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19 Products of Rustic Bathroom Vanities in Online Stores

If you are in love with rough wood and distressed furniture to appear in the washroom, you should consider rustic bathroom vanities.

Nowadays, finding the right hue and model is as easy as browsing your favorite song lyrics since we are in the middle of the advanced technology era.

Hence, find nineteen products of rustic bathroom vanities in this article that we have collected from online stores.

1. Floating Bathroom Vanity with Pipe


Exposing pipes might represent the style of industrial, which is very compatible with rustic furniture.

That is why marrying both concepts can lead you to perfection. Thus, this floating pipe vanity spells the right theme for your space.

2. Copper Vessel above the Counter


Homeowners require this hammered copper vessel on their bathroom vanity sink as a washbasin to state rustic. Have this, and you will need no more else.

3. Wall Mounted River Table


Resin is so useful in making artful furniture. Therefore, look at the picture and notice the adorable river resemblance it could make.

Furthermore, to a definite concept like rustic, which uses a lot of brown and dark natural tones of wood, it could be a beautiful color contrast as the options are various.

4. Live Edge Bathroom Counter


Live edge bathroom vanity defines rustic without any difficulty. Then, the raw finish, or raw-like finishing, some would say, on that wood slab counter is its famous characteristic.

5. Rustic Barn Wood Mini Vanity


This barn wood bathroom vanity is so rustic that no one disagrees about it. Besides, this unit holds the unsophisticated concept faultlessly.

In addition, it features a faucet out of oil-rubbed bronze and a vessel sink made of hammered copper.

6. Upcycled Wood Rustic Bathroom Vanities


If you want to pay less while still having rustic under control, go with a bathroom vanity out of upcycled wood.

Though made of used objects, the models and designs are as varied as the ones out of new materials. Thus, do not worry about that aspect.

7. Rustic Full Barrel Vanity


This image shows you a pre-installed full barrel vanity coming as a set with a waterfall faucet and a sink made of hammered copper.

Indeed, products of rustic bathroom vanities like this one offer you three different sizes: full, three-quarter, and mini.

8. Satin Dark Copper Bathroom Sink


A drum comes in handy in times you need to state rustic in your washroom. Also, works as a washbasin, the unit in the picture could represent another style: French.

Moreover, paint the rest accentuating elements, like a faucet, tissue holder, knobs, and hinges, in a complementing color.

9. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Metal Doors and Pipe


In an industrial restroom, having furniture in the same theme is only natural. Then, you could give a twist a little bit by setting rustic bathroom vanities like this one.

However, the above vanity is an exception. It combines the two styles by utilizing pipes, wood slabs, and metal doors.

10. All Wood Floating Bathroom Vanity


Vanities are crucial, but the existence inside a bathroom would be a problem if the area were not spacious enough. Well, do not despair as you could camouflage the matter with a floating vanity.

Additionally, rustic bathroom vanities like this unit are suitable for many room styles, such as contemporary, industrial, modern, and Scandinavian.

11. Three-Quarter Barrel Vanity


As stated previously, barrel vanities come in three different sizes, and three-quarter is one of them. It is to satisfy your lack of space and a limited budget.

Withal, all products of these rustic bathroom vanities feature a black-skirted hammered sink and a waterfall faucet.

12. Nautical Whitewashed Barn Rustic Bathroom Vanities


While most rustic rooms introduce dark tones to represent the style, this bathroom involves a nautical-nuanced whitewashed vanity.

Likewise, it uses barn wood to be the prime material and features a vessel sink made of copper as well as oil rubbed bronze faucet.

13. Floating Bathroom Vanity with Two Drawers and Pipe


Here comes another solution to your limited-space washroom. Made of solid wood, rustic bathroom vanities like this one fit modern restroom.

Also, they are compatible with other industrial furniture in the room. Yet, be careful with this pipe vanity installation, anyway. Call for help from a home improvement service if necessary.

14. Copper Rustic Bathroom Vanities in Pair


This vanity is suitable for shared bathrooms where more than a person usually occupies the same washroom at one time.

Therewith, it features a pair of green patinas washbasins in the form of canoes. The bathtub boats’ design helps keep water to splash within the given space.

15. Distressed Java Double-Sink Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Distressed Java Double-Sink Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Meet this gorgeous vanity designed in modern rustic. Thankfully, it comes with a pair of sliding barn doors to lessen the need for more space and a white engineered stone top.

16. Solid-Manufactured Wood Materials Combination


In this freestanding vanity’s case, the materials involved are a combination of ceramic and wood. It then shows a mid-century aesthetic with crisp design and sleek lines.

Consequently, the integrated countertop and four-tapered wood legs complete the whole unit.

17. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities Topped with Marble


This single bathroom vanity set gives a touch of farmhouse twist with rustic remains outstanding as the finish.

Again, based on solid wood, the sleek white marble top contrasts the whole design then. Accentuated with five drawers, a slatted cabinet, and an under-mount sink, it looks perfect as a freestanding unit.

18. All Manufactured Wood Rustic Bathroom Vanity


Rustic is doing well with the other styles. Now, it holds a contemporary hand in hand without looking awkward whatsoever.

Thereupon, you could maximize storage choices using this single bathroom vanity set, as it tags two extension drawers along.

Additionally, satin nickel handles and weather-washed in light tone as the body, this freestanding unit appears faultlessly.

19. Wall-Mounted Rustic Bathroom Vanities in Light Taupe-Brown


This single bathroom vanity combines marble and manufactured wood. Each unit comes in contemporary design with two adjustable inset doors.

Besides, you have another choice on the list to follow the trend without sacrificing your precious floor space with this floating furniture.

Well, there you have them, all 19 designs of rustic bathroom vanities. As stated previously, all of the units above are products from online stores.

You can easily find them on the internet and do the purchasing without visiting the shop physically.

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