10 Ways to Remove Scratch Marks on Wood Floors

For a house with wooden flooring, homeowners might deal with problems like scratch marks, scuffs, and gouges. Those things would ruin the beauty of wood floors.

You must maintain the beauty and value of the element. The key is to prevent all the problems by using rugs, not wearing shoes on the surface, keeping pet nails trimmed, and many others.

Another prevention step you can do is to treat the wood floors the right way. You can use the finish works to protect it.

Finishing the wooden flooring with varnish or shellac would protect your floor from everyday wear and tear including scratch marks. Add luster to the finish with wax or oil for extra protection.

You may add some other protective materials to maintain the quality of your wood floors. If the problems on the floor are already severe, you may need to refinish it all.

However, there are some ways you could minimize the scratch marks or even remove them completely. Here are some tips you can do to repair the wooden surface and make it better.

Clean the Hardwood Floors Thoroughly and Gently

Bad quality of wood would make the scratch marks so visible. Besides, something like that dirt particles can make the problem even worse.

The first thing you can do to reduce the scratches is to clean the hardwood floors thoroughly and gently. Don’t use the abrasive scrub pads or the brooms. Don’t ever soak it with water or any liquid.

Clean the floor using a vacuum or a soft mop to eliminate the dust, debris, and hair. You can add just a little bit (about 2 to 4 drops) of liquid cleaner mixed with a quart of water in a spray bottle.

Just spray it on the floor and buff with a cloth. There are some special cleaner products available that are made for cleaning a wooden surface.

Sandpaper The Floor and Reapply Stain

You will need fine-grained sandpaper to begin this cleaning step. After you sand out the entire marks, you can continue it by reapplying stain in the process.

Before that, you can test out the stain whether you find the right one or not. Just use the hidden area such as in the closet or under the bed. To finish it, you can use a specific water-based urethane product that you can find online. It offers a clear and shiny finish and quickly dries.

Use Walnuts to Rub Over Scratch Marks

Using walnuts as a material to camouflage the marks is a clever move. These nuts contain some natural emollients and brown dyes that match the floor’s need.

So, walnuts can repair and enhance the appearance of the hardwood floors. The very first thing you have to do is to warm up the nut’s oil with the fingers. After that, you can start rubbing it to the floor using a small circle. Let it sit for a while and then clean it up with a cloth.

Make a DIY Refresher

You can make an effective refresher on your own using some simple ingredients from the kitchen. The combination of olive oil and baking soda will do the trick.

That mix will eventually help reduce the scratch marks from your hardwood floors. First, you have to clean the entire space with a vacuum. Then, apply the combination to the marred areas. Leave it for about 5 minutes. Buff in using soft sponge after that.

Use Scratch Repair Products for Wood Floor

Scratch Marks

There are some scratch repair products available out there. You can use it to fix the problems on laminate and wood floors. Find the products with good reviews from their costumer.

This oil nourishing will guarantee your floor to be cleaned, polished, and marks reduced. Use a soft cloth to apply it on the hardwood floors.

Minimize the Scratches with Wood Stain

Using a wood stain to color in scratches is quite effective. You can either choose the oil-based, water-based, or even in the form of a gel. A water-based wood stain offers an easy clean and application.

The one with oil gives you the color that lasts longer. The gel form of this product can go with other kinds of materials besides the woods.

Use Specialized Care Products for Scratch Marks

Scratch Marks

Specific care products for the wood surface will work effectively in your house. It will help you to restore the beauty of the wooden flooring without the buffing and sanding steps.

Firstly, clean the floor away from dust and debris. Next, apply a coat of the product using a paint pad and let it dry. After that, the wooden surface will get revived and shined.

Strip The Finish Off Scratch Marks

It’s probably an extreme way to remove the scratch marks from the floor especially when it’s already in pretty bad shape. You can just simply strip off the polyurethane or wax layers from the hardwood.

Apply a liquid stripping agent to remove the finish safely. By stripping the finish, you will see the unfinished beauty of your hardwood floors. As a result, you have a new look and style of flooring.

Patch and Mend the Wood Floors

For deeper problems in the wooden floor, you can use wood filler products. You can sand, paint, and stain it to make it clean like new. This product comes in various colors.

So, you can choose the one that matches the tone of your wood floor. It’s recommended to be used on small, deep holes on the surface.

Replace The Floorboards

Scratch Marks

If you have a badly damaged spot on your wood floor, replacing the boards can be the best option.

You can just replace the damaged part of the floors with a new one. Find the same pieces from the stores. If you can’t get them, you can just at least patch the area. With some related tools and equipment, you can fix the problems easily.

So, choose the perfect method that matches the level of damage you have on your floor. Follow the instructions of the product carefully in eliminating the scratch marks from your wood floors.

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