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Many Use of Reusable Zip Ties that Many People Don’t Know

When it comes to fixing reusing things, reusable zip ties may not be the first that comes in people’s minds. However, who thought that this small object could a big help to many problems.

A zip tie is like a wire, but the material is made from plastic. Therefore, it is safer to use for house needs or to tidy things up.

Moreover, like a wire, you can tighten the zip tie up by pulling the edge until it meets the size you want. However, some cannot be loosened up, so you will have to cut it to open it.

Most people only know zip ties as a tool to tighten things up. Once they are not used, they are thrown away in the garbage. Nevertheless, whoever thought that they could be reused for other needs?

1. Best Reusable Zip Ties Ideas to Try


So, what can you do with a zip tie that is new or old? Well, you may not know, but they can be a big help when you face small problems.

Here are some of the best reusable zip ties ideas that you can try out. Moreover, there are the steps included so you can apply them yourself.

Broken & Key Zipper Solution


If you happen to break your zipper and lose the silver metal part, then it will be hard to zip it up. You can bring it up, but it will be difficult and hurt your finger.

To fix it quickly, you can use new or old reusable zip ties to fix your zipper. All you need to do is tie it up tightly around the hole and pull it up.

Another function of zip ties on zippers is making it a lock key so that it does not open. This small object will tighten it, so even though you move a lot if cannot be opened.

Closing Doors with Releasable Cable Ties

Even though the size of zipper ties is small, they have great strength that can keep things together. One of their great functions is keeping things tight like a closing door so they cannot easily open.

Thus, if you want to protect your things from your kids, you can use releasable cable ties to lock them up. Therefore, your kids will not be able to open doors to the cabinet.

Just like its name, you can loosen the cable tie when you need something in the cabinet. Therefore, you will not need to break or change it every time you open it.

Cleaning Drains Using Long Reusable Zip Ties


If you have a problem cleaning your drain, do not panic and try using long reusable zip ties instead. Yes, rather than throwing them away, make use of them by cleaning the drain of your sinks.

Most people face problems when their drains are clogged. They try to find many kinds of tools to clean it up. Rather than getting confused, use long reusable zip ties to be put inside the drain.

With its long length and sharp edge, it can help push down any material that is blocking the way. Alternatively, it can also help pull up any object that is making it clogged. It is a brilliant idea, right?

Tiding Cables & Other House Objects


One of the main uses of zip ties is to make things look tidy and neat. Most people use this small object to tie cables, wire, pen, and things that are easily messed up.

However, you can also use reusable zip ties home depot to hang things on like a decoration. Rather than using nails on the walls, why not tie it up on something strong.

Therefore, you can get a decoration without having to ruin your wall. For this need, you can use either reusable zip time’s home depot or a new one.

Tightening Your Clothes


Other than tiding your cables, zip ties can also be very helpful for those who often go packing. For this kind of activity, it is best to have releasable cable ties so you can use them many times.

Zip ties can help you tighten your clothes up, so you do not take a lot of space. Once you need the cloths, you loosen it and keep it in a safe place.

Therefore, you can use the reusable zip ties over again when you are planning to go. Thus, it is quite a pretty cheap and brilliant idea to keep the room in your luggage.

Hanging Flowers in the Garden Using Thin Reusable Zip Ties


If you happen to have thin reusable zip ties, then why not use it to hang flowers in the garden. Even if their size is not stock, they are just as strong and powerful to hold things up.

Choose a flower or plant that you want to hang and close it up near to the wholes. Then wrap the hole with it using the reusable zip ties. Once it gets bigger, you can loosen it up and adjust the size.

A great thing about zip ties is it consists of many colors from black to transparent ones. So, to make your garden look good, choose that one so the beauty of your flowers can be seen.

Tool for Camping


Reusable zip ties can surely be handy when you go camping. Rather than just to tighten the zipper of your tent, you can also use it to close your unfinished foods.

Even though it sounds funny, you can also use reusable zip ties as a precaution tool to keep animals away. It will not kill them but at least it can make them go away without disturbing.

 To make sure that reusable zip ties work perfectly for your needs, make sure to purchase the right type. For example, if you need for tightening things on the wall, then by a strong one.

If you want to tighten the zip ties, all you need to do is pull up the edge. On the other hand, to loosen it, you can start from the middle and wiggle it a bit.

Well, many people are not aware of plenty of functions and uses of reusable zip ties. Rather than just an organizer, this small object can be very useful for many things.

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