18 Sea Glass Art Designs to Give Perfect Summer Vibes

Sea glass art is a popular decoration and goes well with all home styles like modern, farmhouses, and the coastal. 

Its irregular texture and frosted green or blue color make this item suitable for transforming into various kinds of ornaments such as centerpieces filler, solar catchers, and even jewelry pendants.

Indeed, sea glass art supplies are generally suitable for welcoming summer. Otherwise, you can also use them as winter knick-knacks to welcome Christmas Eve.

In this article, you will find 18 sea glass art ideas that can exude their beauty for every corner of your home. Of course, you do not need to pay a fortune to have it because you can create it yourself at home!

1. Coastal Radiance Lighting

Coastal Radiance Lighting

The extraordinary lamp design will certainly give a fantastic atmosphere to every room in your home. Thus, it would be best if you replaced the crystal ball with mix-colored sea glass on your chandelier.

Indeed, it will keep your living room shining during the day and even bring a fresh coastal ambiance to you.

2. Artificial Frosted Sea Glass Vase

Artificial Frosted Sea Glass Vase

Are you looking for an alternative sea glass art for your summer ornament? So, painting flower vases from used bottles that you have is a very creative idea.

To get a real frosted color impression, you only need to spray Krylon sea glass paint. Alternatively, you can also consider dabbing glue all over the surface of the bottle before you start to brush it with food coloring.

3. Sea Glass Planters

Sea Glass Planters

If you want to give a touch of sea glass art to every corner of the house, including decorative plant pots for your windows, try to redecorate your planters as shown above.

Furthermore, you can mix the coloration. Alternatively, to give it pastel shades, you can glue the pieces with a similar hue at once.

4. Sea Glass Flower for Garden

Sea Glass Flower for Garden

To provide a solar catcher and a decorative sculpture for your garden, you can create sea glass flowers using the lid of your milk can.

Cut the can into small circles and then glue the sea glass pieces to make an artificial flower. Next, you can put it right in the middle of the greenery.

5. Sun Catcher with Wind Chimes

Sun Catcher with Wind Chimes

You can simultaneously create a sun catcher with wind chimes like the beach glass art picture above.

After you glue the sea glass fragments on the transparent plate, you can start framing them with the pieces of barn wood you have. 

After that, hang some metal beneath to make a clattering sound when the wind blows.

6. Seahorse Table Sculpture

Seahorse Table Sculpture

The next sea glass art idea comes with this eye-catching green seahorse sculpture. To make this kind of table decoration, you need creativity and patience in gluing it.

Besides seahorse, you can also make sea glass art with various simple shapes such as circles, starfish, etc.

7. Sea Glass Wall Clock

Sea Glass Wall Clock

Another way to create sea glass art for your decorative ornament is by gluing mixed color pieces on your wall clock.

Likewise, with this sea glass design, your wall clock will never be out of date.

8. Blue Beach Glass as Centerpieces Filler

Blue Beach Glass as Centerpieces Filler

Another way to take advantage of the natural beauty of sea glasses’ irregular shape and soft colors, you can use it as a filler centerpiece to accompany your candle series in your living room or dining room.

9. Coastal Multicolor Sea Glass Mirror

Coastal Multicolor Sea Glass Mirror

Ignore the cuteness of the dog for a while; focus on the mirror frame made of frosted green and white sea glasses. It is gorgeous, right?

10. Eco-Friendly Hanging Beach Glass Sun Catcher

Eco-Friendly Hanging Beach Glass Sun Catcher

The hanging sea glass art series will further exude its natural beauty when combined with the twig as the hanger.

Try to make this simple hanging sea glass art to bring an earthy vibe to your home.

11. Painted Sea Glass Magnet for Fridge

Painted Sea Glass Magnet for Fridge

Another simple design comes with a pink daisy painting on a white sea glass with magnets. Furthermore, arrange this handwork on your fridge doors to add a cute look.

12. Beach Glass String Light

 Beach Glass String Light

If you are looking for sea glass art for sale on Etsy or other stores, make sure to find these LED light strings first to be purchased.

Moreover, aside from its aesthetical shape that provides soft illumination, these light strings will also perfect for decorative elements in every party you held.

13. Framed Sea Glass Art for Window Display & solar Catcher

Framed Sea Glass Art for Window Display & solar Catcher

You will get a wonderful coastal ambiance when you make this sea glass art project perfectly.

It does not need many materials. You can merely glue various findings on your summer vacations, like sea glass, starfish, seashells, and others on a transparent palette framed with white-colored wood. 

Therefore, all your traveling memories will be remembered well.

14. Pine Tree Sea Glass Wall art

Pine Tree Sea Glass Wall art

Arrange the sea glass fragments in order from the largest to the smallest to form a pine tree. Then, place this work in a frame to add another decorative element to your wall.

15. Beach Glass Jar Light

Beach Glass Jar Light

Apart from using it as filler, you can also glue sea glass fragments on all sides of the jar. After that, put a LED light or candle in it.

Finally, this item will give off a warm glow in your bedroom.

16. Sea Glass Shadow Box with Sign

Sea Glass Shadow Box with Sign

Your coastal house will feel less than perfect if it is not equipped with this shadow box sign. 

To create the shadow box, all you have to do is arrange the hand lettering on blue paper. Then, insert white sand and colorful sea glass pieces on your white frame.

17. Sea Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

Sea Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

To make your Christmas tree look unique and anti-mainstream, you can use sea glass pieces arranged upwards to form a pine tree. Then, place the starfish right on the peak.

18. Beach Glass Mosaic for Table Tray

Beach Glass Mosaic for Table Tray

It has been said that sea glass is suitable for decorating all furniture, including your table tray. Thus, make a mosaic according to your wishes. It can be in the form of animals, flowers, or abstracts.

Are the twenty-two sea glass artworks above able to inspire you to redecorate your cheerful summer? Don’t forget to try at least one then!

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