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15 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets that Beautify Your Cooking Space

If you think your cooking space is getting tedious, you may need to refurbish it. Check out these rustic kitchen cabinets that will make yours become more beautiful.

1. Rustic Kitchen Cabinet White

White is versatile because you can pair it with any color scheme of your preference. However, it arrives in a wide array of color, which can set up the mood well.

If you want to carve out rustic flair, you had better opt for off-white color hue, not the crisp one that tends to create a modern style.

This farmhouse kitchen features off-white cabinets that give the look of being well worn. They match the ceiling and roman shade, which makes them flow into one being.

To complete the rustic ambiance, you can install wrought-iron knobs and pulls.

2. DIY Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have unused pallet wood at home? You can provide it a second life by turning it into kitchen cabinets. The main charm of these cabinets is the distressed finish that can awe everybody who sees it.

To get this look, you will have to spray paint all the planks. Let them dry. After that, sand them down. For the final touch, top the cabinets with granite countertop. It will add some graciousness to space.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The rustic olive cabinets look standout since they contrast with the crisp white wall. You cannot find any sophisticated trims here. Everything remains simple.

To accentuate these simple olive cabinets, you can install wrought-iron knobs, hinges, and pulls. Top the cabinets with butcher block countertops that match the flooring well. Lay a Persian rug to kick it up a notch.

4. Rustic Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Many people say that blue is the color of sadness. However, it infused charm and happiness in this kitchen.

These rustic kitchen cabinets look amazing with distressed cobalt blue finish. They feature shaker doors that are typically found in a farmhouse cooking space.

The trims of the cabinets denote a classic style immensely. Black granite countertop adds some sort of luxury to the space.

5. Rustic Kitchen Cabinet in Modern Flair

Teal is a great choice to bring in a little bit of nautical theme to space, just like what these cabinets do in this kitchen.

If you want to get rustic kitchen cabinets, you just need to sand down the surface of the teal paint a little bit. Some doors of these cabinets are made of pellucid glass, which allows you to refer to what is inside.

6. Plain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes you do not need to paint or stain a kitchen cabinet if you want to get the rustic look at its best. These rustic kitchen cabinets are simple and plain without paint or any other finish that can enhance the flair. But it still looks charming.

It does not mean they are untreated. You just have a need to scour them down to remove any splinters.

7. Well-Worn DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Once you step into this kitchen, you can clearly see the traditional look presented by the exposed hefty beams, the pendant lights, and the rustic kitchen cabinets.

The ash gray finish makes the cabinets look extremely rustic. Instead of an X, which is common in farmhouse furniture, you can see two planks form a V.

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8. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets in a Log Cabin

A log cabin has never failed to carve out a rustic ambience into the space with the hefty exposed beamed ceiling and the interior design. To round out the look, rustic kitchen cabinets would be a paramount addition.

This kitchen features pallet wood cabinets. Since you are going to use them to accentuate the rustic look, applying liquid stain to them would be your greatest bet.

Finally, install wrought-iron hardware and top the cabinets with black marble countertop for a little bit touch of elegance.

9. A Tribute to the Past

These cabinets conjure up the scene of Victorian era due to the distressed wood. However, the sleek handles lend a little bit of modern touch that alleviates the classic nuance.

Top them with white granite countertop for a more elegant look. Since it has sleek surface, it can reflect the light well, which makes the kitchen airier.

10. Luxurious Rustic Kitchen

If you know what to pair with your rustic kitchen cabinets, you will get a luxurious and comfortable cooking space instead of a bunch of unused things tossed together.

This kitchen combines the rustic cabinets and a little bit of modern flair in an epic way. Stone walls and wood flooring represent the beauty of nature.

Stainless-steel kitchen fixtures and granite countertop add luxury and modern flair to the space.

11. Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Reclaimed wood is renowned for its versatility. Besides, nothing can beat the natural well-worn look of it, which results in rustic flair.This kitchen features reclaimed wood cabinets. To enhance the rustic style, you should not paint them. Let them show their natural colors.

12. Rustic Country Kitchen Cabinets

All the things in this kitchen share the same color schemes, making them look united. The cabinets are made of reclaimed wood to enhance the rustic style. They also come with shaker doors to infuse a little bit of modern look.

13. Earth-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Earthy-colored interior design always provides soothing and warm ambiance. When combined with distressed finish, you get an elegant kitchen.

The cabinets in this kitchen complement the hardwood flooring nicely, creating a united look.

14. Rustic and Shimmering Kitchen Cabinets

The wood planks used to make these cabinets come in various kinds of brown hues, which enriches the appearance of the kitchen. Some shimmering stuff like the marble countertop and stainless-steel backsplash offer a little bit of sleek look.

15. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

This small cooking space features ash-gray kitchen cabinets. Glass doors are used rather than the shaker type. Therefore, you can see where you put the glass that you are looking for.

Rustic kitchen cabinets do not always look dirty and old fashioned. If you can pair them with the right countertop, lighting, and interior design, they will be fabulous.

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