beautiful and pleasant.

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