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Rope Hammock: 5 Things You Need to Know About Making One

There is nothing more fun than relaxing on a rope hammock on a pleasant summer day.

You can purchase these items at the hardware store or through an online store, but it would be more satisfying when making them by yourself.

Your handmade rope hammock feels more personal and comfortable because it adjusts you. Otherwise, we can also make it with unused stuff left at home!

The lovely weather does not come every day. Take the time and see the 5 things you need to know about making a rope hammock.

1. Understanding Its Size

rope hammock

There are various kinds of hammocks based on its size. The average width of a rope hammock is 50–100 inches with a length of 100 inches.

However, modify it if you want a bigger rope hammock. If what you look for is a hammock for a couple, cut a piece of fabric with a width twice that of a solo one.

Hammocks are not heavy, especially if you use synthetic fabrics to make them. The imitation fabric can support loads up to 500 kg despite its lightweight.

Synthetic fabrics are also portable and easy to carry on if you want to use a hammock for camping and other outdoor activities.

When cutting a hammock, consider measuring it with your body size. Make sure it is a bit larger than you are.

2. Pick the Additional Accessories

Quilted hammock

Sleeping on a hammock will be more comfortable with a few additional accessories.

Some examples of accessories that are often used when wearing a hammock include pillows, sheets, and a sleeping pad.

Many people decide to add up the hammock canopy to keep their faces from the sun. Installing this thing might take time but it is worth it to have.

Before going to make your comfortable hammock by yourself, you can buy the additional accessories needed.

Moreover, do not forget to check whether it can fit the hammock or not. You can measure and cut the bunk sheet based on its size.

3. Choose the Right Material

Rope hammock

Not all the rope hammocks are made up of synthetic fabrics. You can use anything and turn it into the hammock.

However, there are some materials considered as the most favorited material for the bunk.

Polyester Rope Hammock

Rope hammock

There are many advantages to having polyester ropes as basic material for hammocks.

It is resistant to mold, high humidity, and sunlight. For outdoor hammocks, the polyester rope is one of the best choices.

However, the surface of a polyester rope hammock is very rough, making it uncomfortable to sleep on.

Solve this trouble by coating the polyester rope hammock with a bed sheet so that it feels more soft and cozy.

Cotton Polyester Rope

polyester rope hammock

Compared to the regular polyester rope, a cotton-polyester one is softer. You do not need to cover it with a bedsheet.

The cotton-polyester rope is a comfortable pick at the house, as a place to relax in the family room or the bedroom.

However, the cotton-polyester rope is not too durable compared to the regular polyester one, so it is easily shredded and better not to put in outside the house.

Hammock from Quilted Fabric

Rope hammock

Quilted-hammock is a kind of bunk that features two layers of fabric. Between them, there is a padding made up of polyester or cotton.

If you want to buy a safe hammock or bunk for children, this quilted fabric material is a fast choice.

However, you need special treatment to clean it, because we have to make sure there is no dirt left in the inner padding.

Nylon Thread Hammock

rope hammocks brazilian

Mayan Hammock often features an eye-catchy design with bright and vibrant colors. It is an attractive accessory for a bohemian home theme.

Brazilian Hammock

Rope hammock

Almost the same as a nylon thread, Brazilian hammocks possess ethnic accents with bright and colorful shade.

It does not feature padding in the middle. However, it is still comfortable due to its thick surface and suits cool weather.

Camping Hammocks

Rope hammock

Due to its lightweight, the camping hammock is more practical when taken everywhere. Its portability does not make the quality worse.

It is also durable and can survive extreme weather. Some camping hammocks feature the mesh to protect the owner from bugs.

4. How to Make a Hammock

rope hammock

Making a hammock is a piece of cake when we have prepared for all the material. Foremost, you can start by cutting a bed sheet or cloth to become the mat.

After that, sew the two edges of the hammock and connect with a rope. Then, twist it and make a knot. This is the easiest way to make personalized hammocks.

Making hammocks with rope knots is quite difficult. Thus, for personal use, you can simply feature a bedsheet.

5. Recommendation of Best Hammock

Rope hammock

If you like simplicity, instead of making a hammock through the DIY Project, consider purchasing a new one.

There are some best hammock recommendations that you can choose to relax at home.

Vivere Brazilian Hammock

Rope hammock

This Brazilian Hammock from Vivere features some warm colors that suit the vintage and bohemian home at its best.

It is facile to assemble and also strong and durable. Nine-foot steel is a support to this vibrant hammock, so you do not need tying the rope on the trunk.

DoubleNest Hammock

Brazilian rope hammock

DoubleNest Hammock from ENO features a very comfortable and warm pad. This very thick hammock fabric can support up to 200 kg weight.

Although it is sturdy and warm, this ENO hammock is portable. You can fold it until the size of the grapefruit that is why it is recommended for camping matter.

Algoma Hammock

Rope hammock

Hammock from Algoma is perfect for the people who crave ultimate comfort at home. It is equipped with a variety of accessories that will make you feel like vacationing every day.

By purchasing this hammock, you will get a pillow, pad from polyester, as well as a tablet and drinks holder. Many customers praise the comfort it offers.

You deserve the bunk that will give yourself ultimate happiness everywhere. Let’s make or pick the best rope hammock that suits your needs and enjoy the time.

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