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18 Artistic Rustic Lighting Ideas to Shine Your Home

Rustic lighting decorations have become modern people’s favorite in recent years. It is because the theme is affordable.

Indeed, a rustic theme is always successful in accentuating a natural impression and leads to an artistic style.  

With the decent interior design, the rustic lighting will add comfort and a homey impression in a vintage-style place or room. 

Although it is hanging over the ceiling, the lighting creates a focal point in the room.  

Are you longing for a warm and amicable house design? Let us begin with the rustic lighting ideas.

1. Vintage Bulb Chandelier

Vintage Bulb Chandelier

An antique-style chandelier that appears to float in the air can make a strong statement for a rustic style room.  

Also, you might make a quirky accent with ten warm colored light bulbs hung at different heights.

2. Barn Pulley Rustic Lighting

Barn Pulley Rustic Lighting

A lamp with a pulley-like design in the warehouse can turn out to be the perfect chandelier.  

This rustic lighting comes from two Edison light bulbs that hang on a black warehouse pulley. It offers a design that is functional but still perfect for vintage style.

Further, it brings your home the old vibe that describes classic style at its best. For people who love the old-school style, this is a kind of heaven.

3. Wooden Lamp with Engraving

Wooden Lamp with Engraving

You may have seen this type of lamp too often. Indeed, this lighting is useful as table lamps. Coming with a carved dark wood base, antique and luxurious sensations bloom.

Besides, this lamp is minimalist and calming. If you love to embrace the calming nuance, it is going to be the best thing to have inside the room.

Moreover, the lamp requires effortless maintenance and can be placed on a small surface like the bedside.

4. Twist Rustic Lighting Style

Twist Rustic Lighting Style

Lights wrapped loosely and not too tightly against wooden beams or pipes can turn out to be an interesting lighting option.  

Even though it looks untidy, the natural impression is striking and embraces the calmness.

5. Wagon wheel with Yellow Lighting

Wagon wheel with Yellow Lighting

Wagon wheels made of wood will take you back to the old days, where there were still many horse-drawn carts.  

You can use such wheels as rustic lighting materials.  Hang a wooden wheel with six lamps in a metal cage, and this lamp will be perfect for your kitchen or patio.

6. Rugged Rope and Clear Rustic Lighting

Rugged Rope and Clear Rustic Lighting

This lighting uses a Manila rope to wrap the cable.  Then, leave the lamp hanging with a clear tinted glass lampshade.  

Additionally, the rough texture of the straps gives a natural feel that is perfect for rustic or industrial designs.

7. The Drum Wrapped in Burlap

The Drum Wrapped in Burlap

The plain weave and rough texture of the burlap give a vintage touch and a natural feel to the lamp with its simple drum hood.  

This burlap-covered drum hood works great for narrow areas. However, if you need a wider range of lighting, you can use the alternative material to wrap the hood of your drum.

8. Unique Geometric Wood Chandelier

Unique Geometric Wood Chandelier

Do not bother to give an artistic touch to your rustic lighting.  Use a lamp model hung from wood with a geometric pattern in various hues.

9. Rattan Shade Lamp Idea for Rustic Lighting

Rattan Shade Lamp Idea for Rustic Lighting

The lampshade usually features plastic and glass.  However, for rustic lamps, you can use other materials such as rattan.  

Additionally, the rattan lampshade will bring simple elegance to the room, especially with the soft light peeking through the rattan.

10. Lamp in a Simple Wooden Block

Lamp in a Simple Wooden Block

A simple dark wooden block hung by a chain from the ceiling, then a light that is hidden in the beam can give a thick industrial impression. 

Moreover, handiness is emphasized through the lamps of these models and is perfect for themes that depict the countryside.

11. Rustic Lighting with Pendant Lamp Jar

Rustic Lighting with Pendant Lamp Jar

Four Edison lamps hung in stages with a glass jar lampshade will look very elegant for a rustic theme.  

Indeed, this lamp actually comes in and is suitable for the design of a room with any theme, but it is gorgeous for a rustic theme.

12. Driftwood and Linen Table Lamp

Driftwood and Linen Table Lamp

Driftwood gets a gray tint from the surf action and sun bleaching effect.  Thus, this beautiful wood is perfect for being used as a table lamp base.  

Then, pair it with a linen lampshade with gray shade to emphasize the rustic look on this one.

13. Handmade Bamboo Lampshade

Handmade Bamboo Lampshade

A bamboo lampshade in U-shaped and handmade is an attractive rustic lighting option.  Also, this material features a warm natural brown color that is perfect for any room.

14. Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse Lighting

Wooden beams affixed to the ceiling provide the basis for hanging three elegant lamps. Paint the wooden blocks in natural hues, then hang them in the black metal cage.

15. Vintage Vanity Light

Vintage Vanity Light

Vanity light may not represent rustic lamps.  However, you can make a tiny modification and use dark wood that has an outdated look.

Then, attach vintage light bulbs before gluing the vanity light on your glass or dresser.

16. Rattan Lights with Two Woven Motifs

Rattan Lights with Two Woven Motifs

Rattan lampshades represent rustic lighting so well.  Also, you can hang the lamp with a hand-woven rattan lampshade in two different woven motifs.  

Furthermore, the two woven motifs certainly give more accents and make this lamp look less monotonous.

17. Iron Wheels for Elegant Chandeliers

Iron Wheels for Elegant Chandeliers

Iron wheels can also be used as decoration for hanging lights. Furthermore, shiny iron certainly gives an elegant impression for rustic lamps.  

Additionally, you can hang three metal wheels with three lights, making them perfect for placing in high-ceilinged spaces or even over bars.

18. Edison Bell Table Lamp for Rustic Lighting

Edison Bell Table Lamp for Rustic Lighting

The first lamp to appear, invented by Thomas Alfa Edison, was a lamp designed to show the elegance of the light bulb itself.

For rustic lamps, you can bring back the Edison Bell-style bulb.  Then, you can put a beautiful light bulb in a glass hood and complement it with a wooden base.  

Likewise, this lamp is perfect to put on a small table or dressing table. It creates a nice and warm accent to the house.

Last but not least, which lamp idea suits your personality? Let us pick the best rustic lighting that will shine in your house and make it more fabulous.

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