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Simple Rustic Industrial Ideas to Apply in Your House

Rustic industrial furniture has become a favorite design for many people these days. With this style, you can bring back the old-time in a different and more modern way. 

One of the easiest ways to bring rustic industrial design into the house is by combining wood, pipes, and metals. Instead of using them for flooring or the walls, make it as a decoration. 

Furthermore, to give you some inspiration, here are some cool yet simple DIY decorations and ideas to make a rustic industrial home.

1. Relaxing Industrial Dining Room

Relaxing Industrial Dining Room

Create a relaxing yet cool atmosphere in your dining room by using a rustic industrial table. Therefore, to make this furniture, combine bright raw wood with a black steel base. 

The imperfection spots on the raw wood bring the rustic vibe into the dining room, whereas the steel complements the whole set

2. Repurpose Bottles & Jars

Repurpose Bottles & Jars

Instead of throwing away your bottles in the house, repurpose them to be something useful like a soap dispenser. They become a perfect rustic accessory for the bathroom due to their unique shape and design. 

Otherwise, if you don’t have bottles, then repurpose unused jars. Then, attach a metal pipe on a hardboard. After that, hang the soap dispensers onto the wall. 

Besides, you might use them as storage to keep your toothbrushes and accessories. 

3. Floating Wood Shelf

Floating Wood Shelf

One of the easiest rustic industrial furniture to make is a floating shelf. You can put this almost anywhere, starting from the bedroom, bathroom to the main room, and make it look good. 

Moreover, to make the shelf look rustic but industrial, use hardwood for the base or top part of the shelf. Then, add some pipes at the bottom to make it stronger. 

4. Rustic Industrial Piping Shoe Racks

Rustic Industrial Piping Shoe Racks

Keep the shoes neat and tidy in a stylish DIY shoe rack. Further, you can make it from the wooden board and metal piping. Also, this storage can function as a small bench to sit on and a décor in your entryway. 

5. Pipe Log Holder

Pipe Log Holder

If you have a fireplace inside the house, then keep the woods in a log holder. Indeed, all you need to make this storage are plumping pipes and a board of wood. 

Then, assemble the long pipes to make a rectangle. Prevent the logs from falling off from them by adding a wooden board. To make it even better, build this holder with wheels so you can move it easily.

6. Chicken Wire Hanging Light

Chicken Wire Hanging Light

This is one of the simplest accessories you can make to get a rustic industrial design into the house. It is easy to create and inexpensive but will give your room a more vintage look. 

7. Rustic Industrial Hanging Wire Lights 

Rustic Industrial Hanging Wire Lights

If you want something bolder and more outstanding, then hanging wire lights are better. Wherefore, the combination of Edison bulbs, wood, and pipes will bring a rustic and urban feel into the room. 

8. Rustic Industrial Bedroom

Rustic Industrial Bedroom

Save some cash and create a rustic industrial bedroom by making a DIY headboard. Thus, find out some online tutorials that will help you to make a vintage and strong board for your bed.

9. Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

Decorate your walls with repurposing wood by cutting them into shapes or letters. Then, you can refinish the project or just let it raw to give a modern country design.

In addition, if you have creative hands, then try painting or writing words of wisdom on a piece of wooden board. This will not only make great decoration but also bring positive vibes into the house. 

10. Wood Frame Mirror

Wood Frame Mirror

Make your mirror look stylish by adding a wooden frame. This simple touch will bring the whole room to a different level. Besides, choose the style that you want from raw to polished frames. 

11. Rustic Industrial Candle Holders

Rustic Industrial Candle Holders

Add pillars of candleholders on top of your fireplace or table to provide a rustic industrial design. Again, to obtain a great design, make them from metal and in different sizes. 

12. Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder

If you need more storage in your house to put your blankets, then create a shelf from a ladder. It is better to hang them up on each level of the stairs rather than keeping them in the wardrobe.

This ladder shelf will not only create extra storage but also be an edgy interior decoration in the room. 

13. Rustic Industrial Table

Rustic Industrial Table

If you need rustic industrial furniture for your living room, then try to make a small table from wood and pipes. After that, put it beside your sofa by adding some candles and pictures to complete the look. 

14. Jewelry Holder

Hanging Jewelry Holder

Store all your jewelry in a DIY jewelry holder that you can make from industrialized piping. Firstly, assemble the pipes to make a T-shape and for more storage, add short hands on the lower part. 

15. Rustic Industrial Black Frames

Rustic Industrial Black Frames

Paint some of your frames with a black chunky color to add a rustic decoration to the house. Subsequently, to make it look more vintage, add a black-white or grey colored picture inside. 

16. Vintage Chandelier from Ladder

Vintage Chandelier from Ladder

Using Edison bulbs is a great way to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. However, it would look more industrial by hanging them from a farmhouse ladder. 

Furthermore, do not worry about the exposed electrical wiring because this adds a touch of art in the kitchen. 

17. Hanging Glass Storage Rack

Hanging Glass Storage Rack

Show off your classic glass with this wooden storage rack. It features a foldable design for easy storage. You might hang 18 glasses to save your cabinet space. 

Moreover, by adding some mounting hardware, you can hang this rack over the ceiling. Besides, this item will offer some visual flair to your room.

18. Rustic Industrial Light Jars

Rustic Industrial Light Jars

Instead of functioning as storage, unused jars can also be used for seasonal lighting. So, putting a bulb inside a glass sconce can make it look different.

19. Wire Sign

Wire Sign

Try to make a unique welcome sign into your house by using wire and wood.

First, create the words using wire and shape them into the letters you want. Then, they can pair with a piece of wood. Next, hang the welcome sign in front of your house.

In conclusion, there are many more kinds of decorations and ideas to create a rustic industrial home. The key to making an interesting design is to be creative. 

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