Rope Basket Crafts: How to Make Stylish No-Sew Catchalls

A no-sew rope basket is simple yet functional for a storage solution. Organize your things with this creative catchall will be a great option.

This catchall is rich in textures since you will get different rope baskets patterns from various types and sizes of lace. Cotton, jute, nylon, and macrame cord commonly used to create DIY basket organizers can be found easily in stores.

If you want to create a smaller basket, go with a thinner rope. A thicker cord will be more sturdy so that it is perfect for a larger organizer.

Furthermore, the rope organizer has many functions since you can use it to store knick-knacks, stationery, toiletries, and others. The larger baskets can keep small blankets and plants.

Here is a general procedure to create rope basket crafts for storage options. There are also some stylish ideas to accentuate the handmade catchalls.

1. Easy Steps to Create a Basic Rope Basket

Tools and Materials:

  • ½ cm or 1 cm thick white cotton rope
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Bucket (optional)
  • Fabric dye (optional)
  • Leather belt (optional)

Step One

Cut the rope based on the length you like. A small basket with 10 cm deep and 11 cm in diameter needs 9 meters of rope.

Another basket with 15 cm deep and 15 cm in diameter spends 19 meters of rope. Do the same way for other sizes of length.

After finishing the cutting process, mark the middle of each rope with tape. This sign will remind you to dye a half cord only.

Dilute the color by mixing the dye in hot water. Put half of the rope into the pot and wait until the lace completely absorbs the hue.

After a few minutes, drain the pot and rinse the half colored rope with water. Let it dry for about 24 hours.

If you prefer a natural color for this rope organizer, skip the dying process. Continue to the next step to coil the bottom part of the basket.

Step Two

Add some hot glue to one end of the dyed rope. Then, start rolling around the lace until you get the precise diameter. Form the outside of the spiral rope with hot glue to adhere to the next lace.

Keep rolling the cord to make a flat base of the basket. It will look like a large coaster. After achieving your desired diameter, glue the edge of the bottom part and attach the next lace on it.

Step Three

Go on forming this pattern and gluing the top until you create full sidewalls of the basket. You can either keep the lace rows aligned freehand or place a bucket in the middle to wrap around.

To be more exact about the basket shape, use the bucket and coil the lace around it. However, to have an organic look, a freehand design is preferable.

Step Four

You can add handles on both sides while finishing the top. Give a gap on two edges of the outer surface and stick each of the two furthest points. Repeat this step twice to reinforce the handles.

Skip this step if you aim to add decorative handles as a finishing touch. It is another simple way to give a stylish look to the handmade basket.

Once you get the depth of the basket, cut the excess lace. Don’t forget to add glue to the end of the rope to avoid fraying.

Step Five

After cutting off the excess cord, leave about 2 cm at the end. Glue down onto the inside of the basket as shown in the picture above.

Next is accentuating the basket with decorative handles. It is optional if you skip the process of adding the coiled handles.

Attach two strips of leather belt and glue them on both sides of the basket. They function as decoration only.

The leather handles are not strong enough to lift a filled basket. Thus, skip the process if this accent detail is not necessary.

2. Some Creative Ideas of Decorative Rope Baskets

A Chic Fabric Rope Catchall

A fabric basket is another version of a handmade coiled organizer. It uses the same method with a basic natural catchall.

Start cutting a fabric sheet into small strips (about 3 cm width). After that, wrap them around the rope. Use hot-glue to adhere.

Then, continue to the step of coiling the fabric rope until finish to form a full-sized basket. Define the size and shape as you need.

Natural Rope Basket Planter

To create this simple rope basket for plants, you only need a plastic pot, white sisal rope, and hot glue. Wrap the cord around the plastic pot with just a little time and adhere with hot glue.

If necessary, give the pot a little trimming with scissors. It will give a furry texture as a finishing touch. There is not additional fabric dye to provide a natural look of the rope planter.

Moreover, there are some important things to consider. Make sure to use a plastic saucer so that the water will not damage the basket. Also, remove the pot from the catchall every week to let the soil dry out.

DIY Painted Rope Basket

You can create a colorful rope basket to accentuate your handmade organizers. Therefore, some acrylic paints are needed. Create any patterns and apply the dyes.

Mix the paints with a bit of water and use a small flat brush. It will be easier to apply the colors onto the textured cord basket.

The symmetrical patterns enhance an attractive look to the natural color basket. Use this decorative catchall to hold skeins of yarns, sewing kits, plants, and throws.

Extra-Large Rope Basket for Toy Storage

When it comes to toy storage solutions, both decorative and practical purposes are important to suit any interior design. Try to create an extra-large organizer to keep lots of kid’s stuff tidy.

Big capacity for storing space with a decorative accent will add more value to the room. Importantly, this fancy rope storage is very affordable since it is a handmade craft.

Creating your rope basket storage solutions seems to be a very interesting experience, right? It requires simple materials and easy steps but gives a perfect functional organizer.

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