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15 Most Gorgeous Rustic Wall Decor Ideas This Year

Many homeowners adore the welcoming vibe of rustic wall decor. Although you can find lots of furniture in this style, the big blank backdrop deserves your attention too.

Rustic home decor can make upkeep effortless and allow you to display those family heirlooms that may end up kept away in other design styles.

When it comes to wall decoration, you have numerous choices to take into account too. From showcasing appealing statement piece to family snapshots, your options are indeed limitless.

You can even find a rustic wall decor idea that won’t out of your budget, particularly if being creative is a passion. For instance, an antique shutter only requires some paint and brackets to turn out to be a decorative item on your wall.

Meanwhile, repainting window borders lets you convert them into a mirror or photo frame.

Add Character and Charm with These Rustic Wall Decors

Luckily, decorating with rustic style is pretty easy and leaves enough room for your taste. You can get inspired by beautiful textures, elements, and colors of nature. Then, don’t forget to include mix some wood in your decoration.

Repurposing old materials and pp-cycling antique things are among the popular way to give your wall a rustic touch. To get started, you can enjoy these rustic wall decor ideas and allow inspiring images to fuel up your imagination.

If you are not crafty enough, some simple examples will not take much time and effort to execute. Therefore, let’s check them out.

1. Oversized Letter Board

An oversized letter board makes a great choice when you want to adorn that wide, empty wall space.

While it can draw people’s attention, it is still a piece of decoration that promotes simplicity and will not overtake other decorative items.

2. Farmhouse-Themed Flower Vase

This cheap rustic wall decor is perfect for decorating your bathroom. It works well along with other cool, rural items in a farmhouse-style space.

The idea is simple since it only transforms a usual flower vase into something more attention-grabbing.

3. Burlap Hanging Map Art

Add some warmth in your living room by hanging this burlap map art. Try picking maps that reflect essential moments in your life, somewhere you have traveled or lived.

By using burlap fabric as the backdrop, the map sections will truly stand out. Thus, it can be an exciting project to make for your home or to be given as a gift.

4. Big Bead Wall Art and Garland

If your wall space is craving for modern rustic wall decor, try hanging a big bead along with a colorful garland. This idea is particularly perfect to adorn your home throughout the festive holidays.

You can also skip the usual garland and use jumbo beads to do the trick for more dramatic wall decoration.

5. Cool Wooden Inspirational Signs

A series of wooden inspirational signs in this picture offers a fun way to cover empty wall space.

It is a simple, great project for those who want to add some inspiring words to their home design while introducing a touch of rustic through the wooden pieces.

6. DIY Rustic Wall Decor

When it comes to adorn a wide and empty wall, you may like to employ multiple sources of art to keep the surface eye-catching. With this project, you can blend in all your favorite framed words, some wooden signs, and other small rustic pieces.

7. Upcycled Privacy Screen Wall Decor

This privacy screen looks great without any addition, but a little distress ink makes it appear more rustic and aesthetically pleasing. The distressed painting also helps to add more texture that indicates the cozy feeling of rustic decoration.

8. Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror

Inspiration can come from anywhere and this rustic wall decor idea is inspired by a pottery barn design. Without breaking your bank, you can create an appealing multi-mirror style that will complement your home decor.

9. Wooden Quilt Wall Art

Wood is a versatile material that can even be made to appear like an old-fashioned quilt blanket. If you are looking for a way to give your bedroom a distinctive touch, try this project!

Cut the wood in interesting ways so that it looks much more like a quilt. If you want to make the pattern stand out, try limiting the size of the frame.

10. Glass Framed Leaf Art

Whether you do the project with the spirit of autumn or fall, it will be an exciting approach to decorate your wall naturally.

Simply walk around your home to get some fresh leaves and display them on glass frames. Try changing the foliages as the season changes for a wonderful color year-round.

11. Scrap Wood Wreath

Instead of greenery, this rustic wall decor project substitutes the ordinary material with something rougher that brings a more natural look.

With plenty of scrap wood, you can simply cut and stain the material for an extraordinary wooden wreath.

12. Simple Anniversary Wall Decor

While you can commemorate a special moment like an anniversary in many ways, a small wall decoration will be great to emphasize such a personal, essential date.

You just need to use a single frame and set the numbers in a different font to give a sense of style.

13. Multicolored Wood Wall Art

Bring your rustic wall decoration to the next level by creating this multicolored wall art project. Make the design by cutting the wood in several different sizes and paint them in various colors.

It is possible to pick some pieces to get painted rather than painting every one of them.

14. Geometrically Patterned Wooden Art

There is something interesting about this one of rustic wall decor ideas for the living room. It comes with appealing geometric patterns that flow in an elegant way.

Give the pattern a personal touch by designing the pattern however you like.

15. Hanging Mason Jar Wall Decor

Lastly, you can use mason jars to give your room a rustic country-style vibe. Take advantage of wood and big hooks to hang the pots. You can also use them as vases to display faux flowers. Thus, your room will receive a touch of nature and a pop of color.

To conclude, the limitless rustic wall decor ideas allow you to try one that suits your taste the best. Thus, be creative and happy decorating!

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