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9 Ways to Create DIY Rustic Curtain Rods for Your Space

Indeed, you will want to have something to hold your curtains. Instead of purchasing a pre-made one, take the time to create exceptional rustic curtain rods.

Going for a DIY curtain rod project will allow you to express your style. Besides, it can be a more affordable way to decorate the interior.

It is no secret that any decoration has a chance to make a house feels more like home. Every element you include in the interior serves different purposes.

While serving a particular purpose, these elements also allow individualizing your space. Your curtain rods work the same way.

In practice, these wooden, plastic, or metal poles work to hold the window treatments.

Visually, they can give much more. While the best rustic curtain rods are typically a matter of taste, some of these DIY ideas will help to find out a design you may love.

Unusual Branch Rods

Rustic Curtain Rods

Do you want to bring something natural into the home? If so, consider swapping your usual metal or plastic rods with tree branches.

These tree branches are not only a ‘natural’ DIY curtain rod but also a perfect decoration for those who love a rustic look.

If you have such easy access to woodland, this idea will save some money for buying a fancy rod on the market.

Of course, picking any branches you find will be nice. However, it will be better to make sure that they are bigger than your window frames.

Moreover, for the best looking rustic curtain rods, you may need to prune the branches and paint them.

Then, to hang the branches, using common brackets must be enough. Nevertheless, if you want to complement the rustic look, go for twigs.

Pallet Board and Hooks

Have you ever thought of using a pallet board and some hooks to hang your rustic curtains?

Then, it is time to execute the idea! You can use the above picture as an inspiration. Simply start with grabbing a piece of pallet or wood board that is worth displaying.

After that, trim the board into the necessary length. Then, install several hooks based on the intervals of your curtain’s grommets, tabs, or its connecting pieces.

Next, you can mount the board above the window. For a more interesting look, consider painting your DIY rustic curtain rods.

Rope Rustic Curtain Rods

Rustic Curtain Rods

For curtains that have big grommets or other kinds of circular cutouts as their connection pieces, this idea should be of interest.

This affordable, practical curtain rod will add a unique touch in your room. Besides, it may become an eye-catching focal point as well.

To boost the authenticity of this curtain rod idea, consider taking advantage of boat cleats to lock the rope across your window. Interestingly, you don’t need a special craftsmanship ability to create this DIY curtain rod as well.

Exceptional Oar Rods

If you are looking for extraordinary rustic curtain rods, this idea makes a nice bet too. Using a vintage oar as the main material, this DIY project allows you to get an exceptional curtain rod without taking too much time.

You can easily get the oars on online auctions. While it is pretty effortless to find a reliable site, selecting the right choice will probably be demanding and time-consuming.

In case you find it hard to get the perfect oar for the project, consider using some alternative materials like fishing gear, golf club, and a baseball bat.

Glossy Pipes

This is another idea that even a total DIY beginner can create. If you are looking for rustic curtain rod ideas, it will make a great choice as well.

Taking advantage of galvanized metal plumbing pipes, you can create this unique curtain rod without any special tools. All you need to do is visiting a nearby home improvement center or hardware store for shopping all the necessary materials.

For a more pleasing visual, you can change the connection pieces on top of your curtains with something that resembles the metal pipes.

Distressed Wood Rustic Curtain Rods

If your goal is to add a rustic flair into the interior, this distressed curtain rod may attract your attention.

This is one of the easiest rustic curtain rods to create on the list since all you need to prepare are some pieces of wood that have a distressed look. Then, to complete the theme, you can replace the curtain connection with a string of burlap rope.

Exotic Bamboo Rods

When it comes to creating rustic curtain rods, you should never forget this material: bamboo.

Aside from a piece of wood or tree branch, a pole of bamboo will introduce a beautiful rustic touch in your window treatment. Leave it unpainted for the most appropriate finish in this theme.

This creative idea will not let your pocket cries. It is super inexpensive and very easy even for a DIY starter.

Wooden Rod and Corbels Rustic Curtain Rods

Rustic Curtain Rods

Do you want to have wood curtain rods that look neat and practical? This idea may meet your preference then. With a small wooden post pole and corbels, it is among the simplest rustic curtain rods to create.

All the materials are very easy to find in your local hardware store. To complete the rustic look, you can paint both the rod and the corbels in dark brown. Then, use curtain rings with clips to hang the fabric.

White PVC Pipe

Rustic Curtain Rods

This kitchen curtain rod is made of a small-sized white PVC pipe. To steal to look, you just need to grab a pipeline at the length of your window.

To hang the no-sew burlap curtains, you can use several drapery rings that come with clips. Thus, it will be easier to hold the fabric.

If necessary, consider painting the pipe in any other colors you like. This idea is perfect for a windowed kitchen behind your sink because the size of the rod is probably not suitable to hold longer burlap curtains.

Therefore, have you found any idea to make your DIY curtain rod? Most of these designs are very affordable and perfect for saving your budget.

Finally, it is time to pick your favorite and start creating the most creative rustic curtain rods for any space.

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