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Rustic Backsplash Ideas That Update The Kitchen Easily

Looking for some rustic backsplash idea? You are in for a treat. We’ve gathered a lot of designs that would inspire you to incorporate the style you have in mind.

Indeed, having backsplashes in the kitchen is just the simple addition of charm and personality a little bit to space.

For the main function, this element will protect the wall from the damaged that water can make. Also, there are other benefits you can have from backsplashes.

Therefore, one that we’re going to talk about is the decoration aspect. Show a bit of personal flair with texture and pattern on the backsplash.

1. Clean Rustic Backsplash Ideas with Beadboard


Using beadboard as the prime material for backsplash could be risky because of its lack of protection. However, it delivers a great shabby chic look to your modern kitchen.

Furthermore, the option to paint the backsplash in different colors is just so great. White is the number one choice you can go with it.

2. Rustic Stone Backsplash for Luxe Look


To get the luxe look easily and quickly, this is how to do it. For example, this kitchen has natural stone bricks as the backsplash.

Similar to the previous idea, it does not look like an ideal kitchen element, but it creates a zen atmosphere. The one that you can’t get from the ordinary tile.

Thus, the durability and texture become a great point of stone bricks. The installation tools and technique needs to be precise.

3. Laminate Flooring for Rustic Backsplash Kitchen


Using the flooring material as the backsplash is very thoughtful and creative. For instance, the wood laminate has a protective feature that is durable enough to protect the wall.

In addition, the material has a natural wood grain appearance to express the warm tones.  Besides, it sets up a perfect atmosphere for the kitchen.

4. Rustic Backsplash of Corks


If talking about creativity, the sky is the limit. Thus, we think this is the most creative way of using corks. Indeed, they are pretty unusual for a backsplash material.

That’s why the kitchen would be unique. In addition, the corks can provide the rustic backsplash look that you want for space.

5. Herringbone Wooden Backsplash


If you’re thinking about durability, this one is not a good choice. However, this wood shims backsplash would make a perfect addition to the classic white cabinet.

Interestingly, the unfinished style creates a homey feel. This design is a perfect DIY project you can install by hand.

6. Shiplap Wall for Rustic Backsplash


Besides the herringbone style, a shiplap style would be less attractive. However, it offers easy installation and provides a natural look to the entire scene.

For an inexpensive material, you don’t have to use real wood paneling. Therefore, use the peel and stick wood floor panels that you can get for an affordable price from the stores.

7. Custom Mosaic Rustic Brick Backsplash


This style is not the ordinary mosaic backsplash you may see in a lot of houses. Since it is a DIY style, you need a bit of painting and prep work to achieve this look.

Furthermore, with some color mix and matches, you can creatively add your personality to the kitchen. Interestingly, it is easy and affordable. Also, there’s a rustic vibe it can provide.

8. Rustic Wood Backsplash


It is a backsplash material that has a strong rustic charm. For those who love something vintage and the one with recycling conscious, pallet wood is such perfect stuff.

Besides its rustic vibe, you can get a cozy feeling with this backsplash in the kitchen. Moreover, the cottage and shabby chic style is the superb feature to offer.

9. Rustic Tin Backsplash Tile


Unexpectedly, this material turned out to be the coolest thing in the kitchen. Likewise, the tin has a texture that shines the cooking space.

Moreover, this unique material will be perfect with many kinds of styles like modern, minimalist, industrial, and of course, rustic.

10. Chalkboard Paint on Rustic Backsplash


You can set the backsplash space as the message board for the kitchen. Then, it is something about the ingenious inventions in decoration.

Additionally, using chalkboard paint as an element in the kitchen is quite popular among home designers. Thus, they try to make vertical space more than just a wall.

Besides messages, the chalkboard wall is also perfect for filling with decorative drawings or other images.

11. Pegboard Backsplash


This one is also one of the rustic backsplash ideas for kitchen that appears to be so smart and space-saving. For example, pegboard is something you can easily find in garages and workspaces.

Also, it would work just right in the kitchen. You can easily install the pegboard to the wall. The surface comes with holes that you can use to hang some utensils.

13. River Rocks Rustic Backsplash


Instead of stone bricks, you can have this rustic backsplash. It’s one way to indulge in the natural atmosphere in the kitchen.

Likewise, you can combine the rocks with slabs and bricks to create an expensive vibe to the backsplash design.

14. Black and White Vinyl


The combination of black and white is the safest option you will have in mind. Choosing this color mix for the vinyl material of the backsplash will set up a cool space for cooking.

This idea is a perfect option for those who don’t enjoy a kitchen with a lot of colors. You can chose white kitchen furniture.

15. Bright Metal Tile


The modern design of a tile that also offers a rustic vibe is probably hard to find. For a sleek minimalist kitchen, it seems to be a great choice to have.

The beautiful metal panels give a clean and beautiful industrial look. For the installation, use some simple adhesive only.

Besides, combining the brightness of the rustic metal backsplash with a black countertop is just the right thing to do.

16. Blue Rustic Backsplash Tile with Unusual Shape


This idea is a vintage design of a backsplash. Tile doesn’t have to be square anymore. There are so many designs to choose from it.

To incorporate the rustic style, you can aim for the vintage style with the right colors.

Withal, this bold blue hue works well with the white cabinet. That’s a classy and classic combination to have.


Those are all rustic backsplash that can set up a great rustic vibe for your cooking space.

This part of the kitchen element should also be on the priority list of consideration in the designing process.

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